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May 1841 Circuit Court
The Illinois Free Trader, Ottawa, Ill, May 28, 1841
Circuit Court
The Circuit Court for this count adjourned last Saturday, after a session of two weeks. There were about 700 cases on the docket, of which about 360 were disposed of. Judge Ford presided with his usual ability, and, as heretofore, gave general satisfaction to the bar and the community.
Denison Waters and Geo. Terrill alias Wm. Meyers, who had lately escaped from Ogle County jail, and who, if report be true, belonged to the extensive gang of horse thieves and counterfeiters which infests the Rock River country, were found guilty on two indictments for larceny and sentenced in the one case to 3, and in the other to 2 year's imprisonment each in the penitentiary at Alton. The property stolen belonged to the Rev. J. M. Clark and David P. Peck.

Lorenzo Leland Appointed Circuit Court Clerk
The Illinois Free Trader, Ottawa, Ill, May 13, 1842
Clerk of the Circuit Court
On Friday last Lorenzo Leland, Esq., was appointed Clerk of the LaSalle Circuit Court, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Mr. Cloud. Judge Ford could not have made an appointment, we believe, which would have rendered such general satisfaction to the people. Mr. L. is a gentleman of high legal attainments, of unexceptionable private character and an old resident of the county. We are authorized to state that Mr. L. declines being a candidate for the House of Representatives, for which station he was recently nominated by the Democratic Convention.

November 1845 Circuit Court
The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, November 21, 1845
Court News
The circuit court for this county met at this place two weeks ago today and is still in session, Hon. J. D. Caton presiding. The docket presents the following items of business for the present term: 49 criminal cases, 9 state cases, 120 civil cases and 57 chancery cases. Of the criminal cases, 31 were indictments found by the grand jury at the present term. The following are a few of the cases that were disposed of:

The People vs. Henry Markley - Indictment for larceny; found guilty, property stolen worth 20 cts; sentenced to county jail for 2 weeks and fined $10 and costs, to stand committed until fine and costs are paid.
People vs. Wm. Welch - Larceny; found guilty, property worth $5; sent to state's prison for sixteen month.
People vs. Pat. Fitzpatrick - Larceny; found guilty on two indictments, property in one worth $31.11 and the other $14; sentenced to state's prison for two years on each indictment.
Alexander McKinny, against whom three indictments were found for larceny, plead guilty to two, property in each worth less than $5 and is to be tried on the other and principal indictment before he will be sentenced.
People vs. Geo. W. Good - Larceny, continued
People vs. W. B. Connolly - Larceny, continued
People vs. Jas. Gibbons - Larceny, acquitted
People vs. John Anderson Jr. - do not pros. Ent'd

Ten indictments were found against persons for selling liquor without license, seven of whom plead guilty and were fined $10 each and costs. The others were let off on various pleas.

Court will adjourn tomorrow by which time it is believed the whole docket will have been gone over and all the cases ready for trial at this term disposed of. Judge Caton has presided with his usual ability and while, by his business energy and promptness, he has saved clients from all the vexations of the law's delay, he has retained the friendship and full confidence of every member of the bar and all others with whom in his official capacity he has been brought in contact.

Judge Calon Ill
The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, October 23, 1846
We regret to learn that Judge Calon was quite ill during the term of the Peoria Court. We are happy to state that he has partially recovered his health and the prospects are that his health will be fully restored by the meeting of the La Salle court, which commences on the 6th of next month.

The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, November 6, 1846
The Fall Term of our Circuit Court commences its session today. Judge Caton has fully recovered his health. As usual, little business will be done until Monday, the Juries not being called until that time.

Supreme Court at Ottawa
The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, March 17, 1848
Our beautiful and flourishing young city is raised considerably in importance by the adoption of the new Constitution. Ottawa is made the place for the holding of the supreme court of the northern district. It will bring an occasional harvest to our landlords, bring thousands of people here to see the beauties and advantages of our location, and make our farmers, merchants, mechanics and business men of all sort rich - twice - if not more!

Edwardsville Intelligencer (Edwardsville, Illinois) April 13, 1908

A legal fight to prevent the incorporation of a new village, East Wenona, will be made by the local option committee of Wenona, where eight saloons lately were voted out of business. Most of Wenona is situated in Evans township, Marshall county. Since the township went dry, the saloonkeepers have been planning to move two blocks into Osage township, LaSalle county, which voted wet. Opponents of the plan declare the liquor interests intend to colonize 300 “floaters” in the new territory to make it possible to secure the necessary signatures to the incorporation petition.

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