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March 23, 1878
Taken From the Tonica News

Richland Items

Born - To Mr. and Mrs. C. Zimmerman, last Saturday, a young farmer; to Mr. and Mrs. B. Brooks, same date, a fine young laday; and to Mr. and Mrs. August Flow, March 14, a boy.

The bridge across the Vermillion River at the Clark ford will soon be completed, and then our people can get to Ottawa by a nearer route than by Lowell.

Mrs. Wm. Hapner, who has been sick for the past six months, is slowly mending under the medical treatment of Dr. H. P. DeVol.

Henry Hertberg, our wagon maker, has his new harrow nearly completed.  It works on the same principle as our common harrow.  He has four wheels so attached, one on each corner, and a lever so arranged that in a moment's time the wheels can be thrown under, raising the harrow probably one foot from the ground so the stalks may escape.

Died - Willie, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mertes, on Saturday, March 16, 1878.  Aged 2 years and 8 months.

April 17, 1878
Taken From the Tonica News

Richland Items

Died - Mrs. Jacob Grubber, of Farm Ridge, on Wednesday, April 17, aged 68 years.  She had had a protracted illness, and recently lung fever set in.  She leaves a family and warm friends to mourn her loss.

Also, Flora, daughter of Rev. Hileman of Chicago, aged 8 years.  Her remains were brought here from Chicago and interrred in the German Evangelical cemetery last Friday.  Rev. Hileman was a former pastor at this place.

Rev. Fehr succeeds Rev. V. Forkel as pastor of the German Evangelical church in Richland.

Eggs have risen 1 cent per dozen.  Reason given is that on Easter day Wm. Lauf ate 11 eggs and John Hart got away with 23. Who would like to be their man.

Andew Rems was arrested by Constable Strunsenback, back of Varna, on Sunday last.  He was brought here by virtue of a State's warrant, and arraigned before Justice Hoffman to answer to a charge of bastardy preferred by Miss Deedrick.  The parties were married and the matter thus happily settled.

A. German
Richland, April 24

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