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Kankakee County Marriage Records

Groom Bride Date Place Source Source
BEEMAN, William R. HAYDEN, Mary Jan. 1, 1885 Yellowhead Gazette-Jan. 1, 1885


BROOKS, Winton LEGG, Ella Dec. 24, 1884 Aroma Gazette-Jan. 1, 1885


EMLING, Michael WEILER, Anna Jan. 20, 1885 Kankakee Gazette-Jan. 1, 1885


FRENCH, Geo. A. JONES, Lizzie Dec. 29, 1884 Watseka Gazette-Jan. 1, 1885


GARNER, William PLATT, Mettie Jan. 19, 1885 Kankakee Gazette-Jan. 1, 1885


GIGL, William METZKE, Sophia Dec. 16, 1884 Pilot Gazette-Jan. 1, 1885


HENRY, George O. BALLY, Emma Dec. 25, 1884 Bonfield Gazette-Jan. 1, 1885


ROBINSON, John HAZELBAKER, Mrs. Lou Jan. 21, 1885 Chicago Gazette-Jan. 1, 1885


SCANLON, Michael DEVENNY, Mary Jan. 15, 1885 Pilot Gazette-Jan. 1, 1885


WARD, George FORTIN, Josephine Dec. 20, 1884 St. Anne Gazette-Jan. 1, 1885


Misc. 1892-1893 Marriage Records

Kankakee, IL Register of Marriage - Page 74

Except where noted all marriages are first marriages. This was transcribed as accurately as handwritting and magnifing glass allowed.
Submitted and used with permission by Judy Collins

No. of License: 4984
Date of License: Dec. 29. 1892
GROOM - Edward Morgan, lives in Kankakee, occ. liveryman, age 24, Black Negro, birthplace: Indiana. Fa: Jas Morgan, Mo: McCrew
BRIDE - Ida Woodruff, lives in Kankakee, age 19, Black Am, birthplace: St. Joseph , Mich. Fa: Ed Woodruff Mo: Mary Mobley
DATE OF MARRIAGE: December 29, 1892, Kankakee
WITNESS: Mrs. A. E McVity
CERTIFIED: T. W. McVity, Minister of the Gospel

No. of License: 4985
Date of License: Dec. 30, 1892
GROOM- Eugene Sprimont, lives in St. Anne, occ. farmer, age 20, White Belgian, born St. Anne, Fa: Eugene Sprimont Mo: Josephine Fenoville
BRIDE - Georgina Spenard, lives in St. Anne,age 19, White-Cand, birthplace, St. Anne, FA: Paul Spenard, Mo: Delia Beaupre
DATE OF MARRIAGE: January 1, 1893, St. Anne, Ill.
WITNESS: Edward H.Pearse & Artermiss Spenard
CERTIFIED:Rev. J. P. Berardt a Catholic Priest

No. of License: 4986
Date of License: Dec. 30, 1892
GROOM - Robert W. Ray, lives in Thayer, Indiana, occ. painter, age 27, White Amer, birthplace: Rushville, Ind., Fa: William H. Ray, Mo: Margaret Beaty
BRIDE - Sarah L. Nottingham, lives in Kankakee, age, 19, White English, birthplace: Michigan, Fa; Josiah Nottingham, Mo: Charlotte Devoe
DATE OF MARRIAGE: January 1, 1893, Kankakee
WITNESS: C. A. Lake & Josiah Nottingham
CERTIFIED: L. Ripley, Justice of Peace

No. of License: 4987
Date of License: Dec. 31
GROOM: Ferinand DeBouch, lives in Monteral, occ. mason, age 42, white Begian, birthplace: Belgium, Fa: not listed, Mo: not listed , groom widower 2nd marriage
BRIDE: Catherine Barr, lives in Monteral, age 55, White Irish, birthplace: Ireland, (parents not listed) bride widow 2nd marriage
DATE OF MARRIAGE: January 2, 1893, Monteral
WITNESS: Francois Chapelle & Adolphi DeBouch
CERTIFIED: F. Chomiriard, a Catholic Priest

No. of License: 4988
Date of License: Jan. 2, 1893
GROOM: Middie Ducharme, lives in Papineau, occ. farmer, 22, French, birthplace: Papineau, Fa: Leon Ducharme, Mo: Sophia St. Pierre
BRIDE: Ida Perreault, lives in Papineau, age 19, French, birthplace: Papineau, Fa: Isidore Perreault Mo: Eliza Bearrurs
DATE OF MARRIAGE: January 5, 1893, St Anne, Kankakee Co., Ill
WITNESS: Arthur Depelis, Adelle Perreault
CERTIFIED : P. Boudereau. Cleryman

No. of License: 4989
Date of License: Jan 3
GROOM: Frank Gangeon, lives in Chicago, Illinois, occ. Iron Moulder, age 30, White-French, birthplace: Montreal, Canada, Fa: Angele Gongeon Mo: Emily (surname not listed)
BRIDE: Alice Hopper, lives in Cinciniatti, Ohio, age 30, White Amer, birthplace: Cinciniatti, Ohio, FA: Willie Hopper, Mo: Comfort Maddox
DATE OF MARRIAGE: January 3, 1893, Kankakee
WITNESS: Ann J. Prestley & Margie Bronner
CERTIFIED: W. H. Prestley, Minister of the Gospel

No. of License: 4990
Date of License: Jan 4
GROOM: Fremont Helsel, lives in Colfax, McLean Co, Ill, occ: farmer, age 29, White Amer, birthplace: Somerset Co., Pa., Fa: John Helsel, Mo: Maggie Lohr
BRIDE: Mary Johnson, lives in Clifton, Iroquois Co., age 21, White Amer, birthplace: Chebouse, Iroq. Co. Ill, Fa: Hans Johnson, Mo: Cathrina Rasmussen
DATE OF MARRIAGE: Janury 4, 1893, Kankakee
WITNESS: Carl Christensen & Sophia Johnson
CERTIFIED:Thom. S. Sawyer, County Judge

No. of License: 4991
Date of License: Jan 7
GROOM: Joseph Meron, lives in Bourbonnais, occ. farmer, age 22, White-French, brithplace, St. Allele, Fa: Raphael Meron, Mo: Helene Vollyuette
BRIDE: Louise Gervux, lives in Bourbonnais, age 20, White-French, birthplace: Bourbonnais, Fa: Joseph Gervux, Mo: Isabelle Davis
DATE OF MARRIAGE: January 16, 1893, Bourbonnais, Kankakee Co, Ill.
WITNESS: Alford Gervux, Agloe Danovuin
CERTIFIED: P. Baudoin, a Catholic Priest

No. of License: 4992
Date of License: Jan 10
GROOM: Fred Haag, lives in Essex, Harness & shoe business, age 26, W-German, birthplace: Livingston Co, Ill. Fa: George Haag, Mo: Maggie Meier
BRIDE: Addie J. Hunt, lives in Essex, age 23, W. Amer, birthplace: Essex, Fa: Wm. B. Hunt, Mo: Lydia Pomeroy
DATE OF MARRIAGE: January 11, 1893, Essex, Kankakee Co.
WITNESS: George Leger, Ella Hunt
CERTIFIED: D. W. Francis, a Minister of the Gospel

No. of License: 4993
Date of License: Jan 10
GROOM: Jacob H. Ohm, lives in Grant Park, occ. famer, age 23, White-German, birthplace: Sherburnville, Illnois, Fa: Peter Ohm, Mo: Katie Grim
BRIDE: Lizzie Zimmerman, lives in Grant Park, age 33, White- German, birthplace: Germany, Fa: Lamont Zimmerman, Mo: Minia Wurts
DATE OF MARRIAGE: January 12, 1893, C. Squires, Kankakee Co.
WITNESS: August Miller, Kathe Miller
CERTIFIED: J. E. Taylor, a Minister of the Gospel

No. of License: 4994
Date of License: Jan 11
GROOM: Albert Castelle, lives in Clarke City, occ. Miner, age 23, White, birthplace: Italy, FA: Vincience Castelle, Mo: Rosa Piazza (Affidavit - A. H. Ulbrich)
BRIDE: Jennie Rolande Parino, lives in Clake City, age 21, White, birthplace: Italy, Fa: John Rolande Perina (not o), Mo: Catarine Buffo
DATE OF MARRIAGE: January 28, 1893, Clarke City, Kankakee Co.
WITNESS: Martin Corale, Dominie Castille
CERTIFIED: August H. Ulbrich, Justice of the Peace

No. of License: 4995
Date of License: Jan 13
GROOM: Albert Kurth. lives in Grant Park, Kankakee, age 27, White - Cau, birthplace,Addison, DuPage Co Ill, Fa: John Kurth , Mo: Wilhelmina Holzmann (affidavit - Ned Hammann)
BRIDE: Frederica Stadt, lives in Grant Park, Ill, age 21, White- Cau., birthplace: Downers Grove, DuPage, Co. , Fa. Ford Stadt, Mo: Sophia Wille
DATE OF MARRIAGE: January 22, 1893, Yellowhead, Kankakee Co.
WITNESS: Herman Kurth, Annie Stadt
CERTIFIED: H. Grose, German Lutheran Pastor

Last entry only partly photocopied:

No. of License: 4996
GROOM: Michael Falter, age 25, White-Caucasian, Fa. George Falter
BRIDE: Cora E. Bratton, age 23, White-Cau, birthplace: Limestone, Fa: L. B. Bratten, Mo: Ursula E. Bowdle
DATE OF MARRIAGE: January 18, 1893, Limestone Twp., Kankakee Co.
WITNESS: Mr. & Mrs. L. B. Bratton, Mr. & Mrs. George Falter

Source #1: Debbie Woolard

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