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"History of Kendall County, From the Earliest Discoveries
to the Present Time"

by Rev. E.W. Hicks, 1877


To the children and grandchildren of our pioneers this book is respectfully dedicated.
Forgetting their faults, may they remember their heroism, copy their hospitality, and practice their virtues, is the heartfelt prayer of

[Note: transcriptions in progress --- as time allows.]

CHAPTER I - The Mound Builders. - Geologic ages. Terrace epoch. Wild
animals. Kendall county mounds. Ancient pottery. An extinct race.

CHAPTER II - Indians And French Missionaries. - Origin of the Indians.
Pottawatomies. First missionaries. The Mississippi. Marquette.

CHAPTER III - Explorations Of Lasalle. - Exploring Illinois. Troubles.
Starved Rock. Tonti. Lonely travels. Death of LaSalle.

CHAPTER IV - Trade And War. - Monopolies. The seven years' war. Pontiac.
The Starved Rock tragedy. Buffaloes. Northwest territory. Indian
territory. Tecumseh. Illinois.

CHAPTER V - Early Settlements. - Galena mines. Illinois in 1813. Chicago.
Indian Boundary Line. Jesse Walker. Fox River Mission. Vermillion county.
Two Quotations. Mark Beaubien.

CHAPTER VI - Holderman's Grove. - Robert Beresford. Seminary land.
Landscapes. Reuben Reed. Vetal Vermet. Prairie Du Chien treaty. Reservations.

CHAPTER VII - Indians, Groves And Prairies. - Waubonsie. Gnarled oaks.
Origin of the prairies. Sweet and Specie. Bailey Hobson. LaSalle county.
Spring election.

CHAPTER VIII - Our Earlier Pioneers. - Earl Adams and Ebenezer Morgan.
George and Clark Hollenback. William Harris and Ezra Ackley. Daniel Kellogg. Moses Booth.

CHAPTER IX - The Shadow Of War.- E. G. Ament. George Havenhill.
Abram Holderman. Pierce Hawley. John Dougherty. Walter Selvey. The
Cherokee lottery.

CHAPTER X - The First Bloodshed.- Shabbona. Indian councils.
Stillman's Run. Fox river council. The fatal blow.

CHAPTER XI - The Flight.- The warning. Scalps and spoil.
A good Providence. A carousal. A narrow escape.

CHAPTER XII - Ansel Reed's Story.- Busy at work. The first alarm. A
hurried flight. Concealed in the thicket. On to the fort. Rescuing his deliverer.

CHAPTER XIII - More Bloodshed - Mike Gurty. Indian creek. The Massacre.
Death of Adam Payne. Vermet's story.

CHAPTER XIV - The War Ended. - Peter Miller. John Schneider. Chicago
fort. Cholera. The Hall girls. Death of Black Hawk. Death of Mike Gurty.
First settlers at Oswego. Old settlers returning.

CHAPTER XV - The Year Of The Early Spring. - Early emigration. Beginning of Newark.
The Aments. Beginning of Yorkville. Compulsory temperance.
Beginning of Bristol. Lyman and Burr Bristol. Daniel Pearce.

CHAPTER XVI - S. G. Minkler's Story. - Lost. Fording. Death of Mrs.
Minkler. Hard times.

CHAPTER XVII - Township Pioneers. - David Evans. John Darnell. Hugh
Walker. Chester House. John Shurtliff. Daniel Platt. Stage route.

CHAPTER XVIII - The Old Trappers. - Indians. Pioneers and keel boat
men. Falling of the stars. Settlers in Fox. Settlers in Big Grove.

CHAPTER XIX - Claim Furrows. - Schneider's mill. Waubonsie's spree.
Oswego. Newark. Millington.

CHAPTER XX - The Governor's Party. - The Southern heart. William Mulkey
Gov. Matteson. First schoolhouse.

CHAPTER XXI - The Pledge And The Covenant. - Old temperance pledge.
First Sunday School. Old log church. Pavilion Baptist Church. Rev. A. B.
Freeman. Early Methodism.

CHAPTER XXII - Speculation And Business. - The Ship of State. First
house in Lisbon. Seward schoolhouse. Fox. Little Rock. Mrs. Duryea.
Death of Peter Specie.

CHAPTER XXIII - Treaties And Wolf Hunts. - Bristol. Oswego. Indian
signatures. Hudson. Na-au-say. War dance. Wolves. An astonished ox.

CHAPTER XXIV - The Year Of Corner Lots. - Inflation. Indian encampment.
Big Grove. Plattville. Jesse Jackson. Little Rock.

CHAPTER XXV  -  Crowding Into The Wilderness. - Yorkville laid out.
Oswego. Mrs. Young. Seward. Kane county. Poem. Education.

CHAPTER XXVI -  The Year Of The Panic. - Mrs. Preston. Newark. Hol-
lenback school. New settlers. Buried in a well. Preaching "at early candlelight."

CHAPTER XXVII - Departure Of The Indians - Lisbon school. Millbrook.
Moving the Indians. Oswego postoffice. Bristol school. The royal monogram.

CHAPTER XXVIII - Emigration At Low Tide. - Lisbon and Millington laid
out. Millington church. A trip by schooner. Fourth of July. First Survey.

CHAPTER XXIX - A Change For The Better. - Dr. Brady. Marcus Steward.
Hiddleson school. A jury trial. Plattville school. Lisbon Congregational
Church. A retrospect.

CHAPTER XXX - The Land Sale. - Newark. Misner's plows. Oswego. Bris-
tol. The "Wolf" tavern. How farms were bought.

CHAPTER XXXI - The Underground Railway. - Settlers and topics of 1840.
Debt and poverty. "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too!" An exciting Fourth.
Abolitionism. Dr. Dyer.

CHAPTER XXXII - Our County's Birth. - Oswego school. Plano cemetery.
Stebbins' school. Indian cemetery opened. Birth of Kendall county. First
officers. Horatio Fowler. Long Grove school.

CHAPTER XXXIII - Dark Dats. - The old store book. Accumulated misfortunes.
Land sale of 1842. Pioneer experiences.

CHAPTER XXXIV - Claim Fights. - New settlers. Newark Congregational
Church. Newark and Millington cemetery. Schools : Millington, Boomer, Albee.
Claim fight. Miller excitement. Ryder murder case.

CHAPTER XXXV - The Slave Auction. - Wet season. Academies. Newark
Baptist Church. Schools : Shonts', Suydam, Marysville. Albee's cemetery.
Negro sale.

CHAPTER XXXVI - The County Seat. - Settlers and improvements. Pearce's
cemetery. Doud's cemetery. Schools: Holderman's, Davis'. McCormick
reaper. More fugitives. Negro laws. County seat election.

CHAPTER XXXVII - The Mexican War. - Oswego Congregational Church.
Union and Millbrook schools. Oswego cemetery. Captain Dodge's Company.
Captain Fullerton's Company. Telegraph. Local excitement. Oswego brewery.
Norwegian settlement. Schools : Minkler, Asbury, Bronk, Scofield.

CHAPTER XXXVIII - Schools And Churches. - Country towns. Travel.
Lisbon. Oswego Baptist Church. Schools: Foster, Austin, Atherton, Ware.
Bristol Baptist Church. County officers. Broom factory. Lutheran cemetery.
Schools : Plattville, Chapman. Bronk cemetery.

CHAPTER XXXIX - Townships And Railroads. - Supervisors. Naming
townships. Union cemetery. Union stores. Brown school. Union Presbyterian Church.
Preshur's reapers. Cold weather. New railroads. Johnson school. Parochial schools.

CHAPTER XL - New Towns. - Oswego Station. Bristol Station. Piano. Cholera.
Morris flats. Churches: Oswego Presbyterian, Oswego Lutheran, Newark
Methodist, Bristol Congregational. Schools : Whitlock, Newark, Yorkville,
Piano, Fletcher, Naden, Seward Centre, Grove, Fowler Institute. Agricultural
Society. Protective Association. Little Rock Press. Little Rock cemetery.
Ottawa road. Paper mills.

CHAPTER XLI - The Flood And The Panic. - Oswego Courier. Newark
sawmill. Schools: Lisbon Center, Sleezer, Lewis, Shepard, Henderson.
Markets. Flood of 1857. Panic of 1857. New enterprises. Post's mills.
Blackberry mills. Churches: Plattville, Piano Methodist. Millbrook, Milling-
ton, North Lutheran, Lisbon Baptist. Schools : Pearce, Walker, Scott, Van
Cleve, Serrine, Becker. Revivals.

CHAPTER XLII - The Plano Harvesters. - Railroad enterprises. Post's
bridge. Shabbona's death. Crops. Marsh Brothers. Harvester Works.
Messenger's "gopher." Murders. Schools: Faxon, Bristol Station, Windett,
Booth, Worsley, Greenfield, District No. 5, Oswego. Churches : Yorkville,
Fairview. Bristol Station cemetery. Latter Day Saints.

CHAPTER XLIII - The First Gun! - Hurrying to the front. Captain Carr's
Company. Tenth Regiment. Seventh Regiment. First enlistments. Thirteenth Regiment.
Twentieth Regiment. Thirty-sixth Regiment. Fourth Cavalry. Fifteenth Cavalry.

CHAPTER XLIV - Despir Struggles. - Eighty-ninth. Ninety-first. One
Hundred and Fourth. One Hundred and Twenty-seventh. Draft riots.
Bounties. One Hundred Day Regiments. Close of the war. Home! Soldiers Aid Societies.

CHAPTER XLV - Our War Record For 1861. - Oswego, Bristol, Kendall, Fox, 227 names.

CHAPTER XLVI - Our War Record For 1861, Continued. - Big Grove, Lisbon,
Little Rock, Na-au-say, Seward, 308 names.

CHAPTER XLVII - Our War Record For 1862. - Kendall, Oswego, Lisbon,
337 names.

CHAPTER XLVIII - Our War Record For 1862, Continued. - Big Grove,
Bristol, Fox, Little Rock, Na-au-say, Seward, 218 names.

CHAPTER XLIX - Our War Record For 1863-5. - 1863: Oswego, Big Grove,
Bristol. 1864 : Big Grove, Fox, Kendall, Bristol, Oswego, Seward, Lisbon,
Na-au-say, Little Rock. 1865 : Kendall, Fox, Big Grove, Lisbon, Bristol,
Na-au-say Last company, 261 names.

CHAPTER L - Accidents And Improvements. - Tanneries. Fires. Black
Hawk's cave. Survey of Fox river. Book of Mormon published. Harvey
school. Chapman cemetery. Flood. Accidents. Woolen factory.

CHAPTER LI - The Mill And Canal. - Railroad bonds. Cattle disease. Cat-
tle panic. Prohibition. Woman's Suffrage. Accidents. Heap school. First
cars. Kendall county Geology. Post's dam. Wing's mill. Millington canal.

CHAPTER LII - New Enterprises. - Papers. Plait's wells. Manslaughter.
Young school. Murder. Grangers. N. S. Grimwood. Horse Association.
Churches : Little Rock Union, Piano Baptist. Seward town house. Plano boot
and shoe factory. Narrow Gauge Railroad.

CHAPTER LIII - Our Natural Possessions. - Pure water. Magnetic springs.
Sulphur springs. Soils. Peat. Sand. Moulding sand. White sand. Limestone.
Brick clay. Potter's clay. Wood.

CHAPTER LIV - Kendall County Inventions. - Plows. Cultivators. Har-
rows. Reapers. Headers. Harvesters. Binders. Horse rakes. Ditcher and
Scrapers. Wire fence. Stoves. Stereoscopes. Sewing and Knitting machines.
Water wheels. Transportation conveyor. Store furniture.
Railroad improvements. Miscellaneous inventions. Publications.

CHAPTER LV - Our Neighbors. - Ox family. Deer family. Bear family. Dog
family. Weasel family. Squirrel family. Rat and mouse family. Mole family.
Birds. Birds of prey. Climbers. Perchers. Scratchers. Waders.
Swimmers. Reptiles. Snakes. Fishes. Insects.

CHAPTER LVI - Our Plant Life. - Trees. Shrubs. Wood plants. Marsh
plants. Prairie flowers. Grasses. Flowerless plants.

CHAPTER LVII - Farewell ! - Four stages of local history. A higher sphere.
Development of mind. Satan's traps. True science. A wider life.


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