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Twenty-Two Neighbors "pitched in" yesterday to husk 35 acres of corn for Elmer Schroeder, 41, farmer residing eight miles northwest of Streator, who recently lost a hand in a corn picking accident at his farm. The men are shown above, left to right, front row: W. Geitz, H. Decker, W. Richrad, G. Richard, T. Davis, B. Miller, H. Geitz, K. Freeman, W. Jaeger, B. Shawback, B. Freese, R. Shellback; second row (in and out of wagon): L. Shawback, W. Schroeder, C. Barr, H. Haszler, H. Rose, D. Flych, W. Salz, R. Jaegle. F. Jaeger,who was absent when the picture was taken, was among the workers. (Times-Press Photo).

Neighbors Aid Injured Farmer -
Elmer Schroeder's Corn Husked By Neighbors
Transcribed by FOFG NP
Streator Illinois Daily Times, Tuesday, November 1950

Friends and neighbors of Elmer Schroeder, 41, farmer residing eight miles north west of Streator, rallied to his aid yesterday by husking 35 acres of corn at his farm, completing the work that was suddenly interrupted by a serious accident two weeks ago when Schroeder lost his left hand in a corn picker.

Twenty-two men joined in the operation which required a total of three hours and a half to pick and shell the corn. Five pickers and 17 wagons took to the field in which Schroeder was injured Nov. 1. The workers picked the corn in the morning, stopped in time for a hot dinner prepared by wives of the men, and finished shelling operations early in the afternoon.

Schroeder was injured while operating a corn picker. When the machine became clogged, he is reported to have reached into the picker to release the snapping roller, his hand becoming ensnarled. Four fingers were torn away before he could release his hand, but despite shock and loss of blood the injured farmer walked more than a half mile to his home. He was taken to St. Mary's hospital where amputation of the hand above the wrist was necessary because of its mangled condition. Schroeder who left the hospital last week, was at home yesterday when his neighbors made their surprise visit.

A Hot Meal Was served to the farmers at noon by wives of some of the men in the kitchen of the new Schroeder farm home. Shown preparing the tables are, left to right: Mrs.Lucille Getz, Mrs. Velora Schroeder, Mrs. Elizabeth Shawback, Mrs. Evelyn Richard and Mrs. June Jaeger. Missing when the picture was taken was Mrs. Rachell Haszler. (Times-Press Photo).


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