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St. Johns U.C.C. Church Records

Selected Surname Church Record Entries
originally transcribed by Martin W. Johnson
Mr. Johnson indicates this church is located in Harmony, Illinois which is in McHenry County, though there is a church by this exact name (Saint John's United Church of Christ Of Harmony. est. 1875, 11821 East Grant Highway) in Hampshire, Kane County, IL which states that they serve the areas of the Kane and McHenry county communities of Genoa, Hampshire, Huntley, Marengo and Prairie Garden

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails from donated CD by ©K. Torp

"This is NOT a complete list of all names mentioned in the church records"
Membership Entries --- Death Entries

Membership Entries:

Plaggemeier from Rehburg, Hannover Province in Germany
Schroeder from Leese, Hannover Province in Germany
Strohmeyer from Bergkirchen, Schnassenburg, Lippe
Voss from Grossvuds, Rosendorf, Kleinrods, Prussia
Hitzeman (?) from Lindenhorst, Hannover. Lindhorst (?)
Stoxen & Drahl from Rehburg, Hanover
Sanders from Osterwald, Rodenwald, Hanover
Lau from Heemsen, Hanover
Theis from Wolpe, Hanover
Maushaken from Dobbeln, Braunsweig Province
Wresche from Erichshagen, Hanover
Shaw from Ecalshire (?) Scotland
Nys from Fiessberyeg, Holstein Province
Stohn (?) from Prag, Bohemen
Wilkens from Balschdorf, Hanover
Fritz from Volksdorf, Pommern
Boldt from Groyen, Mechlenburg Schwerin
Meinche from Camber, Pommern
Langprecht from Unbesanchen, Prussia
Borchert or Harmoning from Vonhaen, Schauenfweg
Makeben & Krueger from Rehburg, Hanover
Kahle from Munchenhagen, Hanover
Borchert from Kleinwird, Prussia
Klingenberg from Katehagen, Mechlenburg
Theil from Posen Province
Meniche from Camden, Pommern
Luhring from Meilm, Indiana
Knuth from Newedel, Prussia
Petit from Poderitz, Jusnl., Rugen, Prussia
Dralle from Bergkirchen, Schauenburg, Lippe
Brander from Widenbrugge, Schauenburg and Stordhagen, Lippe
Jahn from Wusterbarth, Pommern
Ponitz - Delichsen, Braunschweig
Gurke from Hostrofgi, Pommern
Dehnhardt from Landberger, Hanover
Bushmann from Winshalve Amt. Rehburg, Hanover
Daak from Gaz (or Graz) Brandenburg

Death Entries in Oldest book (these are only foreign-born entries)
Stoxen from Rehburg, Hanover
Rinn from Henchelhein, B.H. Hessen
Niemann from Kusewin, Mechlenburg, Schwerin
Bofel (Botel, or Bosel?) from Lichtemoor, Hanover
Strohmeier from Schunderbruth, Fr --? Lippe, Bruckeburg
Mrs. Ebel from Unbesanten by Lentien, Brandenburg
Mrs. Kuecker (Pinner?) from Gadesbueden, Hanover
Mrs. Tarnow (Range?) from Kentz in West Prussia
Schroeder from Prittelfitz, County Demin, Pommern
Mrs. Ross (or Rofs?) from Gross Nickern, Mechlenberg Schwerin
Stoll from Foelsche, County Demin, Pemmern
Groth from Kneckburg, Mechlenburg Schwerin
Mrs. Stieg (Heller) from Zietzniff, County Schiefelbein, E. Pommern
Pinne from Hensen, County Holtorf, Hanover
Raddatz from Lafsbeck, East Pommern
Mrs. Blohm from Thecklow, Mechlenburg
Mrs. Peters from Rackow, Pommern
Ebel from Strubesandlen ? by Elba, Brandenburg
Mackeben from Rehburg, Hanover
Weltzien from Thrannitzhoff, Mechlenburg
Voss from Grofswatz, Brandenburg
Mrs. Behm from Wagendorf, Mechlenburg Schwerin
Mrs. Meinke from Clewitz, Pommern
Mrs. Groth from Salzin or Salpin, Mechlenburg, Schwerin
Mrs. Pointz from Ostrofke, R.R. Bromberg, Prussia
Becker from Elmhurst, Pommern ?
Weltzien from Vorwerk, Mechlenburg Schwerin
Mrs. Frolke (Steinke) from Belle, Province Posen
Tarnow from Plenin, West Prussia
Schartz of Heinhausen, Wurtemburg
Mrs. Puttbrese (Beutow) from Dreschwitz, Pommern
Mrs. Hertel (Strune) from Babelitz, Mechlenburg Schwerin
Mrs. Sidenstraug (Muhs) from Simaoushageen, Brandenburg
Senders from Ostervald, Hanover
Grabow from Dumersdorf, Mechlenburg Schwerin
Wilkens from Kamper, Pommern
Leseberg from Degener, Wendenborstel, Hanover
Mrs. Schroeder (Boehin) from Ostenvowerk, Mechlenburg Schwerin
Mrs. Senders (Dierks) from Rodewald, Hanover
Magler from Bockinger, Wurtemburg
Strubing from Sidenbutzow, Pommern
Mrs. Dehnhardt from Leese, Hanover
Piske from Wusterbarth, Pommern
Mrs. Piskie (Lau) from Louisenhoff, Pommern
Hertel from Babelitz, Mechlenburg Schwerin
Knop from Pohlin, Pommern
Mrs. Diedrich from Reppelin, Mechlenburg Schwerin
Mrs. Stading from Eixen (?) Pommern
Reek from Rosendorf, Brandenburg
Griebel from Eisenach, Sachsen
Calsow from Zessin, Pommern
Thiel from Unze, Brandenburg
Kutzner from Kolatz, Posen
Jahn from Wusterbarth, Pommern
Mrs. Wilkens (Steffen) from Buckau, Hanover
Mrs. Borchert (Springer) from Lenzen, Brandenburg
Buhmann from Mardorf, Hanover
Kahle from Munchenhagen, Hanover
Johanna Christine Durke Died Sept 15 1913, born Nov. 25, 1838


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