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Lake County, Illinois History

Lake County Formed
By act of the legislature approved March 1, 1839, it was enacted that "all that portion of McHenry County east of a range or sectional line not less than three miles nor more than four miles east of the present county seat of McHenry County shall constitute a new county to be called the county of Lake."

June 20, 1839. At a special meeting of the Board of Commissioners of McHenry County it was ordered, "That an election be held in Lake County on the first Monday in August next, in each precinct as now organized in McHenry County, for three commissioners, one commissioners' clerk, one coroner, one probate justice of the peace, one treasurer, one recorder, one school commissioner, two justices of the peace, and two constables in each precinct." It was further ordered, " That the portions of Indian Creek, Abingdon, McHenry and Virginia precincts which lie east and west of the division line between Lake and McHenry counties be attached to the opposite precincts."

June 25, 1839.  "Ordered by the court, That the poll books be opened at the August elections to vote for and against a division of the county of McHenry, the line thereof to be the center of the Fox River from north to south, and that the east end be called Lake County."
Instead of the "center of the river", as the dividing line, Lake County took all the east of the section line running north and south three miles east of the river at McHenry; in other words, two-thirds of range 9, east, together with all lying east of the line mentioned.
1885 History of McHenry County, Illinois
Transcribed by Anne Kunzen


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