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Knox County Illinois
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Abingdon Cemetery 404840N 0902429W  
Alm's House Cemetery 405506N 0901659W  
Altona Cemetery 410633N 0900958W  
Bennington Cemetery     aka Thurman Cemetery
Blakeslee Cemetery 404427N 0900600W  
Boydston-Dawdy Cemetery 404621N 0902411W  
Bradford Cemetery 405444N 0900725W  
Brookside Cemetery 405631N 0902407W  
Bruner Cemetery 410523N 0902017W  
Brush Creek Cemetery 405221N 0902010W  
Butterfield Family Cemetery 405437N 0901815W  
Caldwell Family Cemetery 405716N 0900116W  
Catterton Cemetery 405135N 0900449W  
Center Prairie Cemetery 405949N 0900014W  
Cherry Grove Cemetery 404908N 0902432W  
Clark Chapel Cemetery 405039N 0901133W  
Clay Cemetery 405505N 0902623W  
Clesson Cemetery     SE ¼ of Section 26, Elba Township
Cook Cemetery 404838N 0901326W  
Copley Cemetery     aka "Old Scotch"
aka "the John Knox Cemetery"
Corbin Cemetery 405428N 0900451W  
Deatherage Cemetery 410440N 0902325W  
East Linwood Cemetery 405645N 0902404W City owned
Elba Cemetery 405106N 0900232W  
Elias Bragg Cemetery 404804N 0901657W  
Etherly Cemetery 405936N 0900509W  
Ferguson Cemetery 405155N 0901501W  
Fink Cemetery 405507N 0900432W  
Fraker Cemetery 410602N 0900010W  
Fuller Cemetery 410308N 0902528W  
Galesburg Research Cemetery 410016N 0902157W aka State of Illinois Hospital Cemetery
[Used for residents at Galesburg Research, which was for the mentally impaired.]
Galva Cemetery 410850N 0900228W  
Garret Cemetery 410025N 0900354W  
Gilson Cemetery 405135N 0901151W  
Grim Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Gum Cemetery 410033N 0902209W  
Harper Cemetery 404734N 0901517W  
Harshbarger Cemetery 405104N 0900849W  
Haynes Cemetery 404951N 0901754W Orange Twp, Section 20
Headland Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Henderson Cemetery 410141N 0902110W  
Henderson Grove Cemetery 410101N 0902437W  
Hermon Christian Cemetery 404531N 0901913W  
Hermon Methodist Cemetery 404531N 0901910W  
Hope Cemetery 405648N 0902238W  
Housh Cemetery 404738N 0901100W  
Humiston Cemetery     Cedar Twp, Section 17
Hunt Cemetery 404332N 0902512W  
Junk Cemetery 410337N 0902142W  
Kightlinger Cemetery 404937N 0900207W  
Knoxville Cemetery 405502N 0901700W  
Larson Cemetery 410652N 0900809W  
Lewis Cemetery 405901N 0902410W  
Linwood Cemetery 405645N 0902414W City owned. Located on west edge of Galesburg
Maquon Cemetery 404830N 0900848W  
Martin Cemetery 410247N 0900755W  
Mather Cemetery 405052N 0901403W  
McCallister Cemetery 405158N 0901313W Orange Twp
McCramer burying ground     Orange Township, Section 15
Memorial Park Cemetery 405645N 0902428W  
Moon Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Mormon Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Myers Cemetery 405726N 0900955W  
Oak Lawn Memorial Gardens 410045N 0902302W  
Old Scotch Cemetery 410117N 0900739W aka Copley Cemetery
Oneida Cemetery 410446N 0901241W  
Ontario Cemetery 410508N 0901831W  
Ouderkirk Cemetery 404736N 0901018W  
Parker Cemetery 405647N 0900220W  
Philip Nance Memorial Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Pickrel Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 404919N 0900018W  
Rice-Blue Cemetery 410218N 0902309W  
Rio Baptist Cemetery 410512N 0902325W  
Rio Cemetery 410640N 0902353W  
Robbins Cemetery 410323N 0901715W  
Robinson Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Russell Cemetery 405310N 0901200W  
Sage Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Saint Josephs Catholic Cemetery 405555N 0902437W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 405655N 0901927W  
Salem Cemetery 405945N 0900326W  
Smith Cemetery 410040N 0900556W  
Soperville Cemetery 410050N 0902407W  
State of Illinois Hospital Cemetery     formerly Galesburg Research Cemetery
Summitt-Douglas Cemetery 404716N 0900510W  
Swedish Cemetery 405348N 0901718W  
Thurman Cemetery 404503N 0900932W  aka Bennington Cemetery
Trenton Cemetery 405422N 0900606W  
Union Cemetery 405801N 0901623W  
Uniontown Cemetery 404435N 0900457W  
Van Gilder Cemetery 405825N 0901352W  
Victoria Cemetery 410227N 0900529W  
Walnut Grove Cemetery 410608N 0900931W  
Ward Burying Ground     Orange Twp, Section 3
Wataga Cemetery 410122N 0901607W  
West Truro Cemetery 405805N 0900524W  
Westfall Cemetery 405952N 0901109W  
Williams Family Cemetery 405557N 0900125W  
Wooley Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Wright Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Yates City Cemetery 404613N 0900043W  

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