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Kaskaskia, Illinois
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William Arundel Jr will sell the estate of his father William Arundel in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer",14 Aug 1816 - Sub by FoFG]

William Barnett found a horse 7 miles north of Kaskaskia ["Western Intelligencer", 29 Jan 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

Edmund Depestre has goods for sale in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 02 Jul 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

George P Dikes wants to open a ferry on the Kaskaskia River 10 miles above the mouth of Shoal Creek.
["Western Intelligencer", 22 May 1816 - Sub by FoFG]

J Cheek has opened a school in Kaskaskia ["Western Intelligencer", 06 Nov 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

Clement C Conway will return to making hats in Kaskaskia on Popular and Franklin St
["Western Intelligencer", 18 Dec 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

Daniel P Cook has returned to Kaskaskia and will be a lawyer with Major Maxwell
["Western Intelligencer", 25 Dec 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

John D Cook, lawyer, lives in Kaskaskia but will practice in MO.
["Western Intelligencer", 02 Jul 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

E Cowles to pay cash for chickens and butter in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 14 Aug 1816 - Sub by FoFG]
Edward Cowles opened a store in Kaskaskia ["Western Intelligencer", 30 Oct 1816 - Sub by FoFG]

Mathew Duncan has land for sale in St Geneveive Co and in Glasgow, KY as an heir to Joseph Duncan. There is also a house and lot in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 10 Sep 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

George Fisher and Pierre Bono found two negros, Betsy and Ben, who belong to Col Henry Walker of Rockingham Co, VA. They are in jail in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 09 Oct 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

Dr Joel C Frazer will now practice in Kaskaskia ["Western Intelligencer", 18 Sep 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

Charles Gregoiree and son have come from Philadelphia to open a store in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 09 Oct 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

John Halberstadt has opened a store in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 06 Nov 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

William Harris will sell 100 in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 1 Dec 1816 - Sub by FoFG]

Thomas W Ker of Londonderry, Ireland has opened a tanning business near John Edgar's distillery in Kaskaskia ["Western Intelligencer", 12 Mar 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

John M'Ferron has a farm 25 miles north of Kaskaskia to rent, was the property of deceased Benjamin Allen
["Western Intelligencer", 19 Feb 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

Thomas Reynolds will open a law office in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 10 Sep 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

Dr W L Reynolds has moved his practice in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 31 Jul 1816 - Sub by FoFG]

Dr William L Reynolds has returned to Kaskaskia ["Western Intelligencer", 07 May 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

George Stamm is in jail for debts owed to Richard S Thomas in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 05 Sep 1816 - Sub by FoFG]

T Y W Varick of NYC has moved to Kaskaskia and is an attorney
["Western Intelligencer", 04 Dec 1817 - Sub by FoFG]

Rev Whiteside will preach in Kaskaskia on Sunday
["Western Intelligencer", 06 Nov 1816 - Sub by FoFG]

Today in Illinois History
Oct 16, 1700 - After having induced the Kaskaskia Indians to move their village from the Illinois river to the mouth of the Kaskaskia, Father Gravier, Jesuit missionary in the Illinois country, went to visit a new French settlement at the mouth of the Mississippi.  [The Day Book. (Chicago, Ill.), 16 Oct. 1916]

Nov 9, 1712 - Father Gabriel Marest wrote the earliest known letter dated from Kaskaskia.  [The Day Book. (Chicago, Ill.), 09 Nov. 1916]

July 31, 1742 - The French settlers in the Illinois country were thrown into a panic by the threats of the Kaskaskia Indians to turn against the French unless they were provided more generously with gunpowder.  [The Day Book. (Chicago, Ill.), 31 July 1916.]

April 5, 1752. — The governor of Louisiana recommended to the French ministry that a fort be built at Kaskaskia, Ill. Work was not be-gun upon it, however, until the year 1759.  [The day book. (Chicago, Ill.), 05 April 1916]

Sept 29, 1780 - The inhabitants of Kaskaskia recognized Colonel de la Balme as a representative of the king of France, and expressed their reliance on him to relieve them from the injustices inflicted on them by the Virginians.  [The Day Book. (Chicago, Ill.), 29 Sept. 1916]

May 5, 1781 - The inhabitants of Kaskaskia and Cahokia made arrangements to send two delegates to Virginia to present the tyranny and injustice the French were suffering at the hands of some unscrupulous merchants, Bentley, Dodge and Rogers. The delegates never reached Virginia; one was killed; the other disappeared.  [The Day Book. (Chicago, Ill.), 05 May 1916]

March 16, 1823 - Gen. John Pope, one of the 13 major generals of the Civil War furnished by Illinois, was born at old Kaskaskia.  [The day book. (Chicago, Ill.), 16 March 1917]

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