LaSalle County List of Old Settlers

Taken From: THE PAST AND PRESENT   OF  LASALLE COUNTY, ILLINOIS, CHICAGO H. F. Kett & CO., Cor. 5th Ave. and Washington St., 1877, Pages 263 to 268
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The first picnic was held in Judge J. D. Caton's park, the speakers being Judge John C. Champlain and Judge Alfred Caverly, with music by the band, and a grand dinner, after which short speeches were in order and responded to by J. H. Fredenburg and Lucian B. Delano.   Annually, during August or September, a picnic has been held at various places about Ottawa, which has been largely attended by the old settlers and their friends. Relics of early days, spinning-wheels, ox-yokes, mortars, and other implements used by them areexhibited, speecges are made, and a general good time with a picnic dinner is the usual programme of the day. These gatherings are anticipated with a great deal of pleasure by the members, and much that is important in the early history of the county has been gathered from them. The following is a list of the old settlers as taken from their records in the possession of the Secretary, A. M. Eberson:

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