Extinct Kane County, IL Locations
(as of 1908)
History of Kane Co, Illinois, 1908
R Waite Joslyn, and Frank W Joslyn
The Pioneer Publishing Co.
Chicago, Ill
Volume I

Contributed by Cynthia Nelson (Nelcyn@foxvalley.net)

Blackberry Station - now Elburn

Claybourneville - was 2 miles south of Batavia

Lodi - now Maple Park

Mill Creek - now North Aurora

La Fox - Geneva

Herringtons Ford - Geneva

Nelson's Grove - west of Batavia

Grays Grove - Montgomery

Meacham's Grove - now Bloomingdale

Hooziers Grove - 4 miles East of Elgin

Turners Juntion - now West Chicago

Clintonville - now South Elgin

Oatmans Grove - 1 mile east of Dundee

Carpenters Grove - now Carpentersville

Homer - Plato township

Lone Grove - Kaneville

Milo - Campton township

Canada Corners - Campton township

Swinton - Blackberry township

Fairfield - Blackberry township

Kings Mill - Campton township

Gray Willow - Campton township

Greystock - Railway station near Lilley lake, 1880's

Acosto - Big Rock township

Hen Peck - Hampshire township

Charleston - now St Charles

Garlands Tavern - 1 mile east of Hampshire town ......Later known as Holstein

Jericho - Sugar Grove township

Collamer - 1 mile north of Maple Grove, Virgil township

Maple Grove = Lodi = Maple Park?

Rutland - now Gilberts

Deerfield - 2 miles west of Pingree Grove, Rutland township

Gilberts Station = Gilberts?

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