La Salle County IL News


 The Madison County Courier (Edwardsville, Illinois)November 15, 1865

Some burglers at Earlville, Lasalle county, last week, turned a Mr. Johnson's cow into his garden, and while he was driving it out, entered his house and took $900 from under his pillow and decamped.

The Dixon Sun (Dixon, Illinois) Augst 6, 1873

Earlville, in Lasalle county, just south of Paw Paw grove, is about forming a company with a capital of $25,000, to engage in the manufacture of agricultural implements.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) December 20, 1898

A Brave Girl

Miss Dooling's Heroism Averts Loss of Life and Property

Earlville, Ill, Dec 20 - An accident at the railroad crossing near here was Sunday averted by the bravery of Miss Minnie Dooling, sister of Oscar Dooling, a farmer living a few miles out. Miss Dooling and her brother were driving home in the darkness, and at the crossing one of the horses caught one of its feet in the tracks. The combined efforts of Miss Dooling and her brother were not sufficient to release the animal, which, by its struggle, soon entangled itself and its mate in the harness.

Finally, when Mr. Dooling sat on the horsed head to keep it quiet, Miss Dooling ran for help. Just as she secured a lantern, she remembered that a Burlington freight was due at the crossing and unless flagged would crash into her brother and the train. As she started for the tracks she heard the whistle of the engine in the distance.

Then began a race for life. Running at the top of her speed the young woman reached the tracks as the train, which was opproaching at his speed appeared in sight. Stepping onto the track, Miss Dooling began waving her lantern back and forth. On came the train, the engineer not apparently seeing the signal. Miss Dooling had given up all hope when there came a whistle for the brakes; a second later the grinding of the wheels told that efforts were being made to stop the train, and a moment later the engine came to a stand still less than a yard away from team lying on the track.

Another train was due in a short time, so Miss Dooling instead of fainting, set to work with her brother and trainmen of the freight and succeeded in releasing the horses just as the second train came by.


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