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Mr. Hampton Opens School
The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, May 5, 1848
The public should know that the school at present kept by Mr. Hampton at the Mechanics Hall is a regular district school, open to the admission of all, who are entitled to participate in the benefit of the common school fund, from which we believe no child is excluded.
We also learn that our fellow citizen Mr. G. E. Walker has donated a lot on the other side of the side cut upon which a school house will be shortly erected, and a school opened which will be under the gratuitous superintendence of the Rev. C. V. Kelly, of the Episcopal church. A school in that quarter of the town is much needed, since the opening of the side cut.

New School in District No. 5
The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, December 8, 1848
District School
The School Directors of District No. 5, Township 33, Range 3, which includes the corporation of Ottawa, have fitted up a school room, upstairs, in the new building on LaSalle street, lately put up by Mr. Freeman, and are now ready to receive proposals for a teacher. It may be proper to state here that it is the desire of the directors to establish a school in which every branch requisite for a thorough English education shall be taught. Any person, therefore, making application for teacher, must be competent to teach arithmetic, and the higher brances of mathematics; geography, grammar, natural and mental philosophy, chemistry, astronomy, &c., &c. Application can be made to Mr. Edward Hollands, or any other member of the board.
The school will commence as soon as a teacher can be employed. The terms will be lower than those of any former district school; but prompt payment will be required. There are a number of persons who are still indebted for the last quarter; such are requested to call on Mr. Hollands, treasurer of the board, and make settlement immediately, thereby saving costs.

New Schools Opened (Singing School, Select School, West Ottawa School)
The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, November 30, 1849
Singing School
Mr. H. T. Hopkins, whose advertisement appears in another column is about starting two schools, one in the evening for adults and one in the afternoon for children. We hope all who can will attend the singing school; for there is certainly no more healthful and agreeable accomplishment than to understand music well and to be a good singer.
School - A select school has been opened in the room over Mr. Newtons store, by Mr. C. L. Jenks, of Vermillionville. Mr. J. is a young man of fine talents and of irreproachable character. We wish him success.
Mr. Kelly, (son of Rev. C. V. Kelly,) we are requested to say, has opened a school in the next building west of the residence of Gen. Turney, in West Ottawa, and solicits the patronage of parents in that part of the town.

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