The Ewing Family

Contributed by Linda Stewart

Like yourself I am involved not only in my own family research, the Kilty’s from Ireland, but I also help other’s on a purely voluntary basis along with a few other friends, a small, but determined band, they tell me! Having taken early retirement and deciding to search for my ancestors, then hitting so many brick walls when I started this, I realised just how difficult it must be for others, therefore the voluntary offer. A family who asked me to help, are from Aberdeen in Scotland, and I quickly discovered the La Salle connection for the above family.

I have tried to contact Samuel Douglas Ewing now aged 61 in La Salle (Peru Township) class of 1968, to let him have this information and perhaps put him in touch with his relatives in Aberdeen, and have just recently contacted his High School secretary, awaiting a reply. All certificated for this family are via ( Edinburgh) and I am now back to 1780 in Ayrshire for this family, and there would seem to be a lot of information going even further back I’m pleased to say. "

Kind Regards

Linda Mary Kilty Stewart

For now, here is the following information, it may be of some assistance to others searching on your site:

Stewart Ewing b 25 September 1883, Auchinleck Ayrshire and living in Auchinleck with the family in both 1891 census and 1901 census. Father: Samuel Douglas Ewing /Mother Jeannie Wilson. Stewart married Elizabeth Given 22nd March 1907 Lugar, Elizabeth was born 25 October 1884. They had a son also Samuel Douglas Ewing b 25th October 1907, Lugar.

Stewart sailed alone from Glasgow on the 6 April 1907 on the 'Caledonia' arriving New York 15 April . His entry through Ellis Island shows him to be 25, a Miner from Auchinleck travelling on to his cousin John Black in Buxton, Utah. I found him in Illinois on the 1910 US census with the family as follows:-

1910 Census Reading Township, Livingston County, Illinois

Stewart Ewing 27, Head, Coal Miner b Scotland Arr. 1907

Elizabeth 25, Wife b Scotland Arr. 1908 Married 3 years, 2 children

Samuel 2, Son b Scotland Arr. 1908

John 5 months, Son b Illinois 26 Nov 1909

1920 Census Durand St., Crocketville, La Salle County, Illinois

Stewart Ewing 36, Head, Coal Miner b Scotland

Elizabeth 35, Wife b Scotland

Samuel 12, Son b Scotland

John 10, Son

Jeannie 8, Dau. b 31 Oct 1911

Peter 5, Son b 31 Jan 1914

Joseph 4, Son

Elizabeth 2, Dau. All born Illinois

1930 Census Oglesby, La Salle County, Illinois

Stewart Ewing 46, Head, Coal Miner b Scotland

Elizabeth 44, Wife b Scotland

Samuel 22, Son b Scotland

John 20, Son

Peter 16, Son

Joseph 14, Son

Elizabeth 12, Dau.

Margaret 10, Dau.

Robert 8, Son b 11 April 1921

Agnes 5, Dau. All born Illinois

Stewart Ewing died 11 Oct 1960 age 77 Illinois

Elizabeth died 1951 age 67 Illinois

Samuel died Sept 1974 age 66 Illinois

John m ???? Anderson, 9 Mar 1936 died May 1975 Illinois

Jeannie m ????Keith died 23 May 1998 age 86 Illinois

Peter m Henrietta Martyn 12 Dec 1935 died 18 July 1969 age 55 Illinois

Joseph ?

Elizabeth m ????Kawalczyk

Margaret m ????Wasielewski

Robert died 17 March 1965 age 43 Los Angeles, California

Agnes m ??? De Hesus

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