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Hi, my name is Nancy Piper and I am the host for Putnam, Bureau, LaSalle and Marshall Counties. My ancestors came to Illinois over 150 years ago and settled in the tiny village of Florid, which is no longer even a name on a map.  I've always been a "history buff" and these pages let me help share the world my "findings".   If you have any information to add, please E-mail me.  

On these pages you will find the information pertaining to the history of LaSalle County.  Our goal is to have available free of charge as much information as possible and will be adding continuously to these pages, so check back often.    I do not live in LaSalle County so, I am unable to do any personal research.  

May 2014 Updates
Obit: Horace B. Jarvis - Contributed by Jim Dezotell

April 2014

Obit: Orlando Chittenden - -- Contributed by Jim Dezotell

March 2014: 1845 News Items From the Past: Smyth's Wagon and Horses Lost in River, Bullock Appointed Post Master; 1845 Marriages: Eichelberger-Hosford .... Devereaux-Redmond . Balwin-Chapman ... Coates-Bull ... Gentleman-Hardin ... Merritt-Robbins ... Johnson-Works ... Haslet-Woolfer; 1845 Deaths: Newton Brumfield . John Crotty . Mary Gilman ... Mrs. Ruth Gillet ... Mrs. Mary Carter ... Richard Frederick Day ... Jason Gurlet; Ottawa 1845 News: The Ottawa Foundry, Baptist Church Damaged by Fire, Hise Appointed Post Master
December 2013: Bio: WILLIAM H. ABRAMS - Submitted by FOFG, Norwegians in Adams Township - transcribed by Kris Dunlap
October 2013: 1883 List of Pensioners - transcribed by Glenda Stevens
September 2013:1844-1845 LaSalle Marriages: Miller-Bradshaw.... Low-Osborn .... Dobbins-Davis .... Hosford-David .... Rice-Harding .... Parker-Cowen .... Dresser-Spalding ....Lindley-Merritt .... Burr-Jennings .... Woodruff-Burgitt .... Newton-Seeley .... Wells-Grooms .... Fanning-Daily .... Tyler-Manchem .... Potter-Cooper .... Rugg-Dimick .... Slater-Galloway .... Gage-Little .... Mix-Bennett .... Crumasero-Brown .... Templeton-Burgit .... McLaughlin-Kingsbury .... Armour-Vincent .... Swind-Rheim .... Daly-Williams .... Lathrop-Smith .... Graham-Evans .... Montgomery-Higgins .... Latshaw-Smith .... Larson-Osmus .... Eichelberger-Rumple ; 1844-1845 LaSalle Obits: Mrs. Julia E. Baldwin and Sarah Louisa Baldwin .... Mrs. Matilda H. Bassnett .... Benjamin and Thomas Burnham .... Nathaniel Burton .... Mary Jane Dryer .... Enos M. Griggs .... George Hall .... David Jennings .... Christiana (Mann) Kilduff .... Isabelle Mott .... Sarah Nolan .... Charles Edward Shuler .... William R. Sizer .... Orlando Twitchell .... Nelson Wood .... Charlotte Ann Woodruff ; 1844-1845 NEWS: James Phillips Tried From Murder .... New Post Offices .... Thomas Tracy's Home is Robbed .... John Anderson Arrested for Tracy Home Robbery ; Ottawa 1844-1845 News: Ottawa Dog Control Enforced .... Ottawa 4th of July Celebration 1844 .... The Ottawa Bachelor's Club
June 2013: Obituary - EUGENE STANHOPE ELLIOTT - Transcribed by Kim Mohler; 1843-1844 Obits from the Ottawa Free Trader: Mrs. Emma O. Woodruff , Curtis Stillson, Mary Elizabeth Patrick, John Ferguson; Ann (Newton) Rood, John Hart, Child of James Levens, David Wood, Cecilia E. Weaver, George Lum, Adeline (Works) Hurd, John Walter, Thomas Jepson, George R. Wilson: 1843-1844 Marriage Notices: Armour-Winlack, Bell-Harrington, Wood-Brenen, Conolly-Luby, Shope-Dodge, Dominy-Gornea, Johnson-Dickinson, Davenport-Churchhill, Cole-Felch, Hobs-Osborn, Simpson-Smith, Kiersted-Kelly, Weeks-Tolman, Roon-Bachellor, Little-Newton
May 2013: Biographies: FOSSEEN Manley L - Transcribed by Anna Parks; Funk William A - Transcribed by Nancy Overlander; Obits: Edward 'Beanie' Cresto, Frank E. Cresto, Lucille Hulse - nee Cresto, Mayme V. Cresto, Robert J. Challenger - submitted by Denise Parsons; Rachel (Hall) Munson's Account of the Indian Creek Massacre: First Hand account of the massacre and abduction of the Hall Girls - told by Mrs. Rachel (Hall) Munson -The Ottawa Free Trader; Ottawa, Illinois Friday June 5, 1846 Vol VI-No. 50. - Transcribed by: Sharon Witt
March 2013: Bio: WILLIAM HARRISON WARD - Submitted by M.K.Krogman








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Biographies, Homepages, and Family Pictures

The Ewing Family - Contributed by Linda Stewart

 Nadler Family Photos  - Contributed by Tracy McIntosh

PipersPages:   My family history which includes biographies on the LaSalle County families such as Dinkey, Norton and other related families)

Rosemary's Family Connections (Good website for genealogical information for the families of BAUMGARDNER, BURR, COOK, COWGILL, EBBS, ISHAM,  LOOMIS, MASSIE, PALASCHAK, PROMENSCHENKEL, STOCKING, WARWICK, and WIRICK.

 John Hossack of Ottawa, Illinois  (Great website by Jay W. Preston dedicated to the history of John Hossack, "Canal Builder. Grain and Lumber Merchant. Conductor on the Underground Railroad. Crusader for Human Rights and Liberty. Man of God.")

Stu Wilson's Family Tree Page  (Very good website for genealogical information. Stu has the following LaSalle Co. surnames listed Brown, Eades, Gray, Newman, Springer, Woodruff, and White.)

THIEMANN/THIEMAN Family Web Pages (Very nice pages by Roger L. Thiemann on his family history.  Roger also has a familytreemaker page with some nice family photos at http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/t/h/i/Roger-L-Thiemann/index.html)

The Schmitt Family Photo  - donated by Terri Davison

Silas Washington Bardwell   - Contributed by Perry Ward Jr.

Unknown family photos (link) - Contributed by Sarah Ferguson Potter

Sarah writes "I have some pictures from Grundy County and a few from La Salle, Illinois that need identifying they are believed to be from the Ferguson, Kay, and Steel families. But I don't know really who any of them are. TheLa Salle photos could be from the family of David T. Allan (originallly of La Salle) and his first wife Jessie Barr. Later he went on to marry Isabelle Ferguson, but didn't have any children with him b/c they were in their 40's when they married."

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