1877 Voters and Taxpayers of Northville Township

Taken From The Past and Present of La Salle County, Illinois
Chicago: H. F. Kett & Co., Cor. 5th Ave. and Washington St. 1877
pg 441 Northville Township

Courtesy Jan Karkow

Jan writes " Nancy,  Here is some stuff you may be able to use. It all pertains to Northville in one way or another.   I have included all the info I have on each excerpt, include the date published. FYI - All Culmers, Hamans (actually Haymond) and Carrs listed in the various pieces are in my family."

Callahan Joseph, farmer; Sec. 24; P. O. Millington; 3

CALLAHAN MRS. ELIZA, Sec. 24; widow of Joseph M.; he was Farmer and Blacksmith; P. O. Millington; born in Penn., 1818; came to LaSalle Co. in 1846; Republican; Methodist; owned 120 acres of land, valued at $6,000; married Miss Eliza Jones, of Wales, in 1843; he died in 1850; have two children living, Margaret S. and Joseph C.

Canham T. Farm; S. 23; P. O. Millington; 8.

Carr B. S. farm; Sec 20: P.O. Somonauk; 1

Clark W. retired farmer; P.O. Somonauk.

Clark Wm. farm; Sec. 19; P. O. Somonauk; 3

Close Samuel, minister; P.O. Sandwich.

Cole Geo. retired; P.O. Sandwich.

Cooley James, farmer; P.O. Northville

Cooley Jonathan, farmer; sec. 32; P. O. Northville; 3

Covill C. farmer; P.O. Sandwich

Covill S. L. rents farm; P. O. Sandwich

Cullen A. laborer; P.O Somonauk

Culver F. farmer: Sec. 3; P.O. Sandwich; 10

Culmer J. dry goods and grocery merchant; Northville; 1

Culver L. T. farmer; P.O. Sandwich; 1

Curtis Chauncy, carpenter; Northville

Curtis W. laborer; Northville

Dannewitz Chris. farmer; Sec. 7; P. O. Somonauk;1

Dannewitz Chas. laborer; P. O. Somonauk.

DAVIS DAVID E. Farmer and Stock Raiser; Sec. 25; P. O. Millington; born in Wales, 1820; came to LaSalle Co. in 1844; Republican; owns150 acres land, valued at $6,000; went into the war voluntarily; was in the 105th I. V. I., Co. H., as Private, three years' service; married Mrs. Ellen E. Osborn, in 1866; she had two daughters by first husband, Ella M. Osborn and Esther B. Osborn.

Dean Chas. farmer; P. O. Sandwich

Dean N. Farm; Sec. 14; P.O. Sandwich; 12

DELAMARTER CYRUS, Farmer and Stock Raiser; Sec. 31; P.O. Northville; born in Canada, 1820; came to LaSalle Co. in 1848; Republican; Methodist; owns 220 acres land, valued at $11,000; married Miss Mary A. Rowe, of Indiana, 1851; she died in 1863; has four children living, Robert M., Enos S., Sabrina M., and Cornelia J.; married Mrs. Rachael Barnes, of Illinois, in 1864; second wife has two children living, Mary Ann and Cyrus; two dead, Ira and Hannah M.

Delameter Robt. farmer; P.O. Sheridan

Dickson Della, laborer; P. O. Sandwich

Dickson George, farmer; P.O. Sandwich

Dickson J. A. farm; Sec 12; P.O. Sandwich; 8

DICKSON SAMUEL P. Well Driller; P.O. Northville; born in Chester Co., Pa. April 23, 1850; came to Kendall Co., Illinois, 1853, to LaSalle Co., 1872; "Cooper;" Universalist; since 1871 has been engaged in boring Artesian wells, carrying on an extensive business throughout the co. boring wells and erecting the "Fountain Wind Mill;" refers to Messrs. John Parret, Wm. Pitzer, A. Howe, and J. B. Barnes of Rutland, Robt. Coventry, of Miller, John Hoxey, Edward Retz, J. Marshall, John Markoe and others, or Serena.

Dietz Chris, laborer; P. O. Somonauk.

Dolder F. works in brewery; P. O. Somonauk.

Dolder, Leonard, farmer; Sec. 31; P.O. Sheridan; 2

Dolder, Louis, farmer; P.O. Sheridan; 1/2

DOLDER VALENTINE, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Sec. 33; P. O. Northville; born in France, 1819; came to LaSalle co., 1834; Republican; owns 350 acres land, valued at $21,000; married Miss Arnstina March; has five children, Lewis, Louisa, Caroline, Adaline, and Daniel.

Eddy J. W. R.R. contractor in building Railroads; P. O. Millington; 1

Eastman W. rents farm; P. O. Sandwich; 1/2

Elerding D. miller; P. O. Sheridan; 3

Elerding F. miller; P. O. Sheridan; 3

Elerding F. C. works in grist mill; P. O. Sheridan.

ELWOOD BENJAMIN N. Farmer; rents 160 acres of the Potter estate; Sec. 4; P.O. Sandwich; born in N. Y., 1827; came to LaSalle Co. in 1855; Republican; was Collector on year, Constable, four years; married Miss Olive Covel, of New York, in 1846; has seven children, Marcus P., Cornelia M., Maretta, Mary, Elia, Hattie B. and Frank B.

Elwood N. farm (invalid); P.O. Somonauk.

Farrance Anthony, farmer; Sec. 30; P.O. Northville; 4

Feazle Joseph, rents farm; P.O. Millington.

Ferris W.

Filkins John.

Freeman S. M. laborer; P. O. Sandwich

Fox Lew, farmer; P. O. Sandwich

FOX JOHN MILTON, Farmer and Stock Raiser; Sec. 11; P.O. Sandwich; born in Penn., 1826; same to La Salle Co. in 1846; Republican; Methodist Episcopal; owns 135 acres land, valued at $12,000; was Collector one year; elected Supervisor for 1877; married Miss Jane Jones, of Wales, in 1850; have four children living, Mary E., Louis W., Cynthia A. and Bulina A.

Miscellaneous News Items

From the Somonauk Newspaper - unknown date 1901

Farm Sale

The farm known as the John R. Keenan farm, containing over 340 acres, and one of the best stock farms in La Salle County, situated in the township of Northville, within 1 1/2 miles of the Village of Sheridan, will be sold by the Master in Chancery of the Circuit Court of La Salle County, pursuant to a decree of said Court, at public auction to the highest and best bidder Tuesday, August 6, 1901, at 1:30 p. m. at the residence of said John R. Keenan on said farm. See posted notices. S. R. Banchard, 30-3t Master in Chancery, Fullerton & Eldredge, Solicitors.

Illinois State Gazeteer and Business Directory 1888.
Vol. VI. Price $5.
Published by R. L. Polk & Co., 150 Dearborn St., Chicago.   pg. 1079

NORTHVILLE. In La Salle county, 20 miles northeast of Ottawa, the seat of justice, and 4 1/2 from Sherida, its shipping point. J. Culmer, postmaster.

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