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 The 1875 Business Report for Tonica, Illinois


Taken from the Tonica News, Tonica, Illinois
Saturday, January 9th, 1875

Business Report

Below we give a report of what our business men have been doing in the past year:

Union Store Co.

J. L. Denning, Agent. Keeps on hand a general supply of dry goods, groceries and general merchandise. For the past year their trade has been increasing, under the efficient management of the agent, by strictly attending to buiness, and gentlemenly deportment, has made the Union Store what it is. During the fore part of the year they marked their goods down, for fifteen days, and had a big rush in trade.

Hall & Burgess

This well known firm has been doing a general merchandising business for several years, and have the largest stock of goods in the village. During the fore part of the year they had an extensive trade and sold an unusual amount of goods; but Mr. Hall's health being poor, he was obliged to leave the store; and since his death, it has thrown all the management on the remaining partner, Mr. Burgess, who, we are sorry to say, will close out the business some time between now and the coming summer.

M. C. Little

Has an extensive stock of dry goods and groceries. His plan of doing business is so systematized that his goods present the very best appearance, and everything looks neat and in order. Dress goods a speciality. His business has been steadily increasing, especially among the German population, he being something of a dutchman himself. We predict a good trade for Moody in the coming year.

J. S. Underhill

Is well known by the whole community to be a man of business. He deals in shelf and heavy hardware machinery and farming implements. In the last two articles mentioned, he has the exclusive trade. He also received money on deposit and does a general exchange banking business, which is very convenient for the business men of Tonica. He had for the last eighteen years, been Collector for the Town of Eden, and is a good man for that office.

J. K. Brokaw

Keeps a good supply of shelf hardware, and has the exclusive trade in stoves and tinware. He manufactures most of the latter, and you can depend on it being of good material and honestly made; for, as a workman, Mr. B. is not excelled by anyone, and Bert is as good as the most of tinsmiths.

A. Curtiss

Successor to N. Richey, in the drug business, has been able to hold the trade in a very satisfactory manner. Before the holidays commenced, he put in a stock of miscellaneous books and a large supply of Christmas goods, in which he had a good trade. The Post Office being located in the same building, gives him a chance to display his fancy goods before the eyes of the whole community.

G. G. Pratt

Has been in the drug business for several years, and since occupying the brick building on the corner, he seems to have obtained a good share of the patronage. He has a large trade in literary and miscellaneous books; having a case for the same, they present as good an appearance as if in a regular book store.

Burgess, Holdridge & Co.

W. Burgess, W. H. H. Holdridge and W. A Flin.. This well known firm has the exclusive grain and lumber trade. Last summer they shipped a great deal of grain to New Orleans, for which they received a good price.

Mrs. Bullock, Milliner

Is always ready to supply her customers with either fancy or plane hat and honnets. She seems to possess the art of suiting the tastes of our most stylish ladies. With the good and efficient help she employs, is capable of turning out many trimmed hats and bonnets - the style where of will speak for itself.

S. W. Allen

Is still on hand with his wanted popularity, and is doing an extensive business in the boot and shoe line. He employs a force of hands, and manufactures for the trade generally. He warrants all work to be of the best material, and in workmanship not to be excelled by any one.

John Beck

For a long time a resident of Tonica, is doing a good business. He has had a long experience as a baker, and still continues to supply the staff of life to his patrons. He has a good assortment of fancy candies, in which he holds his own. His family is so large that he was compelled to make an addition to his house during this last summer.

F. A. Sumner

Has been "stocking up". During the summer his trade was mostly lemons, but he now shares a portion of the patronage in all his line of business - confectioneries etc. We hope him success hereafter.

Levi Green

Lately locates himself in his wooden structure on the corner, selling groceries, and running a flour and feed store. His trade is light yet, but popularity and long standing will gain customers. Success to him.

J. A. Underhill

Dealer in furniture. He has been in business but a short time, and starts out under favorable circumstances. There being no one to compete with, he of course has all the trade. His stock of furniture is quite complete and made of substantial material.

C. Hensold

Harness maker. He supplies the surrounding country with such as they want in his line of business. He employs good workman, who made a set of harness which took the first premium at the Wenona Fair.

B. E. McGrew

Proprietor of our meat market, having purchased the same from O. Hart last spring, continues to supply the wants of the people with meat. He has sold an unusual amount of oysters this season.

George Mudge

Has of late became the landlord of the Union House, and is well worthy of the position. Mrs. M. is a fine landlady and has secured nearly all the boarders in town.

Dr. A. G. Gray

Sill sticks to dentistry. He has had a good run of custom ever since he first located here. Artificial teeth made, and teeth extracted with or without pain, just as you say.

Prof. H. O. Morast

Tonsorial Artist. When he first came to this town, only had $5.40. He now has the finest barber shop ever in Tonica. He deserved credit. "The business man of Tonica." See what he says below:

When you may wish an easy shave,
As good as Barber ever gave,
Just call on me at my Saloon,
At morn, or eve, or busy noon.
I curl and dress the hair with grace,
To suit the contour of the face.
My room is neat and towels clean,
Sscissors sharp and Razors keen,
And every thing I think you'll find,
To suit the taste and please the mind,
And all my art or skill can do,
If you'll just call I'll do for you.

Of the wagon and blacksmith shops, we can say but little; but sup each have shared a portion of the patronage during the year.

There are other business men we might speak of, the doctors, lawyers, agents, etc., but we have not room to take each one separately; hope them al success. Of the stock dealers we can say that they shipped 265 car loads of stock during the year; of which 6 loads of hogs were shipped during the month of November.

A night watch was employed for a month, by our citizens, in July, to guard against fire and burglars.

Several bridges and street crossings have been repaired during the past year, under instructions from the city fathers.


Thus we have endeavored to compile a review of the business done in Tonica for one year. If errors or omissions appear in any portion of our article, we wish it distinctly understood that they were not made intentionally. In our review we have endeavored to treat all fairly and honestly, with no preferences to any one; as to how well we have succeeded it is for our readers to judge. We but hope that our services have been such as to merit a continuance of the very liberal patronage from the business men of Tonica; wishing you all success during the present year and in the future, we remain

Yours with Respect.


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