Hazelhurst Indian Lookout
Lee County IL
Contributed by Karen Fyock

Indian Lookout Has Been Entirely Destroyed
Railroad Company Has Hauled Historical Point Away for Ballast

The mound that loomed up fully 140 feet above the railroad track at Hazelhurst has entirely disappeared.

The gravel it contained has been loaded upon cars and hauled to Galesburg, St. Paul, St. Louis, Chicago and intervening points.

There are those now living who have passed up the Indian trail where from the top of the mound on a clear day could be seen Dixon's ferry and the present site of Sterling.

From ten to fifteen thousand car loads of gravel have been taken from the gravel ridge each year by the C B. & Q. people.

We know that skilled labor can remove mountains.

Dated July 14, 1909 scrapbook clipping

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