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Log Cabin 1912 -

Lee Co IL

Lincoln The Soldier - 1832 Dixon, Illinois

Located between the two bridges that cross Rock River.

Lincoln was stationed here during the Blackhawk War in 1832 as Captain of Volunteers.

Statue erected by the State of Illinois in 1930 at the site of the blockhouse known as Fort Dixon.

The school children of Dixon attended the dedication and my dad was one of them.

The photograph was taken by Dixon’s own Ralph Pierce

Ralph Pierce had a photography studio in Dixon in about the 1950s to 1970s.

The father of Karen Holt (contributor of this postcard), was present with his schoolmates at the dedication.

Erected by the State of Illinois - On May 12, 1832 Captain Abraham Lincoln's company of Illinois volunteers camped one mile west. Lincoln re-enlisted in two other companies and was frequently in Dixon. Discharged from service near Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, on July 10, Lincoln passed through Dixon enroute to New Salem.

Helen Janette Hart

age 4 mts

Dixon IL

Found this photo on Ebay

With the rapid success that the S.D. & E. Electric Railway was having with shuttling passengers back and forth from Dixon and Sterling, this area was frequented by many citizens of both communities for relaxation and enjoyment. In a relatively short time the management of the S.D. & E. saw this as a means to increase passengers on their Interurban cars between the two cities. With that, the electric railway company purchased the property, promptly added a rail spur into the park area and on June 8, 1906 the formal opening of the old park took place on a Friday evening. The park would now be known as Interurban Central Park and S.D. & E. manager, H.C. Higgins was in charge of its operation.

Between seven and eight hundred citizens of Sterling, Rock Falls and Dixon were in attendance. Many had rode on the early evening rail cars in anticipation of the festivities, going out before having supper and taking with them, their meal in baskets and enjoying a picnic supper in the park. The Banda Verde, Sterling's famous concert band at the time gave an open air concert in the band stand for an hour which was then followed by short talks, formally dedicating the new pavilion. After that chairs were moved aside for dancing. The Academy Orchestra, also of Sterling provided the dance music until one o'clock in the morning. Special rail cars were waiting to take the happy and entertained people back to their respective communities. The park quickly gained a reputation as being the finest place in the vicinity to spend a pleasant day or evening. And the S.D. & E. used it fully in promoting its business. The fare was 15 cents from Dixon and 10 cents from Sterling. In addition local newspapers always gave good publicity to trolley parties and picnics along the line. Vaudeville entertainment was provided each night and Sunday afternoons during the summer. Ball games were played with such teams as the Dixon Browns and Morrison Professionals participating.
From the Lee County Historical Society
Photo contributed by Karen Holt




Gospel Singer



Judy Dixon -

Local Artist ?
















Every year they plant the Petunias that line the streets of Dixon

Dixon Buttons

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