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Lake County, Illinois

(source: GNIS)

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Other Information

Am Echod Jewish Cemetery 422216N 0875239W  
Angolian Cemetery 422440N 0880410W  
Antioch Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Ascension Cemetery 421837N 0875508W  
Avon Centre Cemetery 422220N 0880259W  
Benedictine Abbey Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Benton Greenwood Cemetery 422557N 0875237W  
Colchester Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
County Line Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Cranberry Lake Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Deerfield Cemetery 420950N 0875039W  
Devine Family Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Diamond Lake Cemetery 421425N 0875902W  
Druce Cemetery 422139N 0880017W  
East Fox Lake Cemetery 422401N 0880625W  
East Loan Lake Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
East Side Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Edwards Family Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Fairfield Cemetery 421259N 0880327W  
Fisher Family Cemetery 421841N 0881104W  
Fort Hill Cemetery 422012N 0880629W  
Fort Sheridan Cemetery 421329N 0874918W  
Garwood Family Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Grant Cemetery 422052N 0880915W  
Grass Lake Cemetery 422612N 0880824W  
Grayslake Cemetery 422022N 0880235W  
Great Lakes Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Greenwood Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Gridley Cemetery 421246N 0875946W  
Hickory Union Cemetery 422852N 0880031W  
Highland Memorial Park 422036N 0875758W  
Hillside Cemetery 422829N 0880608W  
Home Oaks Cemetery 422634N 0880342W  
Hope Grove Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Ivanhoe Cemetery 421639N 0880245W  
Knopf Cemetery 420949N 0875904W  
Lake County Poor Farm Cemetery 421743N 0875729W  
Lake Forest Cemetery 421603N 0874956W  
Lake Mound Cemetery 422632N 0874929W  
Lake Zurich Cemetery 421216N 0880515W  
Lakeside Cemetery 421724N 0875733W  
Long Grove Cemetery 421036N 0880006W  
Lutheran Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Millburn Cemetery 422525N 0875943W  
Mooney Cemetery 421020N 0874934W  
Mound Rest Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Mount Carmel Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Mount Oliver Memorial Park 422808N 0875157W  
Mount Rest Cemetery 422846N 0875700W  
North Shore Garden of Memorial Cemetery 421950N 0875204W  
Oakdale Cemetery 422844N 0875334W  
Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery 422034N 0874953W History of Cemetery
Pahlman Family Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Pineview Cemetery 422518N 0875022W  
Rosecrans Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  

St Bede Catholic Cemetery


36455 N Wilson Rd, Ingleside, Lake County, Illinois 60041

Saint Joseph Cemetery 422011N 0880628W  
Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery 421741N 0880408W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 420913N 0875753W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 421012N 0874937W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 421600N 0875002W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 422042N 0874953W  
Saint Matthew Lutheran Cemetery 421305N 0880344W  
Saint Patrick Cemetery 421255N 0875226W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 422718N 0875706W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 420917N 0880736W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 421931N 0881011W  
Sand Lake Cemetery 422455N 0880300W  
Sant Sava Monastery Cemetery 421956N 0875705W  
Serbian Monastery Cemetery 421956N 0875705W  
Spaulding Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Spaulding Corners Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Swan Family Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Transfiguration Cemetery 421546N 0880637W  
Union Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Union Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  
Vernon Cemetery 421214N 0875552W  
Volo Cemetery 421936N 0881024W  
Warren Cemetery 422253N 0875708W  
Wauconda Cemetery 421522N 0880824W  
White Cemetery 421034N 0880846W  
Willow Lawn Cemetery 421249N 0875735W  
Zion City Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN  


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