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Autograph book for Eva Usilton

(c. 1903)

Most of the autographs in the book are from Jennings Seminary in Aurora.

Many thanks to Shauna Williams for transcribing this book, which she found at an antiques fair in Salem, Oregon.


Albert L. Usilton
Your Dad

A little bit of patience.
Often makes the sunshine come
And a little bit of love
Makes a very happy home
And a little bit of hope
Makes a rainy day look gay
And a little bit of charity
Makes glad a weary day
Within this book as pure and white
Let none but friends present(?) to write
And may each line with friendship given
Direct the readers thoughts to Heaven.


Millbrook Ill
Feb. 23, 1903

Dear Eva:
Think of me long
Think of me ever
Think of the fun
we have had together
your friend
Ruthie Barron
Age 9


Aledo Ill.
March 2, 1903

Friend Eva

Hopeful though sad I God, to thee I go, for thou art God of Spring as well as snow
I Know the time is short if we are steady
a home beyond times falling flakes are ready,
Where (???) the vales around Gods feel shall eddy-No more snow.
your friend,
Mande Butcher
(a part of my oration in 1898 sub. snow (???))


Jan. 6, 1907
Dear Aunt Evelyn:
The tender spring
upon thy temptin lip
Shows thee unripe;
yet may'st thou well be tasted.
Make use of time, let no
advantage slip;
Beauty within itself should
not be wasted.
Fair flowers that are no(t?)
gathered in their prime
Rot and consume themselves
in little time.

Your neice(sic) Effie Bachus

Don't forget (??????????)


June 6th 1903
Morning of departure

"Love maketh a full man"

Ella Warley Lawrence


Millbrook, Ill
June 22, 1903

Dear Eva:
Some write for pleasure,
some write for fame,
But I write simply,
to sign my name.

Your friend
Dollie Pope


Jennings Seminary
Aurora Ill

Nov. 19, 1903
Dear Evelyn:

The Ocean may between us roll And distant be our lot, But if we part to meet no more Dear friend forget me not.
Lovingly Yours
Nora Woodsmall
1112 College Ave
Little Rock

Always remember the fun at Miss Codding's table.


Millbrook, Ill. June 22nd 03

Dear Eva:
Let not our friendship be like a rose
to sever
But like the evergreen last forever

Your friend
Emma L. Austin


Jennings Seminary
October twenty-first

Dear Evelyn:-
To thine own self be true.
And it follow as
the night the day
Thou cans't(?) not then be false
to any man.

Your seminary friend
Louise Lee



"We are such stuff
as dreams are made of.
And our little life is
rounded with a sleep"

Your Schoolmate
Jennings Seminary


May your name be written in Gods Album,
(????) and (????)

Your Grand Ma
Aged 84 years


Millbrook, Ill.
June 22, 1903

Dear Friend:-

May your joys be as deep as the ocean,
and your sorrows as light as the foam.

Your friend,
Nellie Pope


Millbrook Ill.
June 22nd, 1902

Dear Friend-:

When the name i write here is dim on the page,
And the leaves of your album are yellow with age
Still think of me kindly, + do not forget
That, wherever I am, I remember you yet.

Your friend
Louise Marshall


Jennings Seminary

Friend Evelyn

This above all the thine ownself be true.
And it will follow as the night the day.
Than thou cause not then
be false to any man.

your friend
Frances Tilton
Oct. 23- 10/03
Aurora Ill.


Dear Evelyn-

"For him, in vain, the envious
seasons roll,
Who bears eternal sunshine in
his soul."
Then keep the sunshine

With kindest wishes,
Louie Belle Paine


Jennings Seminary
Aurora Ill.
Don't ever forget the fun we had
Jennings Sem.

Dear Evelyn:-
Her voice was ever soft, gent and low; an excellent thing in a woman.

Ruth M. Peterson
Oct. 20, 1903

Euphronia Motto
"To thine ownself be true"

Remember our villous(?) algebra class


Jennings Seminary
Oct. 24, 1903

Dear Evelyn:

Remember me Early
Remember me Late
Remember me at the Golden Gate

Your friend Nuia(?) Miner

When you get married
And your husband is cross
come to my house
and eat apple sauce

'our 'ittle friend



"Count that day lost whose low,
descending sun views from thy hand
no worthy action action done."

Irene Russell
Jennings Seminary '03


Jennings Seminary
Aurora, Ills.

Dear Evelyn:-

"Amicitia est magna"

Verna B. Bone
Montezuma, Iowa
Oct. 23, 1903


Aurora, Illinois
Oct. 27, 1903

Dear Evelyn,

"If ever a husband you should
and these few lines should see;
Pray tell him of your flirting
and kiss him once for me."
Short fellow-

Sincerely Yours,
Mary C. Hotchkiss

3d floor about 9:15 P.M. _arade!!


Jennings Seminary
Aurora Ill.

Dear Evelyn:-

"Our greatest glory is not in
never falling, but in rising every
time we fall."

Gertrude S___derline
Oct. 20, 1903
Don't try to hide the girls in the wardrobe.
"Our Table."


"May your highest aim be
to be God's noblest work
a woman perfected."

Emilie(?) L. Gillespie


Jennings Seminary
October 26th, 1903.

"I count this thing to be grandly true
That a noble deed is a step toward God
Lifting the soul from the common clod-
To a purer air and broader view.
Nellie A. Bimming


Oct. 27th '03

Dear Evelyn~

Labor omnia vincit
Mirabile dictee!
Yours sincerely,
Nelle E. Simpson
Don't forget the Seminary Hash-Prunes and Beans


(Same page as previous entry)

Dear Evelyn:-
Count that day last who's born
de_________ing s___ _i__ from
thy have I no worthy action done
Yours sincerely
"Spelling hee"


Jennings Sem. Aurora, Ill.

Dear Eva:-
Roses red
Violets blue
I like cookies
And so do you. Your sincere Friend
Cookies at supper at the Sem
Dont kick me under the table please
Dont forget Miss Coddings table
Domt forget supper time at the old Sem.


Jennings Seminary:-
Aurora, Illinois
Dear Friend Eva.
When you go out to parties
And don't get home till late
Remember it is bed time
And please whatever you do
Dont swing on the gate
Your friend
Della Cross

Remember the time
I hid in your room
Remember Verna
Bone our Latin Teacher


Jennings Seminary, Aurora, Ill.
Oct. 30.1903
Compliments of your next door
neighbor at the Seminary
Your Friend
Grace Collins


Dearest Evelyn:
A ship without a sail,
A coat without a tail,
But the oddest thing in life,
Is a man without a wife

Your Sem. Friend,
Mae Compton
3rd Floor 312
Remember Algebra
remember on the
Yorkville car one
Friday night.


(Written upside down)
Dear Evelyn,
"Upside down
with(?) care(?)."
Your Seminary Friend
Genevieve Hotchkiss
Remember __ fun
at the "Old Fashioned
Spelling school"
Pork and Beans


Jennings Semenary
Nov. 10, 1903

Apples are good,
Peaches are better,
And if you love me,
Write me a letter.

With Love,
Rosetta Fox


Jennings Seminary
Nov. 10.1903
"The essence of true nobility is the neglect
of self. Let tho thot of self pass in and
the beauty of great action is gone like the
bloom of a soiled flower."
Alta Newby


Jennings Seminary,
Aurora, Ill.
Nov., 1903

Leave God to order all thy ways,
And hope in Him, whatever betide;
THou'lt find in Him, in the evil day,
An all sufficient strength and guide.
Who trusts in God's unchanging love,
Builds on the rock that none can move.
"Let him have his way with thee."
Clara Powell,
Covalt, Pa.


Small service is true service while it lasts;
Of Friends, however humble, spurn not one;
The daisy by the shadow that it casts,
Protects the lingering dew drop from the sun.
Ever your friend
Emma A. Benthien
Millbrook, Ill. Sept. 4 1903
(Drawing of 2 people in woods)
There's more truth than
fiction in the sign.


Dear Evelyn-
A pair in a hammock,
attempted to kiss.
(Next part is upside down)
In less than a jeffy
They landed like this.
(Right side up again)
Yours Lovenly
Mary T.

Dear Evelyn
May your cross be trimmed(?) with roses,
And your children have pug(?) noses
Gertrude G. Hard



"Tis better to be lowly born,
And range with humble livers in content,
Than to be perked up in glistening grief,
And wear a golden sorrow." Shakespeare
Your Seminary Friend
Ludie(?) _yd(?) Nelson
Jennings Sem.
Never forget Latin Class.


Dear Schoolmate:

When you get married
And live across the lake
Send me a piece
Of wedding cake.
Your friend
Winifred Holm.


Aurora, Ill. Dec. 5 '03

Dear Friend:
My love for you will never fail
As long as pussy has a tail.
Helen Hubbard
Cleveland, ?
Long may you live,
Happy may you be,
Sitting on the woodpile
Drinking onion tea.



Jennings Sem.
Oct 31, 1903

Dear Evelyn:-

In storms of life
When you need an umbrella
May you have to uphold it
A handsome young fellow
With love
Don't forget the time in English
Remember Frank O'Brien
Remember our fight
ha! ha!
"Hustle for a broom on Saturdays"
Don't forget algebra


Millbrook, Illinois
July 28, 1903

Dear Friend
May angles round your
bed side hover
To keep you from kicking
a hold in the cover.
Mason City Ill


"Guard within yourself that treasure, kindness
Know how to give without hesitation, how to
lost without regret, how to acquire without
meaness. Know how to replace in your
heart, by the happiness of those you love, the
happiness that may be wanting in yourself.
~F.H. F___
Sincerely your friend
Jennings Seminary


(Next page is written on upside down and sidewise and with different dates. I am not sure if only one person wrote on this page or not.)

Think of me little
Think of me long
Do not flirt
For that is wrong

Be sure and
mind me ___
Or I will tell yo's

The fall of the Sunnyside
Simpleton's cart was the
most principle event
of 1902. on Pig tail St.

Sunnyside Farm
Feb. 26, 1903

Thee are me of Gods best makes.(?)

A bottle of Olives (Small drawing of olives)

Never in all your dear life
After you ceome Mrs. and
Grand too
Don't never forget the punk(?)
times we had in the Summer
days of 1902.

Remember Me.

4th of July 1902

Wouldnt they tickle (Small pictures of some sort of feathers)

Eva is your name
Single is your station
I pity the little man
That makes the aleration

One quack
two quack

Sunnyside Singletons

Be plain in your dress, sober
in your diet, In short
My deary come kiss me
and be quiet.

Irma the youngest simpleton


3d floor "Remember Halloween" Oct. 29, 1903

Cold hash and Jonny cake
Such is life in a
boarding school
Grace E. Buns(?)
Fox Lake, Wisc.

"Down where the W___ger floods."
Don't excite the cook.
"Watch the baton" E.M.G.
"Be thoughtful" C.A.C.
Remember life at the Sem.


(This page is written upside down.)
Watch Baton
_horus, Class Fall Term 1903

"In all thy ways acknowledge Him
and He shall direct thy paths." Prov. 3-6
Emily Myers Graham
Jennings Seminard
Dec. 7, 1903
_____,_______,Dynamics, quality
Be careful of your attack.


Nov. 21/11

Dear Eva-
When you get married and
live up stair(?)
For pity sakes dont put on airs
Ever yours-
Elizabeth Neff
Peoria, Ill.
Oh, yes the grocer boy
and taking through
the floor.
Your friend
And hope I can send you an advertasment equal to the one you gave me.
Oh yes don't forget the potatoes and the collar.(?)


There's room for my name in your album,
There's room for my name in your heart,
There's room for us both in heaven;
Where we will will never depart
Ever yours
Feb. 21, 1903


Aurora Ills
Nov. 19th, 1903
Dear Eva

Just got back here right
out of sight. I write my name
just for spire

Your friend
Florence Wells
58 Parks Ave
Joliet Ills.

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