Lee County Illinois

Thomas & Mary (Huntly) Hammond

Rarely does it happen that a couple are spared to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding yet within the past two years two such notable events have been recorded in Paw Paw.

Thomas Hammond and Mary Huntly were married in Troy, New York, on the 6th day of June 1852 in an Episcopal church. One of the two witnesses to the certificate of the marriage is dead, and the last heard of the other one, he was residing in California.

Mr. and Mrs. Hammond resided in Troy until 1865, when they moved to Illinois in this vicinity and have ever since been inhabitants of this immediate neighborhood. Four years ago, they moved from the farm southeast of here, and became residents of Paw Paw, and since then they have spent one year in visiting relatives and friends in New York.

Of the four children Mrs. Humiston of Elyria, Ohio, N. E Hammond of Paw Paw, Mrs. Bly, of Minnesota, and Mrs. Miller, of Knierim, Iowa, the three former were able to be present at the celebration. Mr. Humiston and the daughter, Miss Julia, were also present to enjoy the event with the old folks.

The wedding spread is said to have been something very enticing, and this was served to the company by the two grandchildren, Charles Hammond and Miss Julia Humiston. The house was crowded by the descendants of the aged couple and three generations were present.

In the afternoon, a number of the neighbors called in and offered their expressions of good will and hope for many years of continued life and happiness, Mr. and Mrs. Hammond were recipients of many valuable and useful presents on the occasion. Mrs. J. A. Richards, of Norfolk, Ohio was also present.

Contributed by Marilyn Widler

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