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March 31, 1870

Streator is a weight station of the western division on the Chicago Alton and St. Louis Railroad. It is convenient to the Vermillion river and a pleasant little inlet town about as large as Magnolia. The Fox river Railroad is expected to be completed from Ottawa to Streator in June. The transfer of freight from that road to the Central(I.C. R.R.) will take at Wenona giving Streator a go by. -- Contributed by Nancy Piper

July 16, 1874

Streator has also been a victim to a terrible fire. It started in the Free Press block, which the breeze speedily spread to the neighboring buildings. The fire destroyed nearly all the business portion of the town. The loss is variously estimated for $90,000 to $100,000.  The heaviest losers are

J. Bailey & Son, dry goods and groceries. No insurance.
Schuler & Burresk, dry goods
Stoneholder & Anderson, clothing
Ames & Son, hardware
Moesher and Woodward, furniture
J. Dalls, sample rooms
John Scharfenberg & Wheeler’s, Oriental hall - where $30, 00 was also destroyed - insurance not known, but believed to be small. -- Contributed by Nancy Piper

Taken From the Tonica News, Tonica, IL
June 5, 1875

Asylum Children

A company of children, mostly boys, from the New York Juvenile Asylum, will arrive in Streator at the Streator Hotel, on Friday morning June 11th. Their ages vary from seven to fifteen years. They are mostly of good parentage, and promising and desirable children. Homes are wanted for them with families where they will continue to receive good care and training. They may be taken at first upon trial, for about ten days, and then if all parties are satisfied, they will be indentured until of age, girls until eighteen and boys until twenty-one.

A small payment, to aid in defraying the passage expenses from New York will be required when indentures are expected. Applicants are requested to meet the children at the Hotel on the Morning of their arrival. For further information, address E. Wright, Bloomington, Ill. -- Contributed by Nancy Piper

Taken From the Henry Republican
January 6, 1876

The Streator Free Press gives a general resume of the business of that town since its organization. It claims that it is only eight years old and now has a population of 6000, with 13 religious sects and 13 teachers in its public schools. Four railroads cross at this point. The Free Press is a wide awake paper, and we value it as among the best that comes to our table. -- Contributed by Nancy Piper

Taken From the Henry Republican
August 14, 1879 - State News

The Streator Free Press is six years old. Quite a youngster, with every prospect of living to complete its majority. -- Contributed by Nancy Piper

Taken From the Henry Republican
June 2, 1881 - Local items

A 40 acre lot, owned by N. Moore of Wenona, lying within a mile of Streator, was sold the other day for $100 per acre. He also sold the coal deposit beneath and the right to mine to the same for $250 per acre, making a total valuation of $350 per acre. -- Contributed by Nancy Piper

Streator and Kankakee Connected by Railroad

Henry Republican, July 27, 1882

Local Department

Kankakee and Streator are now connected by railroad, the track of the new Indiana, Illinois and Iowa, having been completed to the latter point on Saturday. And the first train was run on Monday. The distance between these towns is about 50 miles.

Wabash RR Runs Trips to Momence

Henry Republican, November 16, 1882

The Indiana, Illinois and Iowa road commenced running regular passenger trains between Streator and Momence Oct. 30, coming into the city over the Wabash track. The train will leave Streator in the morning and return in the evening, making one trip each way daily. The road has now five locomotives and sufficient rolling stock to do the large and increasing business of the road. Two regular trains will be run over the road, each making two trips. - Streator monitor.

Streator Finds Man Killed by Shotgun

Widow of John Kangley Sells Railroad Shares for Profit

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) April 15, 1901

$100,000 Profit for Widow

Streator, Ills., April 15. By selling 1,365 shares of Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroadstock Mrs. John Kangley has made a profit of $100,000. Her husband died a year ago, leaving these 1,365 shares of Burlington stock as part of his estate. He had bought them around ($?) per share. Mrs. Kangley was her own counselor and when the recent rapid rise in their valuation came because of the proposed transfer to the Hill Syndicate she decided to sell.

Taken From The Toluca Star Newspaper
November 15, 1901 - PAGE 1, Brief Locals

A train of six oil tank cars makes several trips from Streator daily, through this place to the Illinois river for water, which has become a very scarce article in that city.

Taken From The Toluca Star Newspaper
March 14, 1902 - Around About Us

Streator has secured a new factory. An automobile plant at Anderson, Ind., owing to the inadequate supply of gas, offered to remove to Streator if its citizens would donate three to five acres of land and building 36 x 200 feet in dimensions and two stories high. The company guarantees to employ fifty men the first year and one hundred the second and third years. The citizens of Streator accepted the proposition and will donate a building site and $10,000 for a new building. -- Contributed by Nancy Piper


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