William Guthrie
Family Bible Records
Lee County IL
Contributed by Belinda McCormick

William Guthrie-born March 1, 1796
Matilda Ross his wife born 1 March 1817

Joseph Guthrie born- 25 May 1837
Mary Guthrie born-25 May 1837-Died 25 June 1837
Matilda Guthrie born-10 January 1839
William Guthrie-born 23 April 1840
John Guthrie-born 2 April 1842
David Guthrie-born 4 March 1844
Rebecca Guthrie born March 28th 1846

Phebe Guthrie-born 13 April 1846
Mary Guthrie-born 24th May 1850 died July 1, 192?
Samuel Guthrie born 16th April 1852
Matilda Guthrie (unreadable)
Charity Guthrie- born Sept 16, 1858
Margaret Guthrie born Sept 16, 1861


William Guthrie and Matilda Ross was married on the 18th August 1836

Marriages of the family:
Joseph Guthrie married Lucy Talman

William Guthrie was married Oct 1, 1863 to (unreadable) Catherine Roberts

Rebecca Guthrie was married June 11th 1865 to W.G. Lee

John Guthrie was married Aug 27 1865 to Miss Carrie Lee

Phebe Guthrie was married to John Babbit;
David Henry Babbit was born Sept 12 1868
Fanny June Babbit born November 29, 1869
Larey? Annas born March 27, 1872

Phebe Guthrie awas married to John Babbit on 16 Sept 1867

Samuel Guthrie was married to Ella TylerJune 24, 1844

David Guthrie Married Eunice Easter 24 Oct 1872

Matilda Guthrie was married to Clarence Holdren November 24 1886

Charity Guthrie was married William Myrtle

Mary Guthrie married Joseph Carmen


Mary Guthrie died June 25th 1837

Matilda Guthrie died January 10 1839,
(Note this is a child of William and Matilda, they later named a second child Matilda, who married Clarence Holdren)

William Guthrie died October 11, 1863

Matilda died May the 9th 1886

Matilda Guthrie Holdren died March 31, 1913

Civil War:
David Guthrie Co. I.15 regt. Illinois Infantry

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