Lawrence County, Illinois
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1870 Lawrence County, Illinois
 Mortality Schedule


Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by ©Barb Ziegenmeyer

Abernathy, Logan 1 M Illinois Jan. Christy Child Brain Inflam.
Abshire, Delia 1/12 F Illinois Mar. Allison Infant Unknown
Adams, William 5 M Illinois Mar. Russellville Child Pneumonia
Arterberry, Charles 1 M Illinois July Bond Child Diarrhea
Baird, Sarah 22 F Illinois Mar. Russell Not stated Intermittant Fever
Baker, Julia A. 8 F Illinois Oct. Christy Child Brain Inflam.
Barnes, Amelia 24 F Ohio Nov. Sumner Married Child birth
Barnes, Joshua 2/12 M Illinois Jan. Sumner Infant Inflam. of Brain
Bates, Capitolia 2 F Illinois Aug. Russellville Child Diarrhea
Bathe, Robert 7/12 M Illinois Sep. Allison Infant Intermittant Fever
Beck, Mary 1 F Illinois Nov. Bridgeport Child Whooping Cough
Bell, Robert 1/12 M Illinois June Sumner Infant Unknown
Bellwood, Martha 63 F Virginia Sep. Allison Married Diarrhea
Bickers, Caleb 21 M Indiana Apr. Russellville Not stated Pneumonia
Bickers, Margaret 36 F Indiana Mar. Russellville Married Puerperal Fever
Blackwell, Mary 21 F Illinois Apr. Allison Not Stated Pneumonia
Boreing, Grant 1 M Illinois Jan. Russellville Child Pneumonia
Boreing, Nelson 8 M Illinois Jan. Russellville Child Pneumonia
Bradley, William 1/12 M Illinois Sep. Denison Infant Aphthous Fever
Breen, John 45 M Ireland Apr. Denison Married Consumption
Brian, Mary 1 F Illinois Aug. Lukin Child Dysentary
Broun, Achilles 20 M Indiana Mar. Denison Not stated Typhoid Fever
Bryan, James 2 M Illinois July Lukin Child Typhoid Fever
Camplain, Converse 38 M Illinois May Russellville Married Farmer Pneumonia
Carmony, Margaret 5 F Illinois Jan. Denison Child Whooping Cough
Carmony, Thomas 1 M Illinois Dec. Denison Child Croup
Carpenter, Lucy 1 F Illinois Sep. Lawrence Child Intermittant Fever
Caughran, Rebecca 23 F Illinois Apr. Allison Married Pneumonia
Chenoweth, Arthur 32 M Illinois Apr. Allison Farmer Pneumonia
Chenoweth, Miles 55 M Kentucky Jan. Allison Married Farmer Brain Inflam.
Chevalier, Elizabeth 1 F Illinois June Denison Child Interm. Billious Fever
Childress, Oliver 8 M Illinois Apr. Russellville Child Intermittant Fever
Childress, William 25 M Illinois Sep Bond Farmer Consumption
Christy, Wm. T. 64 M Ohio Jan. Christy Widowed Farmer Paralysis
Clark, Alice 8 F Indiana Sep. Lawrenceville Child Remitting Fever
Clippinger, John 21 M Penn. Jan. Christy Not Stated Pneumonia
Combs, Jesse 5 M Illinois Aug. Christy Child Intermittant Fever
Combs, Washington 54 M Penn. July Christy Married Farmer Intermittant Fever
Cook, Annie 8/12 F Illinois Sep Bond Infant Dysentary
Cook, John 8 M Kentucky Sep Bond Child Intermittant Fever
Cook, Josa 7 F Kentucky Oct Bond Child Brain Fever
Corrfe, Mary 28 F Illinois Jan. Lukin Married Consumption
Couter, Sarah 10 F Illinois Sep. Denison Not stated Disease of Bowels
Crampton, Susan 49 F Maryland Nov. Bridgeport Married Pneumonia
Crawford, Armilla 1 F Illinois Oct. Denison Child Disease of Brain
Crawford, Freddy 1/12 M Illinois Mar. Christy Infant Croup
Crogan, Henry 1 M Illinois Sep. Petty Child Dysentary
Decker, Jane 16 F Illinois Oct. Petty Not stated Intermittant Fever
Dickerson, James 2 M Illinois Aug. Lawrence Child Brain Inflam.
Dunson, Jereal 19 M Virginia Oct. Lawrence Not Stated Typhoid Fever
Elder, Samuel 15 M Penn. Feb. Sumner Married Saddler Pneumonia
Emmons, Wesley 68 M Virginia Jan. Russell Married Farmer Paralysis
Favait, James 20 M Ohio Mar. Lawrenceville Not stated Intermittant Fever
Felton, John 75 M Penn. Apr. Russell Widowed Dropsy
Fyffe, Lydia 15 F Illinois May Bond Not Stated Consumption
Fyffe, Moses 4/12 M Illinois Sep. Bond Infant Dysentary
Fyffe, Sarah 18 F Illinois Aug. Bond Not Stated Consumption
Garner, Annie 1 F Illinois May Lawrence Child Remittant Billous Fever
Gillun, Nancy 25 F Illinois Apr. Russell Married Pneumonia
Gowen, Stanford 60 M Indiana Nov. Russell Not stated Dropsy
Gowers, Louis 43 M Illinois Oct. Allison Married Consumption
Grant, John 86 M England Sep. Denison Widowed Old Age
Greenore, John 18 M Illinois Dec. Denison Not stated Killed by fallen tree
Greer, John 38 M Penn. Mar. Denison Widowed Farmer Typhoid Fever
Gregg, John 7 M Illinois Mar. Sumner Child Inflam. of Brain
Griggs, Dora 7 F Illinois Nov. Christy Child Burned to death
Hagstrom, Constantine 48 M Russia Nov. Christy Married Farmer Diarrhea
Hagstrom, Elizabeth 44 F Ireland Sep. Christy Not Stated Intermittant Fever
Hardin, Mary 8 F Indiana Sep. Lawrence Child Typhoid Fever
Hardman, George 51 M Penn. Sep. Christy Married Farmer Typhoid Fever
Harlen, Thomas 41 M Illinois May Bond Married Farmer Pneumonia
Heath, Idelia 1/12 F Illinois Sep. Christy Infant Unknown
Hedden, Mary 24 F Illinois Mar. Russell Married Pneumonia
Hendrickson, Savillah 41 F Penn. Apr. Christy Not Stated Pneumonia
Herron, James 20 M Indiana May Christy Not Stated Pneumonia
Hodge, Mary 1 F Illinois Aug. Russellville Child Inflam. of Brain
Hoke, Susan 1 F Illinois Nov. Russell Child Inflam. of Brain
Howe, Catherine 23 F Indiana Jan. Petty Not stated Intermittant Fever
Huff, Walter 3/12 M Illinois Sep. Sumner Infant Dysentary
Hughes, Delilia 1/12 F Illinois Mar. Denison Infant Unknown
Hughey, Isabella 2 F Illinois Oct. Lukin Child Intermittant Fever
Hundred, John 1/12 M Illinois Dec. Allison Infant Unknown
Hunt, Francis 22 F Illinois Apr. Bond Not Stated Pneumonia
Hutchinson, Lunetta 4 F Illinois Mar. Petty Child Pneumonia
Ice, John 1 M Illinois May Russell Child Whooping Cough
Ice, Joseph 73 M Kentucky Feb. Russell Married Farmer Dropsy
James, Elizabeth 24 F Penn. Feb. Sumner Married Pneumonia
James, Ella 16 F Illinois Jan. Allison Not Stated Pneumonia
Johnson, George 6/12 M Illinois Oct. Lawrence Infant Unknown
Johnson, Sarah 17 F Illinois Feb. Russell Not stated Spotted Fever
Johnson, Thomas 14 M Illinois Feb. Russell Not stated Inflam. of Brain
Jones, Elisabeth 82 F Penn. Nov. Christy Widowed Cancer
Jones, Oliver 1/12 M Illinois Feb. Bond Infant Unknown
King, Annie 1 F Illinois Oct. Sumner Child Aphthous Fever
Kirkwood, Nora 2/12 F Illinois Jan. Lawrence Infant Unknown
Lackey, Calvina 1/12 F Illinois Jan. Russell Infant Unknown
Lackey, Elnor 44 F Ohio June Christy Not Stated Consumption
Lackey, Nancy 9/12 F Illinois Sep. Russell Infant Croup
Lagow, Anne 22 F Illinois Nov. Russell Not stated Pneumonia
Laird, Olivia 2 F Illinois Sep. Petty Child Dysentary
Laveiux, John 1/12 M Illinois Mar. Denison Infant Unknown
Laws, David R. 14 M Illinois July Sumner Not stated Intermittant Fever
Laws, Wilson 50 M N.C. Jan. Petty Married Farmer Pneumonia
Lawson, John 59 M Kentucky Oct. Lawrence Widowed Farmer Typhoid Fever
Lemmons, Francis 16 F Illinois Feb. Russell Not stated Pneumonia
Lemmons, Nancy 45 F Illinois Oct. Russell Married Typhoid Fever
Lemmons, Thomas 50 M Illinois Feb. Russell Widowed Pneumonia
Lewis, Laura 7/12 F Illinois Apr. Petty Infant Disease of Brain
Little, George 23 M Illinois Jan. Russell Married Consumption
Long, Marion 21 M Illinois Apr. Russell Not stated Consumption
Loose, Jane 10 F Illinois May Petty Child Spinal Disease
Lowe, Mary 1 F Illinois Feb. Bond Child Brain Inflam.
Lowery, Charlotte 2 F Illinois Oct. Lawrenceville Child Typhoid Fever
Malone, Mary 22 F Illinois July Christy Married Consumption
Manning, Bridget 33 F Indiana May Allison Married Intermittant Fever
May, Jacob 34 M Illinois Sep. Allison Married Farmer Intermittant Fever
McAlpin, Julia 2/12 F Illinois Mar. Russell Infant Unknown
McAndrew, Edward 42 M Ireland Jan. Russell Married Farmer Typhoid Fever
McCarrol, William 2/12 M Illinois Oct. Denison Infant Remitting Fever
McCauslin, Mary 9 F Indiana Sep. Christy Child Typhoid Fever
Michael, Eli 13 M Illinois Aug. Allison Not Stated Inflam. of Bowels
Milburn, Albert 2 M Illinois Oct. Bridgeport Child Inflam. of Brain
Milburn, Martha 13 F Illinois Aug. Bridgeport Not Stated Consumption
Miller, David 64 M N.C. Oct. Russell Widowed Pneumonia
Mills, George 1/12 M Illinois Sep. Bond Infant Unknown
Mills, Howard 51 M Illinois Oct. Bond Married Farmer Congestive Chill
Monroe, Soloman 65 M Kentucky Sep Bond Widowed Farmer Dropsy
Mooler, John 19 M Illinois May Russellville Not stated Intermittant Fever
Moore, George 22 M Virginia Jan. Allison Farmer Inflam. of Brain
Morgan, Eliza 8/12 F Illinois Apr. Russellville Infant Cholera Infantum
Morgan, Sarah 28 F Illinois Mar. Russellville Not stated Intermittant Fever
Musgrave, Lydia 2 F Illinois Sep. Lawrence Child Brain Inflam.
Myers, Stanford 10 M Indiana Feb. Lawrence Child Pneumonia
Neal, George 38 M Indiana Jan. Bridgeport Married Pneumonia
Newel, Alfaretta 3 F Illinois July Lawrence Child Brain Inflam.
Organ, Enos 67 M Virginia Feb. Allison Married Farmer Paralysis
Osborne, Sarah 1 F Illinois Apr. Christy Child Whooping Cough
Osborne, Nancy 1/12 F Illinois Aug. Christy Infant Unknown
Pargin, Jacob 36 M Illinois Mar. Petty Not stated Pneumonia
Parker, James 1/12 M Illinois May Russell Infant Unknown
Petty, Clinton 1 M Illinois Sep. Petty Child Dysentary
Pettyjohn, Elizabeth 34 F Delaware Jan. Russellville Not stated Consumption
Phillips, Francis 10 F Illinois Feb. Russell Child Pneumonia
Phillips, James 19 M Illinois Feb. Russell Not stated Pneumonia
Picket, William 46 M Virginia Jan. Allison Farmer Pneumonia
Pierce, Adda 2 F Illinois Jan. Allison Child Unknown
Pinkstaff, Amasa 2 M Illinois Apr. Russell Child Diarrhea
Plummer, Louis 2 M Illinois May Bond Child Typhoid Fever
Poff, Catherine 1/12 F Illinois Jan. Petty Infant Unknown
Pole, David 8/12 M Illinois Oct. Christy Infant Unknown
Potts, Greer 3 M Illinois July Denison Child Congestion of Lungs
Price, Mary 1/12 F Illinois Aug. Lawrenceville Infant Dysentary
Quick, Cornelious 34 M Ohio Apr. Lawrence Farmer Consumption
Reed, Sarah 68 F North Carolina Oct. Lawrence Widowed Pneumonia
Robinson, Dulcina 47 F Ohio Jan. Lawrenceville Married Child Birth
Robinson, William 64 M Kentucky Sep. Lawrence Married Diarrhea
Ryan, Ebenezer 62 M Virginia Oct. Lawrenceville Married Bronchitis
Ryan, Hardin 19 M Illinois Feb. Lawrenceville Not stated Pneu,omia
Ryan, Lucinda 44 F Kentucky Jan Lawrenceville Widowed Pneumonia
Ryan, Patrick 64 M Ireland Nov. Lawrence Widowed Pneumonia
Sadey, Charles 9 M Penn. July Christy Child Intermittant Fever
Salesburry, Mary 2/12 F Illinois Oct. Petty Infant Unkown
Salwson, William 3 M Illinois Aug. Russellville Child Typhoid Fever
Schrader, Mary 2 F Illinois Mar. Lukin Child Pneumonia
Schroyer, John 6 M Md. May Denison Child Fever Intermittant
Schroyer, William 1/12 M Illinois Jan. Denison Infant Unknwon
Scott, Charlotte 23 F Indiana Mar. Allison Married Consumption
Seitzinger, Josephine 9 F Illinois Sep. Bond Not Stated Disease Brain
Seitzinger, Susan 5 F Illinois Sep. Bond Child Disease Brain
Selby, Lorenzo 50 M Indiana May Bond Widowed Carpenter Consumption
Shinels, Mary 54 F Maryland Sep. Christy Married Intermittant Fever
Shoup, Malinda 26 F Ohio May Lukin Not Stated Comsumption
Shoup, William H. 19 M Ohio Oct. Lukin Not Stated Consumption
Slagail, Resiah 40 M Ohio May Russell Not stated Consumption
Sloan, Rebecca 50 F Virginia Sep. Russell Married Intermittant Fever
Smith, Phebe 64 F Ohio Mar. Petty Married Pneumonia
Smith, Phebe 62 F Ohio Mar. Christy Not Stated Pneumonia
Smith, Samuel 9/12 M Ohio June Petty Infant Inflam. of bowels
Strawther, Catherine 6 F Missouri Feb. Russell Child Intermittant Fever
Struble, Adalaky 16 M Indiana Mar. Lawrenceville Not stated Comsumption
Sumison, Annie 28 F N.C. Oct. Petty Not stated Inflam. of Bowels
Sumner, Leona 1 F Illinois Aug. Sumner Child Dysentary
Tann, Austin 78 M South Carolina Nov. Bond Farmer Intermittant Fever
Thorn, Josephine 21 F Indiana Apr. Russell Married Dropsy
Thorn, Samuel 60 M Kentucky Jan. Christy Married Farmer Pneumonia
Titus, William 9/12 M Illinois Aug. Denison Infant Remitting Fever
Tuell, John 1/12 M Illinois Mar. Denison Infant Unknown
Tugaw, Jacob 23 M Illinois Oct. Denison Not stated Consumption
Turner, Fanny 6/12 F Illinois Feb. Lukin Infant Inflamation of Bowels
Turner, William 1 M Illinois May Christy Child Chronic Diarrhea
Updike, Virginia 9/12 F Illinois Jan. Petty Infant Unknown
Vandermark, Elmira 32 F Illinois Oct. Denison Married Dropsy
Venis, Bruce 2 F ? Illinois Sep. Denison Child Remitting Fever
Wagoner, George 67 M Penn. Apr. Petty Widowed Farmer Consumption
Wampler, Palina 28 F Illinois Jan Bond Not Stated Consumption
Ward, Mary 20 F Arkansas Dec. Allison Not Stated Pneumonia
Warner, Mary 40 F Ohio Mar. Allison Married Pneumonia
Warren, Lucy 1/12 F Illinois Apr. Petty Infant Unknown
Wheeler, Mary 9 F Indiana Oct. Petty Child Intermittant Fever
Willes, Samuel 25 M Penn. May Christy Not Stated Pneumonia
Winkles, Eli 31 M Illinois Sep. Russellville Not stated Diarrhea
Wolfe, John 1 M Illinois Apr. Sumner Child Measles
Wright, James 39 M Kentucky Feb. Petty Married Farmer Pneumonia
Yangilder, Peter 76 M Penn. Jan. Christy Married Farmer Intermittant Fever
Young, Adeline 17 F Illinois Sep. Denison Not stated Diarrhea
Zehner, Minnie 2 F Illinois July Russell Child Intermittant Fever
Zeilinger, John 24 M Indiana Nov. Russell Married Farmer Pneumonia
Zeilinger, Magdaline 48 F Bav. Nov. Allison Married Pneumonia


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