La Salle County IL Past Updates


December 2017
Illinois State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1858 and 1859 - LaSalle County

September 2017
1841 Marriage Notices: Cushing-Penniman, Dow-Bennett, Leland-Holbrook, Newton-Townsend
Obituaries and Death Notices
Death Notice: Sally S. Thorn
1841 ADMINISTRATIVE NOTICES: Aaron Bain, James G. Armstrong, John Argebright, William Richey

June 2017
1841 MARRIAGE NOTICES: Anderson-Johnson, Carter-Town, Perley-Stevens, Pine-Town, Thompson-Evans, Tuttle-Smith, Waterman-Burgit

Obituaries and Death Notices
DEATH NOTICES: Delia Ann Brown, L. Maria Mann, David Franklin Sanger, Rev. James Whitehead

1841 ADMINISTRATIVE NOTICES: Ezra Ackley. James C. Edgecombe, Joseph Fullerton, Hugh M. Griggs
CRIME NEWS: Attempted Murder of James Clark (1840)
1841 MISC NEWS: Mr. Douglas Buys Mansion House, Peru; Illinois River Depth in June 1841; Big Vermilion River Fourth of July Celebration; Mr. Lewis Resigns; A. O. Smith's Watermelon
OTTAWA NEWS: June 1841 News-Ottawa Band; 1841 New Catholic Church
NEWS-FIRES: E. Dominy's Barn Destroyed by Fire (1841)

Civil War Letter from Emily A. Wheat Forshee to Lucy Hunt Gillit

May 2017

Obituaries and Death Notices
Mrs. Baldwin

March 2017

Administration Notices: William Foster, Hugh Allen, Henry Glover, John Fleming
1850 Marriage Notices: Burr-Newton, Day-Hills, Ford-Miller, Olmstead-Bagley, Pierce-Anderson, Wagner-Hapeman, Zerbe-Taylor
News-Fire: 1850 Ottawa Fire
Lowell News: Village Name Change
News-Crime: Baker Kills Casey

 Obituaries and Death Notices
Death Notice: B. F. Perkins

Village History
Baker IL - Photo of Oliver and Mary Oakland's Store, Boarding House and Post Office - Contributed by Mary Beckel
Peru IL - Turner Day Parade June 12, 1910 -Contributed by Richard Falk
Oglesby IL - Thatcher Tucker Bent and the Oglesby Coal Company
--Photos Contributed by Dave Del Mar

November 2016
George W. Greiner, Daniel Peterson, John E. Hartenbower, John R. Lambert, Edward F. Lambert, Henry P. and Margaret M. (Wilson) Merritt, Amos W. Merritt

1840-1841 Marriage Notices: Barrows-Bailey, Ebersole-McKenney, Hendricks-Sanger, Hurlbut-Hovey, Kingsley-Newton, Lewis-Holdman, Lindey-Chapin, McDearmid-Merrill, Myers-Whitcomb, Olson-Goodman, Pembrook-Chew, Roberts-Myers, Rogers-Harnel, Rosdail-Jacobs, Sanger-McKibben, Stadden-Miller, Weatherford-Stadden, Weston-Andrews, Zeluff-Milliken

 Obituaries and Death Notices
From the 1840-1841 Illinois Free Trader
Lovina Coleman, Harriet (Gridley) Cushman, Milton G. Dunavan, Mrs. Eliza B. Gridley, Hugh M. Griggs , Mrs. Mary Oberdorf, William Sebring, Eliza Williams Thompson

From the 1840-1841 Illinois Free Trader
Administrator Notices: Ezra Ackley, James G. Armstrong, James C. Edgecombe, Samuel Lapsley
Ottawa Community News: Sketch of Ottawa in May 1841, The Ottawa Band
Accidents: Joseph Carr Drowns, Dr. Aaron Bain Drowned at Ferry
Misc news: Eliza Ann and James Levins Separation, Alson Woodruff Postmaster, John Hosford's Ox
Court news: May 1841 Circuit Court
Fires: W. L. Perce Barn destroyed by Fire

September 2016
Obituaries and Death Notices
Mabel (Hill) Wood

Thomas Tkach

August 2016
News-Accidents: Burt Robinson Critically Injured in Train Accident - Contributed by Tom Mead

July 2016

Obituaries and Death Notices
W. G. Brown - Transcribed by Peggy Thompson

A. G. Bardwell, Abner Boyle, Edward Harrison Boyle, Henry F. Hartenbower, William W. Hiltabrand, George D. Hiltabrand, Delmont M. Kennedy, Charles L. Lewis, George A. McFerson, Reason V. Myers, David W. Stall
June 2016

1896 G.A.R. Posts Membership List - Post 247 At Ranson, Illinois & Post 656 In Peru, Illinois.

Ottawa News: 1840 Sketch Of Ottawa, Ottawa Centre, Dayton And Geneva (Kane County)
Misc News: Patrick O'Brien is 101 years
Crime News: Anthony Wolf Murders Jacob Back

Wedding Anniversaries
Mr. and Mrs. M. Freidman

 Obituaries and Death Notices
J. G. Armstrong , Sarah Louisa Morey, William Seabring, Mary Catharine Shuler

March 2016


1849 News from the Ottawa Free Trader

Marriage Notices


Miscellaneous News
Flooding on the Fox and Illinois Rivers (Spring 1849)
Mr. Sharwood Beats Mr. Delano's Fishing Record
Mr. Black Missing
George Lamb Won't Pay Wife's Debts
J. D. Mark Loses Pocket Book
Mr. Erwin Missing
Mr. E. B. Newton's Inn

Crime News
Mr. Monroe Attacked
William Songer Convicted of Horse Theft
Kelly is Arrested for Stealing Wife and Money

Administrative Notices
Thomas Orr
George Hays
Bazel Hunter
Matthew Neary

Deaths from Cholera Epidemic (Ottawa and Norwegian Settlement)
Richard Condin Loses Three Children to Diphtheria

Canal News
Canal Opened
Breach in the Canal

Mr. Burns Drowns
Richard Phelps Thrown from Horse and Killed

School News
New Schools Opened (Singing School, Select School, West Ottawa School)

Steam Mills

New Township Commissioners

December 2015

Obituaries and Death Notices
George Walter Magill
Ann Norah Meagher
Mrs. Mary Morgan
Matthew Nary
George Olmstead
Mary Louisa Olmstead
Jacob B. Rich
Samuel W. Rogers
Jemima Ann Shuler
Mary M. Slack
Arthur Stanley
Mrs. Stouffer
Elizabeth Thompson
Charles Henry True
Mrs. Margaret Walker
Austin F. Welch
Amos C. West
Elizabeth Williams
Ralph Woodruff
Levi Zeluff
September 2015

James Horner

August 2015

Obituaries and Death Notices
1849 Obits: Mrs. Ann S. Barber, John Blanchfield, Mrs. Booneville, Mrs. Brady, Mr. Breifogle, Downey Buchanan, Charlotte, Sarah Jane Cotton, Charlotte Cunningham, Matthew Donahue, Emeline A. Dow, George Felch, Charles Fellows, George Lewellyn Gartman, Charles F. Gleason, Charles Preston Gooding, Francis Gregg, Joel Gurley, Child of William Haskell, John J. Hinman, Child of William Irwin, Mrs. Kennedy, Alanson King, Willis G. C. King, John Michael Leahy, Evert LeGrange, William Lewis, Mary Lord

July 2015

Crime News: John Soter Sentenced to be Hung

Obituaries and Death Notices
Obituaries: Mrs. Margaret Bee, Marian (Deaner) Brown , Charlotte (Bee) Clink, Joseph L. Clink, Lela (Kampf) Ehlers, Anna (Hessenberger) Fahler, Allan Grinka, Emmerson J. Hall, Eda Heiman, Wayne E. Heinzeroth, Nick Hoffman, Adolph Liebert, Melvin Mathesius, Scott Mumm, Edna C. (Smith) Miller, Isaac Musser, Nettie (Clink) Musser, Eliza (McNett) Powell, James A Powell, Louise K. (Kalebaugh) Scott, Lucille (Baumann) Schlesinger, Newton A. Schlesinger, Phillip Schlesinger, Anna Maria (Ganz) Schmidt, John Walter, Tim D. Walzer, John Frederick William Wittgan, Alma A. (Kaufman) Zimmerman, Arthur G. Zimmerman - Transcribed by Beth Scott

June 2015

Obituaries and Death Notices
Obituary: Michael Giblin, Sr. - Submitted by Karen Giblin
Death Notices from the Illinois and Ottawa Free Trader: Sarah Jane Cawker, Christian H. Charles, Louisa F. Dear, Nathan Eels, James Glover, John H. Henderson, Vetrous Kelsey, James Leland, William R. Maclay, William Stadden, Joseph True, Mrs. M. Weatherford, Sarah Willi, Lucius Woodruff

ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE: Christian H. Charles, William Conway, James C. Edgecombe, James Little, Godfrey Pursley, William Stadden, Lucius Woodruff
Miscellaneous: Thomas Fitzmoris Looking for Sons (1840), Breach in the Canal (1848)
Fires: Mr. Beveridge Barn Destroyed by Fire (1848)
Accidents: Wake Family Die of Strychnine Poisoning (1848)
Schools: Mr. Hampton Opens School (1848), New School in District No. 5 (1848)
Ottawa News: Capt. Woodruff's Canal Boat (1848), Mr. Hasting's Daguerrean Rooms (1848)
Peru News: Capt. Dickenson's Steamer

Marriage Notices:
1840: Jones-Burnett, Madison-Miller, Hicklin-Clark, Cook-Gunn,
1848: Watson-Jenkins, Heillmann-Adler, Mulein-True, Cook-Hart, Rich-Calvarly, Erwin-Goodell, Osman-Hise, Bull-Poty, Stickley-Morgan, Stetson-Beetle, Tuttle-Latshaw

January 2015 Updates: Obits and Death Notice: Jonathan Mason - Transcribed by Jim Dezotell; Obits and Death Notice: William Watson, Peter Schemerhorn, Mrs. Catharine Stout, George Fisher Smith

Ezra Ackley, Pliney Bliss, Francis Brady, Elbridge G. Clark, Simon Crosiar, William Corsiar, Patrick Doren, Peleg Frink, John Fry, John Hall, James G. Higgins, Horace Knowland, George W. Knowles, Christopher Long, Polly Long, Benjamin Lundy, Isaac Painter, Joshua Richardson, Levi Woodward;
NEWS-ACCIDENTS: Wheatland, Lane and McGraw Drown Crossing River, Albert Thurston Accidentally Shot, John Dickinson Killed in Train Accident; NEWS - MISC: Rezin Debolt's Hog, New Post Office - Wright, Sheldon Cadwell's Hog Beats Debolt's, Mr. Wentworth to Escort John Quincy Adams Remains to Interment, River Navigation; NEWS CRIME: Mr. Hough Found Not Guilty; NEWS-COURT: Supreme Court at Ottawa; 1847-1848 MARRIAGE NOTICES: Reddick-Tuttle, Shepard-McDowell, Blodget-Neff, Morse-Cook, Debolt-Bruner, Parker-Daniels, Davis - Osborn, Coleman-Cargill, Cole-Bartley, Lewis-Gillett, Richardson-Terry, Foster-App, Dickey-Vandoran, Martin-Gurley, Terril-Collis, Hautaling-Forbes, Tucker-Beem, Nary-O'Donnell, Worden-Drake, Fairfield-Dickinson; 1847 -1848 DEATH NOTICES AND OBITUARIES: Joseph Blish, Francis Brady, D. Hubbard Chester, James Clark, Cornelius Cochran, Matilda F. Curtis, Mrs. Jerusha Dimmick, Patrick Doren, Infant Daughter Dow, James C. Edgecombe, James Emmet Fanning, Isaac Fitch, Mr. Gorman, Mr. Hodge, Abraham LaFayette Hoes, Frances D. Hoes, Nathan P. Hopkins, Charles E. Hurlbut, Fanny Leland, John Lewis, Terry Maloy, Mr. McCune, Luther L. Miller, Hugh A. Montgomery, Oscar F. Prescott, David Shaver, Horatio S. Slack, Francis Ruthvin Smith, Emma True, Clara Cornelia Walker; OTTAWA NEWS: The American Hotel At Ottawa (1847), Ottawa Improvements (1840), First Canal Boat From Ottawa (1848), Ottawa Boat First Through Canal (1848): Biographies: Moses Little, Christopher Long, David Loring, John Loring, William R. Loring, George Low, John Loyd, Benjamin Lundy, John W. Lyman Mrs. Agnes Mackey, Benjamin Mackey, Norton Mackey, Rush Mackey, Samuel Mackey, George B. Macy, Richard Malony, John Manley, Nathaniel Manville, Barney Martin

November 2014 Updates
: Bio: Gen. Charles S. Warren - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

October 2014 Updates: 1845-1847 Marriage Announcements: Boughton-Morse, Dow-Miles, Tift-Cook, Budd-Ebersol, Larkin-Warren, Elwell-Dolf Leeby-Sears, Goodrich-Evans, Smith-Sterling, Drain-Oliver, Bagley-Root, Hall-Allen, Rugg-Ebersol, Reed-Tyler, Woolenbeck-Sparber, Eels-Thurston, Ryan-Kingstun, Swift-Miles, Low-Lewis, Lafferty-Bassnett, Lukens-Lukens, Maclay-Reynolds, Jacobs-Rosdail, Eaton-Bayley, Shaw-Garland, Peters-Pearson, Inman-McKernan, Walker-Rice, Easton-Bacon, Hopkins-Gridley, Pratt-Gridley, Hopper-Leonard, Wiley-Darrow, Hughes-Hull, Kinne-Fisk, Farnsworth-Cole, Baldwin-Faryo; 1845-1847 Death Notices: Mrs. Deborah Adams, Augusta (Vincent) Armour, Benjamin Burr, Charles E. Caton, Frances Cornella Chumasero, Elbridge G. Clark, Charles Climpson, Emeline Delia Cook, Edward Worrell Cushman, Conrad Dasch, Mrs. Dickenson, Edward Duperior, Bradford T. Eels, Peleg Frink, John Hall, Christian Latshaw, Michael Larkin, Mrs. Sarah Leahy, Mrs. Marsh, Fanny Matson, George Matson, Thomas Mowbray, Mary Ellen Murphy, Emma Adeline Newton, Resolved H. Potter, William Reddick, Jonathan Root, Edward R. Scott, Angeline Augusta Thorn, Mrs. Beula Thorn, John Tierney, Laura M. Wakefield, William Hickling Walker, Simeon West, George Whitmore; 1846-1847 News-Accidents: Nicholas Druley Accidently Killed, Three Injured in Stage Coach Accident; New-Government:: 1846 Democratic Convention Candidates (short sketches); 1845-1847 Court News: November 1845 Circuit Court, Judge Calon Ill; 1845-1847 Crime News: Horse Stolen from Frink, Walker & Co.; James Levens Home Robbed; George Good Breaks Out of Jail; Timothy Thompson Attacks Family; Van Antrap Arrested for Horse Stealing; Van Antrap Escapes from Jail; H. Higby Assaulted and Injured; Wm. Osborne Stabs De Long; D.L. Hough Shoots Col. Avery in Arm; 1845-1847 Miscellaneous News: Asa Holdridge Raises 612 lb Hog; Samuel Ebersol Grows Mammoth Squash; Mount Knickerbocker changed to Norway; William Reddick Appointed Aid to Governor, Steam Packets on the Canal, Post Office Changed to Hardin; Ottawa: 1845-1847 News: Cogswell and Chapin Open Ottawa Foundry; 1846 Ladies Fair; Dissolution of Cogswell-Chapin Partnership; Catholic Church Being Erected; 1846 Town Ordinances; Construction of the Fox River Bridge; Completion of the New Congregational Church, City Hotel Reopened, Wm. Butterfield Appointed Second Lieutenant, Problems With the Ferry, The New Catholic Church, Mr. Cogswell Enlarging Foundry, New Bridge Across The Canal Completed, Three New Stores in Ottawa, Walker & Hickling Mercantile Erecting New Building, Mr. Delano's Grapes

July 2014 Updates
: Marriage Announcements: Clark-Applebee, Brewster-Mann, Murphy-Cleary, Lewis-Champlin; Obit: Jeptha Brainard, Elizabeth Densmore, Anne Foley, Mrs. Julia Hosford, Harmon Hurlbut, Francis J. Ziegler: News: Renselaer Woodruff Arrested for Mail Robbery

May 2014:
Obit: Horace B. Jarvis - Contributed by Jim Dezotell
April 2014: Obit: Orlando Chittenden - -- Contributed by Jim Dezotell

March 2014:
1845 News Items From the Past: Smyth's Wagon and Horses Lost in River, Bullock Appointed Post Master; 1845 Marriages: Eichelberger-Hosford .... Devereaux-Redmond . Balwin-Chapman ... Coates-Bull ... Gentleman-Hardin ... Merritt-Robbins ... Johnson-Works ... Haslet-Woolfer; 1845 Deaths: Newton Brumfield . John Crotty . Mary Gilman ... Mrs. Ruth Gillet ... Mrs. Mary Carter ... Richard Frederick Day ... Jason Gurlet; Ottawa 1845 News: The Ottawa Foundry, Baptist Church Damaged by Fire, Hise Appointed Post Master

December 2013:
Bio: WILLIAM H. ABRAMS - Submitted by FOFG, Norwegians in Adams Township - transcribed by Kris Dunlap

October 2013:
1883 List of Pensioners - transcribed by Glenda Stevens

September 2013
:1844-1845 LaSalle Marriages: Miller-Bradshaw.... Low-Osborn .... Dobbins-Davis .... Hosford-David .... Rice-Harding .... Parker-Cowen .... Dresser-Spalding ....Lindley-Merritt .... Burr-Jennings .... Woodruff-Burgitt .... Newton-Seeley .... Wells-Grooms .... Fanning-Daily .... Tyler-Manchem .... Potter-Cooper .... Rugg-Dimick .... Slater-Galloway .... Gage-Little .... Mix-Bennett .... Crumasero-Brown .... Templeton-Burgit .... McLaughlin-Kingsbury .... Armour-Vincent .... Swind-Rheim .... Daly-Williams .... Lathrop-Smith .... Graham-Evans .... Montgomery-Higgins .... Latshaw-Smith .... Larson-Osmus .... Eichelberger-Rumple ; 1844-1845 LaSalle Obits: Mrs. Julia E. Baldwin and Sarah Louisa Baldwin .... Mrs. Matilda H. Bassnett .... Benjamin and Thomas Burnham .... Nathaniel Burton .... Mary Jane Dryer .... Enos M. Griggs .... George Hall .... David Jennings .... Christiana (Mann) Kilduff .... Isabelle Mott .... Sarah Nolan .... Charles Edward Shuler .... William R. Sizer .... Orlando Twitchell .... Nelson Wood .... Charlotte Ann Woodruff ; 1844-1845 NEWS: James Phillips Tried From Murder .... New Post Offices .... Thomas Tracy's Home is Robbed .... John Anderson Arrested for Tracy Home Robbery ; Ottawa 1844-1845 News: Ottawa Dog Control Enforced .... Ottawa 4th of July Celebration 1844 .... The Ottawa Bachelor's Club

June 2013:
Obituary - EUGENE STANHOPE ELLIOTT - Transcribed by Kim Mohler; 1843-1844 Obits from the Ottawa Free Trader: Mrs. Emma O. Woodruff , Curtis Stillson, Mary Elizabeth Patrick, John Ferguson; Ann (Newton) Rood, John Hart, Child of James Levens, David Wood, Cecilia E. Weaver, George Lum, Adeline (Works) Hurd, John Walter, Thomas Jepson, George R. Wilson: 1843-1844 Marriage Notices: Armour-Winlack, Bell-Harrington, Wood-Brenen, Conolly-Luby, Shope-Dodge, Dominy-Gornea, Johnson-Dickinson, Davenport-Churchhill, Cole-Felch, Hobs-Osborn, Simpson-Smith, Kiersted-Kelly, Weeks-Tolman, Roon-Bachellor, Little-Newton

May 2013
: Biographies: FOSSEEN Manley L - Transcribed by Anna Parks; Funk William A - Transcribed by Nancy Overlander; Obits: Edward 'Beanie' Cresto, Frank E. Cresto, Lucille Hulse - nee Cresto, Mayme V. Cresto, Robert J. Challenger - submitted by Denise Parsons; Rachel (Hall) Munson's Account of the Indian Creek Massacre: First Hand account of the massacre and abduction of the Hall Girls - told by Mrs. Rachel (Hall) Munson -The Ottawa Free Trader; Ottawa, Illinois Friday June 5, 1846 Vol VI-No. 50. - Transcribed by: Sharon Witt

March 2013: Bio: WILLIAM HARRISON WARD - Submitted by M.K.Krogman 

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