Family Bible Records
Lee County IL
Contributed by Charles Caughlan

Thanks to Don and Beverly Pyn, 2205 S Hawthorne Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 who were looking at old Bibles in an Iowa town and found this 1829 Bible.

I called them at 605-344-6295 in Feb 2003 and they were still living.

They have since given this Bible to Myer family descendants, but can't remember who it was.

The Bible says, George W Myer's Bible Jan 3 1860 Dixon, Lee County Illinois.

There are Marriage, birth, and death records.
George W. Myer, Elizabeth Urmy Married 17 Sept 1844
C.E Hills and M. E. Myer 27 May 1868
John H Myer and Emma Davison 1877;
George W. Myer Jr. & Eva Andrews Nov. 1884

George W Myer July 1810,
Elizabeth Urmy 3 June 1821,

Children’s Births:
Martha Elizabeth,
John Henry,
George W. Myer Jr.
Charles Andrew,
Robert Edwin in 1866.

Deaths Robert E Myer George W. Myer

There was a loose paper inside with the names and dates:
John Urmy born 10 Apr. 1783,
Elizabeth Van Ordin 15 Nov 1788, married Sep 1810.

Then the names like Barbara Ann 23 May 1811,
Jeaken ?? 28 June 1813,
Andrew Van Ordin 21 June 1830,
William Smith 21 June 1830,
Mary Holmes 30 Sep 1833.

Also this “John Urmy Sr. departed this life April 15, 1870.
Andrew Jackson August 5, 1818.
Abigail Urmy Sep 1850,
Elizabeth Urmy July 31, 1851.

On the other side was written “ Elizabeth Myer, Gorton Landin, NY’

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