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1860 Mortality Schedule

Transcribed by Brenda Wiesner

1860 Mortality Census Schedule for Kendall County, IL
Enumerated by Wm Clowdy 














Joshua Leach 62 M     Married Vermont April Carpenter Parlasis 3 days Big Grove
Henry McDay 8/12 M       Illinois May   Inflamation 1 Big Grove
Henry Packet 2 M       Illinois Sept   Hoopig Cough 4 wks Big Grove
Mary Vanett 1 F       Illinois Sept   Inflamation 7 days Big Grove
Emily Vanbushurick 1/12 F       Illinois Sept   Cholera Infantum 2 days Big Grove
Eugene Chadwick 2/12 M       Illinois Sept   Inflamation Brain 2 weeks Big Grove
Charlett Crook 9 F       Illinois Feb   Unknown 6 mos Big Grove
Elizabeth Seymour 53 F     M Vermont Aug Farmer ?Illegible 9 weeks Big Grove
Arthur Crooker 20 M       NH Jan Farmer Accidental Shooting 2 days Big Grove
Lily Adams 4/12 M       Illinois Nov   Inflamation 4 weeks Big Grove
John F. White 13 M       Penn May   Scroffula 6 Big Grove
Phebe A. Washburn 48 F     M NY May   Congestion Lungs 1 week Big Grove
Elisha Bibbers 61 M     M NY July ?illegible Artification Heart 1 year Big Grove
Lewis Lott 1 M       Illinois Mar   Inflamation Lungs weeks Big Grove
Dan'l Stockleygen 38 M     M NY Jun Farmer Inflamation Lungs 3 days Bristol
Anidia Healy 29 F     M Mass May   Inflamation Bowels 1 Bristol
Clement Knight 12 M       Mass April   Scarlet Fever 4 Bristol
John   8 M       Mass April   Scarlet Fever 5 Bristol
Robt Hayne 2 M       Illinois April   Scarlet Fever 12 Bristol
Walter   3 M       Illinois April   Scarlet Fever 2 Bristol
Benj Kip 74 M     M RI Jun Farmer Old Age 1 year Bristol
Sophia Alanger 87 F     M NY Jun   Old Age 6 days Bristol
Amos Dyne 59 M     M Mass Mar Farmer Dropsy 4 wks Bristol
Wm P. Boyd 44 M     M KY Jan Lawyer Assasinated 49 days Bristol
Matilda Swartout 2 F       Illinois Jan   Scarlet Fever 3 days Bristol
J. Nelson 30 M     M Norway October Taylor Typhoid Fever 2 Fox
N. Boyd 60 F     M KY Sept Farmer Inflamation Bowels 16 Fox
N. Hollenbeck 1 M       Illinois October   Consumption 35 Fox
Ana Barber 35 F     M NY Sept   Dropsy 90 Fox
C. Underwood 15 M       NY May Farmer Drowned Sudden Fox
H. Shoemaker 4/12 F       Illinois Sept   Choloang. Inflamtion 10 Fox
P. Newton 78 M     M Mass April Milwright Unknown 70 Fox
M. Tompson 24 F     M Norway April   Child Birth 2 Fox
  Whitman 3 M       Mass October   Hoopig Cough 120 Fox
B. Darnell 80 M     M Ohio Jun Farmer Old Age 2 Fox
Ida Bale 57 F       Illinois illegible illegible illegible illegible Kendall
Mary Briddle 3/12 F     M Illinois illegible illegible illegible illegible Kendall
Lorenzo illegible 2/12 M       Illinois illegible illegible illegible illegible Kendall
Christine Snell 17 F       Illinois illegible illegible illegible illegible Kendall
illegible   12 F     M Illinois illegible illegible illegible illegible Kendall
illegible   5 F       Illinois illegible illegible illegible illegible Kendall
F. illegible 5/12 M       Illinois Sept   Dropsy cough 4 wks Lisbon
Joseph Fowler 8/12 M       Illinois Sept   illegible 6 days Lisbon
John Snow 36 M     M On Oct Farmer illegible 4 weeks Lisbon
Sarah Kimbal 10 F       Illinois Jun   unknown 1 day Lisbon
Ada Ripley 11/12 F       Illinois April   Unknown 3 days Lisbon
John Button 16 M       Penn Aug Farmer illegible kick 18days Lisbon
Edwin Kellogg 1 M       Illinois Sept   consumption 2 wks Lisbon
Albert Brown 6/12 M       Illinois Sept   congestion of lungs 5 days Lisbon
Wm Hammer 1/12 M       Illinois Sept   canker in mouth 4 days Little Rock
Margaret Hubble 22 F     M Scotland May   Cnsumption 9 mos Little Rock
Juliett Shultz 14 F       NY Jun   Typhoid Fever 8 wks Little Rock
Levi Eldridge 29 M     M Penn July Farmer Unknown 5 hr Little Rock
Mary Manning 37 F     M Ireland May   Asma 4 hr Little Rock
Amos Lia 52 M     M NY Jun Blacksmith Consumption 5 years Little Rock
E. Chrittenden 41 M     M Vermont July Farmer Consumption 4 years Little Rock
Roxann Chrittenden 58 F     M NH July   Dropsy 2 Little Rock
Elza Burrows 32 F     M NH Dec   Consumption 6 mos Little Rock
  Blackman 2/12 F       Illinois Dec   Croup 10 days Na-Au-Say
Maria Whitlock 25 F     M NY Aug   Confinement 3 mos Na-Au-Say
Maria Whitlock 4/12 F       Illinois Sept   Inflamation 4 wks Na-Au-Say
Alton Whitlock 8/12 M       Illinois Dec   canker in mouth 3 mos Na-Au-Say
Smith Forgerty 26 M     M Ireland May Farmer Consumption 3 mos Na-Au-Say
A.D. Wealen 35 M     M Vermont Mar   Inflamation Lungs 5 days Na-Au-Say
Elizabeth Whitlock 38 F     M Vermont Dec   Child Birth 2 days Na-Au-Say
Maria Astor 25 F     M Canada Mar   Child Birth 7 days Na-Au-Say
Mary Olson 2/12 F       Illinois     canker in mouth 6 days Na-Au-Say
Elizabeth Croney 3 F       Illinois April   Croupe 8 days Na-Au-Say
Mary Donily 2 F       Illinois Aug   Dirraera 2 days Na-Au-Say
Margaret Mills 72 F       Ireland July   Dropsy 14 years Na-Au-Say
John Wormley 78 M     M Penn Jan Farmer Erysipilus 2 mos Oswego
John Noolan 1 M       Illinois Oct   Dysentary 2 days Oswego
Eva Fireman 4/12 F       Illinois Aug   Hooping Cough 4 wks Oswego
Alamosa Brownell 15 F       Vermont March   Disease of Brain 2 years Oswego
John Borg 4/12 M       Illinois Mar   Croup 4 days Oswego
Andrea Engall 3 M       Illinois Oct   Croup 4 days Oswego
Mary Engall 11/12 F       Illinois Sept   Croup 2 days Oswego
Maria Davis 19 F     M NY Aug   Consumption 2weeks Oswego
Alva Townsend 38 M       NY June Farmer Neuralgia Heart 2 weeks Oswego
Saml Duval 54 M     M NY July Carpenter Consumption 6 mos Oswego
Jane Rutherford 3 F       Illinois Oct   Disease of Brain 4 wks Oswego
Jane McGively 1/12 F       Illinois Jan   still born   Oswego
Marietta Pearce 36 F     M NY Sept   Consumption 2 wks Oswego
Azulza Avera 38 F     M NY Jun   Child Birth 8 weeks Oswego
Jane Burr 54 F     M NY July   Consumption 1 year Oswego
Hattie Sampsen 7/12 F       Illinois April   Scaffula 3 months Oswego
Moses Richards 78 M     M NY April Farmer Old Age 3 wks Oswego
Chas Vermett 3 M       Illinois Dec   Croupe 1 day Oswego
Hallock Rickerson 9 M       Illinois Mar   Inflamation 9 days Oswego
Cora Schamp 1 F       Illinois Feb   Scalded 36 Hours Oswego
Julia Hebert 1 Day         Illinois Sept   Unknown 1 day Oswego
Maria Kandra 33 F     M NY April   Cancer 2 mos Oswego
Rosa Barb 3 F       Illinois July   Scarlet Fever 7 days Oswego
Julia Sevencercer 1 F       Illinois May   Inflammation Bowels 6 wks Oswego
Saml Ball 76 M     M England Mar Laborer Old Age 3 days Oswego
Reed Ferris 65 M     W Vermont Dec Grocer Pardesia   Oswego
Wm Michael 68 M     W NY Mar Farmer Cancer Mouth 1 mo Oswego
Caroline Fletcher 5/12 F       Illinois Feb   illegible 7 days Seward
Sarah Bennett 36 F       England Aug Farmer Child Birth illegible Seward
Joseph Bennett 2/12 M       Illinois Sept   Inflamation illegible Seward
Ann Snowden 17 F       Norway July   Typhoid Fever 7 days Seward
L. Snowden 3 F       Norway July   Typhoid Fever 3 days Seward
Mary Buckley 40 F       England Aug   Palsey 2 days Seward
James Buckley 2/12 M       Illinois Oct   Dropsy 5 days Seward
John Ward 1/12 M       Illinois Oct   fits 1 day Seward
Emma Naffs 30 F       England Nov   Child Birth 3 months Seward


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