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John Bell Sells 258 ½ Acres Near Wasco to N.H. Warren of Chicago -- Through the agency of Salem E. Weld, John Bell's farm of 258 ½ acres near Wasco, formerly the Dayton Ward Farm sold Wednesday to N. H. Warren of Chicago for $50 per acre cash. The purchaser is President of the Anti-Friction Roller Bearings Company of Chicago and a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. He will expend about $10,000 in machinery and other improvements and convert the property into a stock farm for fattening steers. Other land nearby may be purchased later.
[The Daily News", January 4th 1894, Pg. 3 Transcribed by Suzan (Shepherd) Stern]

Henry G. Britton, of Elgin, Illinois, a nephew, and Thomas Daugherty, of Chicago, a cousin, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Paine, over Sunday.
[The McCook Tribune,(McCook, Neb.), August 26, 1892 - Sub. by K.T.]

Mr. and Mrs. Will Krauter have moved to Aurora Illinois, taking with them the warm wishes of many McCook friends
. [The McCook Tribune, (McCook, Neb.) August 26, 1892 - Sub. by K.T.]

Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Pollock of Aurora, were here to attend the Fulford-Wanser wedding last evening. The latter is sister of Mrs. Wanser.
[The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois August 31, 1882 - Submitted by Nancy Piper]

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 10 Mar 1893:

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 24 Mar 1893:

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 7 Apr 1893:

Batavia Locals
from the "Batavia Herald", 28 Apr 1893:

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 5 May 1893:

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 22 June 1893:

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 29 June 1893:

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 6 July 1893:

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 13 July 1893:

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 20 July 1893:

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 24 Aug 1893:

Batavia Local from the "Batavia Herald", 14 Sep 1893:

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 21 Sep 1893:

Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Mason, of Beaver Dam, Wis., visited at M.J. Abernethy's, last week, while attending the Fair. Mr. Mason has a fine farm near Beaver Dam, but is head bookkeeper for the Bank and Malleable Iron Works of that city. They also visited Elder Daniels and family, at LaGrange (IL).
["Batavia Herald", 21 Sep 1893]

Last Friday the HERALD family had a pleasant visit from their old friend, E.M. Hodgetts, the proficient Assistant Chief Clerk of the Railway Mail Service, located in the Custom House, Chicago. This position he has held, in a very able manner, for several years. Mr. and Mrs. Hodgetts have just returned from their summer outing, along the beautiful Sea Shore, and report a delightful time at Coney island, new York City and other interesting points.
["Batavia Herald", 21 Sep 1893]

Our wide awake sewing machine agent, W.A. Thoms, entertained Miss Mary Lewis, Miss Ida E. Sharp and Mr. R. F. Curtiss, of Cleveland, Ohio Sunday. Miss Lewis, Miss Sharp and Mr. Curtiss are expert operators on the White sewing machine at their World's Fair exhibit, upstairs in the Manufacturers building. They are bright, pleasing and obliging representatives of the light running White, and will be pleased to show Batavia people, visiting the Fair, the many good qualities and the excellent work accomplished on said machine. ["Batavia Herald", 21 Sep 1893]

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 12 Oct 1893:
(Transcriber's note: Sorry but I cut off edge of the left column when I was making copies. The words
are legible on the original newspaper, which you can find at the Batavia Public library on microfilm)

Batavia Locals from the "Batavia Herald", 16 Nov. 1893:

News by surname:

Ira Edwards and family of Aurora, Ills., are visiting Laclede relatives, guests of the former's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards.  [The Laclede Blade. (Laclede, Mo.), 19 Aug. 1910]

Mrs. A. L. Hoover gave an enjoyable card party yesterday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Strickler of Omaha, Mrs. Dickey of St. Joseph, and Miss Miller of Aurora, Ills. The house was prettily decorated and a luncheon was served after the games to the following guests: Mesdames Strickler, Dickey, D. A. Riser, George Risser, Rudge, Stearns, Garoutte, Bartruff, Elias Baker, Witter, F. B. Harris, George Clark, Ewing. Putnam, Casebeer, Pound, Roscoe Pound, Stonebraker, Kiper, Walter Davis, Albert Davis, Newmark, Ackerman, Jakway, Harpham, A. A. Scott, Nance, Rewick, Munson, Pitcher, Quiggle. M.E. Phillips, W. C. Phillips, Tomson, Reese Hamer Hamer, S.C.Hoover, Charles Branch, Perry, Weir, Penny of Omaha, Chapin, Frank Woods, Dierks, Castor; Misses Nance, Hanson, Hardy, Sherman, Saunders, Putnam, Pound, Olivia Pound, Hamer, Risser, Meyer, Bartruff and Miller of Aurora, Ills. [The Courier. (Lincoln, Neb.), 23 March 1901]

A. W. McLean, who has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. McLean, for the past several months, returned to his home in Aurora, Ills. Mr McLean came to this country to recuperate and returned home much improved in health. His mother accompanied him as far as Amarillo. He expects to return to this section of the country to reside permanently. [The Clovis news. (Clovis, N.M.), 09 April 1914]

Mr. and Mrs. James Poile Thursday motored to Batavia, Ill., where they will reside. [Source: La Crosse Tribune and Leader-Press (Friday, 22 Nov. 1935) page 4; sub. by Diana Heser Morse]

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Quiggle entertained on Monday the Nineteenth Century card club: Messrs. and Mesdames Bignell, Chapin, Foster, Harris, Nelson, Guenzel, Richards, Usher, C. S. Hoover. Guests were: Messrs. and Mesdames L. W. Garoutte, A. L. Hoover. D. A. Risser, Frank Woods; Misses Lena Meyers and Miller of Aurora, Ills. Misses Beth Marshall and Cora Herrick assisted the hostess. [The Courier. (Lincoln, Neb.), 23 March 1901]



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