La Salle County IL Towns and Villages



The History of North or New Utica
(1877 Past and Present of LaSalle County )

The History of the Village of Utica
(1886 History of LaSalle County)

The History of Old Utica  
(1877 Past and Present of LaSalle County )


Donated by Tracey Ristau-MacLeod

Downtown Utica  

  Downtown Utica Mill Street South

  Downtown Utica Mill Street North

  Flag Carriers Photo 1

  Flag Carriers Photo 2

  Utica Fire Department  

  1931 Utica Grade School Class

  1937 5th and 6th grades

  1937 3rd and 4th grades

  Utica Public School

  1938 7th and 8th grades

  1938 Utica Grade School

  Utica Grade School class date unknown

  Utica Station - 1914

  Waltham Church 1866

  Landers Dry Goods Store


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