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Lee County Divorces

ANDERSON, Dorothy - Dixon Telegraph 21 Jul 1944
Edgar Anderson of Amboy appeared before Judge George C. Dixon in the Lee County circuit court today on a citation for contempt for failure to abide by an order of the court in making weekly payment for the support of his two minor children. Dorothy E. Anderson, who obtained a decree for divorce and the custody of the two children on May 17, 1934, was represented at the hearing by Attorney John Buckley. Testimony revealed that Anderson was $362 iin arrears of payment since the court order was entered. Judge Dixon, upon the motion of Mrs. Anderson's attorney, continued the hearing for one week and ordered that Anderson and his employer be present on Friday at 10 o'clock with records to show the amount of his earnings, before sentence for contemptof court is pronounced.

BACORN, Pauline - 22 January 1948 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
Pauline Bacorn has been granted a divorce from Virgil Bacorn in Lee County Circuit court on charges of cruelty, claiming that he struck her on several occassions. A property settlement was agreed upon by the couple. She was represented by Attorney E.S. Wadsworth.

BENNETT, Jewell I. - 20 July 1951 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
Mrs. Jewell I. Bennett, Dixon, won a divorce from Theodore G. Bennett on ground of desertion. They were married June 29, 1946, and he left his wife July 5, 1950, the complaint states. her former name, Jewell I. Horn was returned.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 October 1945 from Wallace Idado
BOYENGA,, John B, of Mullan, Idaho former resident of Dixon IL has been granted a decree of divorce from Phyllis Boyenga the charge being desertion. Mrs. Boyenga, also a former Dixon resident was permitted to resume her maiden name Phyllis Gleim. The couple were married in Dixon Nov.11, 1943.

28 August 1954 - Dixon Evening Telegraph
BOYENGA, Joan - filed suit for divorce Saturday against Paul Boyenga in the office of Circuit Clerk John Shaulis on an extreme cruelty charge. In the suit Mrs. Boyenga asks for custody of one minor child, alimony, support for the child, suit costs and the appointment of a guardian for the defendant, who she claims in the suit is a minor of 15 (16) (18)? years of age. The couple was married on Feb. 15, 1953 and separated on August 3, 1954.

BURNETT, Mary - 1 Jun 1944 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
Mary T. Burnett of Paw Paw through her attorneys, Warner & Warner of this city (Dixon) has filed a complaint for divorce in the Lee County circuit court against Roy F. Burnett, in which she charges habitual drunkenness and extreme and repeated cruelty. The couple were married at Sycamore Nov. 25, 1935

CARTER, Ellen June - 24 September 1948 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
Divorce Granted. Charged cruelty in her complaint. Married Donald W. Carter July 17, 1948 they separated Sept. 8, she was granted the right to resume her maiden name of Ellen June Ventler.

CURTIS, Mildred (Woodyatt) - 05 March 1950
Mildred Curits through Sterling W. Schrock was awarded a divorce from James W. Curtis. Her former husband was fined $300 a month ago in county court when he pleaded guilty to inflicting nine stab wounds on a Sterling National Guradsman after a street quarrel. Both Dixonites, they were married in June 9, 1949 and separated less than two months later. Mrs. Curtis was given the right to resume her maiden name.

DUNNE, Lois - 20 July 1951 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
Mrs. Lois Dunne, Dixon was divorced from Louis D. Dunne. The husband deserted her July 11, 1950, according to the complaint. They were married March 2, 1929.

FARRELL, Valera F - 5 Feb 1948 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
Judge George C. Dixon this morning granted a divorce to Mrs. Valera F. Farrell, Dixon from Norman L. Farrell on a charge of desertion. Represented by Attorney Rudolph Liste she charged that he deserted her Sept. 1, 1943. They were married April 12, 1943.

FISHER, Catherine L 26 May 1944 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
Through her attorneys, Dixon, Devine, Bracken & Dixon has filed a complaint for divorce in which she charges Fred Fisher with extreme and repeated cruelty. The couple were married at Morrison May 30, 1934. In her petition she seeks he custody of two minor children, support and an injunction restraining the defendent from disposing of any of the property or molesting her.

KLINGEBIEL, Mildred - 31 January 1948 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
A divorce was granted to Mrs. Mildred Klingebiel from Richard Klingebiel, Ashton by Judge George C. Dixon in Lee County Circuit Court Yesterday on a charge of cruelty. An injunction was issued restraining Klingebiel from molesting the plaintiff and she was awarded alimony of $17.50 weekly and attorney's fees. They were married Aug. 30, 1944.

LANGE, Colleen - 24 September 1948 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
Divorce Granted - The custody of a childe James Lee Lange 2, was granted Colleen Lange in her suite against J.B.Lange which charged cruelty.

MILES, Dorothy J. July 20, 1951 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
Mrs. Dorothy J. Miles, Dixon filed charges that WIlliam v. Miles struck her knocking her into the bathtub only three months after their marriage. He also twisted her arm and knocked her to the floor, the complaint alleges. They were married Feb. 10, 1951 and the alleged "extreme cruelty" occurred April 14 at their home in Amboy. Mrs. Miles asks return of her former name, Dorothy J. Alshouse, breakfast furniture, shower gifts, alimony, attorney fees and court costs.

SCHULTHEIS, Beatrice - 108 Artesian Pl., Dixon, Thursday afternoon filed suit for divorce against her husband, Walter. The suit charges extreme cruelty. The woman asks custody of three minor children, ages eight months, to siz years, money for their support and alimony. Mr.and Mrs. Donald Schultheis were married at Dixon Feb. 1, 1948 and separated last Aug. 17.
Dixon Evening Telegraph August 20, 1954

Dean SCHULTHEIS (5 April 1946) was order to pay $18 per week for the support of Mrs. Caroline Schuitheis and their four children and pay the rent for the house in which they live.

Judge George C. Dixon this morning (10 January 1947) awarded the custody of two sons previously under the care of their father Dean SCHULTHEIS to their mother Mrs. Caroline Schuitheis Hazelwood in what he termed an experimental decision to settle a custody fight which had been waging in Lee County court for the past month. Judge Dixon said he made his decision after studying a report which classed the home they had been living in as "too filty for any human being". He was also ordered to pay $12 a week for the care and support of the children.

Mrs. Rogene SCHULTHEIS who had lived at 1916 Clark asked for and received a divorce Friday on grounds of cruelty. In her complaint Mrs. Schultheis charged that her husband Paul struck her without provocation. The couple was married June 9, 1947. They had no children. A property settlement was negotiated out of court. Mrs. Schultheis waived alimony.
Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 February 1950

Lillian SCHULTHEIS, a mother of seven children, went to court today (14 March 1950) to ask for a divorce on extreme and repeated cruelty charges. Mrs. Schultheis, formerly of Forreston, but who had lived at 1114 Woodlawn charged that her husband Kenneth knocked her to the floor on one occassion, and tore her coat off another time when he tried to throw her out of the house. She asked for an injunction to restrain her husband from molesting either her or her children.

SELOOVER, William F. - 20 May 1944 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
Through his attorney W.T. Terrill has filed a complaint for divorce against Ada E. Seloover. The couple were married in Oregon Il. July 4, 1905 and according to the complaint she deserted him Dec. 7, 1933.

TRUCKENBROD, Eulalia - 14 October 1946 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
Testimony in a divorce trial involving claims and counter claims by Mrs. Eulalia Truckenbrod and her husband Norval, Sublette, opened in Lee County Circuit Court before a jury this morning with the plaintiff Mrs. Truckenbrod the first witness to take the stand. In her testimony this morning Mrs. Truckenbrod corroborated charges made in her complaint, testifying that Truckenbrod a farmer, struck her during arguments in July and September 1945, and in January. Her complaint also accuses him of having a violent temper and being unfit to have the care custody and control of their four children Larry 12, Alice 9, Stanley 6 and Sidney 2. She asks that she be granted the household property and be allowed support money and that Truckenbrod be restrained from molesting or interfering with her and the children.

Truckenbrod in his answer to the claim charges that she is guilty of extreme and repeated cruelty and denies the charges made in her complaint. His counter claim charges that she struck him at the times she has claimed he struck her and adds that the attacks were unprovoked. He asks for a divorce, custody of the children and the property.

In her testimony this morning she claims that she struck him only in self defense and said that most of the trouble arose over his disciplinary action toward the children.

Jurors selected this morning are Eurith Leydig, Ruth McDonald, James Wolf, Loma A. Hamill, Dixon; Rose Scott, Howard Nefstead, Alto; Clarence Brill, Harmon; Daisy Meyer, Kathryn Ruckman, Amboy; John Vaupel, Ashton; Mrs. Mildred Weigle, Nachusa.

UNDERHILE, Bernice 01 December 1952- Dixon Evening Telegraph:
A complaint for divorce filed (November 29, 1952) in the office of Circuit Court Clerk John Shaulis asked for an injunction forbidding the husband from molesting his wife. In asking for the divorce Mrs. Underhile, 522 Peoria Ave. claimed that her husband Harvey drank excessively, had an abusive temper, used vile language and was unable to care for his family. She claimed that he posed a threat to her life and liberty and asked that the injunction forbid him from coming on the premises at 522 Peoria Ave. and from molesting her. They were married in 1933 had had 5 children the oldest 17 the youngest 4. Both lived together until Nov. 27, 1952. She has requested custody of the 5 children suitable alimony and child support. The injunction was granted. On the 6th of December 1952 she changed her mind and the injunction was dismissed.

23 March 1954 - Dixon Evening Telegraph
A complaint for divorce was filed by Bernice Underhile 522 Peoria Ave charging her husband Harvey with alcholism. An injunction was issued restraining him from bothering his wife and from coming onto the premises. She has requested custody of the five children, alimony and child support. They were married Sept. 18, 1933 in Dixon and lived together until March 21, 1954.
On March 24th Harvey Underhile ran an ad that he would be responsible for no debts other than his own.

They have reconsidered because on December 20, 1954 they had a baby daughter.

WOODYATT, Eva Louise 31 January 1951 - Dixon Evening Telegraph:
A Dixon wife, disgusted with her husband's drinking, filed for divorce Tuesday with circuit clerk John O. Shaulis. Mrs. Woodyatt RR 1 Willett Avenue charges that when Henry John (Jack) Woodyatt runs out of the standard forms of alcohol he consumes bay rum, rubbing alcohol, skin lotion and perfume. An injunction to prevent Woodyatt from molesting his wife, destroying community property, or coming into the Willett property was served yesterday. She asks custody of a daughter age 7, alimony, attorney's fees and court costs. They were married May 10, 1940 in Clinton IA. Dixon, Bales and Gunner represent the wife.

Divorce was granted July 3, 1954 and she was awarded custody of her daughter Sharon Louise age 10. Alimony wsa waived and child support was postponed pending further court action. Her husband was in the Vandalia Work Farm at this time.