History of Dana, LaSalle County IL

Transcribed by Nancy Piper


Was laid out by George Brumbach, in the Spring of 1873. The proprietors were John Bane, John H. Martin, Robert Clegg, Fawcett Plumb, and others. It is in the southeastern part of Groveland township and is growing into a good trading point.

[The Past and present of La Salle County, Illinois : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, &c., a biographical directory of its citizens, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, general and local statistics, map of La Salle County, history of Illinois, Constitution of the United States, miscellaneous matters, etc, etc.. Chicago: H.F. Kett & Co., Ottaway & Colbert, printers), 1877. Page 355]


The village of Dana was laid out in the spring of 1873 by George Brumbach. The proprietors were John Bane, John M. Martin, Robert M. Clegg and Hugh Howell. It first went by the name of Martin, then by that of Conklin, but the name was afterward changed to Dana, in honor of the Superintendent of the Chicago, Pekin & Southwestern Railroad. The first public building on the site was the Christian church, built in 1865. The first store was opened in 1871 by Wright and Mumpower, the former of whom built a large store in 1872. G. A. Watts opened the second store and still runs it. The first residences were built by Dr. Reeder, Elias Frink and Wm. Lane.

P. A. Martin was the first Postmaster and held the office twelve years, resigned and was succeeded by the present incumbent, Miss Hattie Laughlin, Jan.1, 1885. E. W. Bosserman was the first station agent. The first lumber yard was started by Jotham Martin and Henry Bedford. The first grain elevator was built in August, 1872, by J: A. Martin and Henry Bedford, and is still the property of Mr. Martin, managed by Joseph Stout, who ships annually -from 200,000 to 250,000 bushels of grain. The mill was first a planing-mill built by W. W. Pritchett and G. W. Marshall. They sold to John B. Miller who remodeled it into a small steam grist-mill. In 1873 Geo. A. Sauers built a fine elevator, its managers handling annually about a quarter of a million bushels of grain, mainly corn. It is now the property of the Sauers Bros. The village contains two general stores kept by Joseph Stout and A. Watts; one hardware store, by H. Mooney; two drug stores, by Dr. Harvey and R. M. Pritchett; lumber yard, by A. O. Godrich; millinery store, by Mrs. J. Stout; two grain dealing firms, Bartlett & Co. and A. O. Sauers; blacksmith shop, by S. Ide; mill, by Mr. Miller; barber shop, by D. Howell; two carpenter shops, by D. Cooper and Mooney & Wilks; two restaurants, by Mr. Wright and Ed. Jordan; saloon, by Ed. Jordan; livery stable, by B. Winans; post office, by Hattie Laughlin ; physician, Dr. Harvey; one schoolhouse and a Christian church.

The population of Dana in 1880 was 156. It is more than that now. The village is improving and considerable business is done in it.

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