The Poetry of Elsie Strawn Armstrong

Transcribed and Donated by Leslie Howard Strawn

On hearing of the death of my dear son Jeremiah,
who died in California and was buried on the side of a mountain,
I thought of the following:

Far away in the wild woods sequestered and alone,

Where the winds ever breathe their most musical tone,

On a green mossy knoll, on the side of a hill,

Whose carved base is washed by a musical rill,

They laid my dear son while the solemn prayer was said,

To rest forevermore in his green embowered bed.

A few are resting round in still and deep repose,

From this weary world away, from its troubles and its woes,

But the lovely flowers that are growing on the spot,

The lily and the rose and the sweet forget-me-not,

Would you ever make the stone that is standing at his head,

You might know this brightest one was your beloved Brothers’ bed.

For it seems so far away from earth’s turmoil and care,

That Heaven’s brightest smiles ever beam and linger there,

While nature’s dearest gifts are in rich profusion spread,

Round the place where they have made my beloved Jerry’s bed.

An interesting nephew says, “Make some rhyme for me,”

And then to find the subject, on what that rhyme should be,

A description of his person perhaps might suit his taste,

If not, ‘twill be of paper, only a little waste.

In height he is about six feet, one inch and a half,

He’s rather grave and sober and does but seldom laugh,

He weighs about two hundred and thirty-seven pounds,

He’s what the world calls, “well put up,” straight and neat and round.

His hair is glossy black; his eyes are blue and bright,

His skin is fair brunette, his features about right,

He is a cheerful, noble man; when young he came from France,

In wealth and reputation he’s still on the advance.

He brought a present to his wife, a full set of silver plate,

And in this style they’re going, - going at a fast rate,

He has the finest family of daughters, sons and all,

And a wife so noble, kind and good, she can’t be beat at all,

He’s training up his family to walk in wisdom’s ways,

To remember their Creator, now in the youthful days,

I hope they long may live, enjoying every blessing,

And throughout all their days earth’s choicest gifts possessing.

Oh, may the Lord be with them

And guide them on their way,

And the God of love direct them

To everlasting day.

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