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 1846 Democratic Convention Candidates

The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, May 22, 1846

The Convention - Our Candidates

We were barely able last week to inform our democratic friends who had been nominated by the convention that met here last Friday, for their support at the coming election. Today we lay before them the proceedings of that convention as furnished us by the secretaries and now refer to them with pride. It will be seen that every precinct was represented in the convention and that its proceedings were characterized throughout by the utmost harmony and good feeling. Indeed, no convention has ever met in our county at which this was more eminently the case.

In relation to the candidates that have been put nomination, it is almost a matter of supererogation that we should speak. They are so well known all over the district, that we can say little of them in a general way with which our readers are not already familiar.

Mr. Reddick is at present and has for the last eight years been sheriff and collector of this county. He came to this state in 1835, we believe, from Pittsburg - a poor friendless journeyman glass-blower - and commenced farming on the Vermillion in this county. He was first elected to the office of sheriff in 1838 and by his faithful attention to duty and his urbanity of manners, and kind and accommodating disposition, won so upon the affections of the people, that he has had little difficulty in keeping the office ever since. His leading traits of character, we should say, are a prudent foresight, close application to business, and indomitable energy and perseverance - traits which should eminently qualify him for the multifarious and arduous duties of a legislator.

Mr. Glover is a lawyer of known and acknowledged ability and has been a resident of Ottawa and practiced in our courts, almost since our town has had a name. He is a good speaker, quick as thought to see the strong points of a case and is always a ready and dangerous antagonist at the bar. As a legislator, he will be a formidable opponent in an off-hand debate, and a difficult man to circumvent.

Mr. O'Connor is a merchant, doing business in La Salle. He was a representative from this county in the last legislature, and it is not a little in his favor that after a fair trial, his democratic friends should have determined to send him back again. He made an active, industrious and faithful member and with the advantage of his experience, it is safe to conclude that he will make at least as good a one again.

Mr. Barber is a farmer and resides at Munsontown. He is a young man, of fine talents and a good speaker. Two years ago, when no regular ticket was nominated by the democrats of this county, he was a stump candidate for the legislature and it is conceded on all hands, would have been elected, had he not withdrawn a few days before the election to prevent the choice of a Whig. His patriotic self-devotion in this one instance will ensure for him the enthusiastic support of every democrat in the district.

Such, fellow democrats are our candidates - such the ticket presented for your support. Is it necessary that we should urge upon you the propriety and duty of adhering to regular nominations, fairly made, of unexceptionable men? We rejoice in the belief that it is not, and that our ticket will receive the undivided support of every democrat in the district, and thus be elected by the largest majority we ever cast.

New Township Commissioners
The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, December 14, 1849
Town Commissioners
The County Court has appointed Champlin R. Potter, Israel G. Cooper and Levi Keisey, Jr., commissioners to fix the boundaries of the townships in this county to organize under the Townships Organization law next April. Upon the commissioners will aslo devolve the duty of naming the townships, except where there is a "degree of unanimity" on the subject, in which case, the name selected by the inhabitants of the township shall be taken. What is meant by a "degree of unanimity" will thus also have to be decided by the commissioners, - by no means the least knotty part of their dates, we should imagine.

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