Lee County Illinois

Henry Bliss Cobb & Ellen Clay Beemer

A very happy occasion was that which attended the celebration of the Fiftieth Wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cobb at their beautiful home in Viola Township.

About seventy-five guests gathered at their home at eleven a.m. Saturday, May 15th, 1909 to pay tribute to and evidence esteem for the estimable couple. The good man and his wife were at their best and it was a time and place when fellowship flowed full and free, friend communed with friend, and neighbor with neighbor, and all joined in extending kindest thoughts and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Cobb.

Fifty winters have crowned their heads with silvery honors; fifty summers have ripened them together into a green old age. They were joined in holy wedlock in the springtime and they have always carried the flowers of spring with them. Theirs has been a communion of holy joys that have mingled their lives in an inseparable unity.

Henry Bliss Cobb and Miss Ellen Clay Beemer were joined in marriage at Beamerville, Ill., which is about four miles from their home. The Rev. James Brewer performed the ceremony that made them husband and wife. Four days after their marriage they came to their present home and have resided there ever since. A visit to their home and the broad acres in possession will convince one that not less than a half century of toil was necessary to bring about the results which are so much in evidence.

The circle of friendship to which they belong is not a small one, it is not limited to their immediate neighborhood, it extends to the surrounding towns and villages and reaches out over a broad stretch of country.

The home and its comforts testify to the full measure of devotion, which Mrs. Cobb has given it. The farm, its stock and surroundings help to sustain the reputation of Mr. Cobb as being one of the most thrifty and prosperous farmers in the state. There is evidence that brain as well as brawn has been used in the achievement of success.

The Cobb home has ever been noted for its hospitality but it was never more in evidence than on this occasion. The house decorations were beautiful and appropriate for a Golden Wedding. All was tinged and tinted with gold like unto the golden sunlight that falls through tinted panes and dwells in cathedral isles.

After congratulations, a most agreeable and appetizing repast was served, after which an interesting program was rendered. Mrs. Epla and Mr. Weber furnished several very appropriate vocal selections. Miss Ethel Cobb served as accompanist and also rendered a beautiful piano solo. Miss Hazel Webber sang very sweetly. Rev. Wilfred J. Abel offered a few appropriate remarks and Rev. Nazarene eloquently invoked the blessing of the Most High to rest upon Mr. and Mrs. Cobb and the assembled company. Two pictures were taken, one of the entire company, and one of the Cobb family and its branches.

All in all it was a day that will always be remembered by those present. When the afternoon had worn away, the guests began to depart for their homes, but none failed to speak of the happy occasion and wish Mr. and Mrs. Cobb Godspeed during the remaining allotment of their journey through the valley and over the hill. In all hearts there was the hope and desire that when they shall be called to the rest of immortality that God will bring them forth again clothed with glory and honor when the day dawns and the shadows flee away.

Four generations of the Cobb family were present, viz: Children--Minnie Cobb; Lillie Webber and husband; George Cobb and wife; Birdie Kelley and husband; Laura Wirick and husband; Grandchildren--Blanche Webber Florschuetz and husband; George Webber and wife; Hazel Webber; Lucile Kelley, Harold Kelley, Ethel Cobb, Helen Cobb, Charlotte Cobb, Homer Cobb; Great Grandchild-- Max Florschuetz.

Three of Mr. Cobb's family have been privileged to celebrate their Fiftieth Anniversaries; the recitations rendered at the others were rendered at this one by Mrs. Webber and Helen Cobb.

The other relatives present were Mrs. Laura Lee, a sister of Mr. Cobb of Medford, Minn.; Miss Flora Lathrop, a cousin also of Medford, Minn.; Edward Beamer of Aurora, Ill., a brother of Mrs. Cobb; Lillie Harned of Dixon, Ill., a sister of Mrs. Cobb; Mrs. Mattie Fuller of Earlville, Ill.; Mrs. Valentine Wirick and daughter of Rochelle, Ill.

Contributed by Marilyn Widler

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