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The Dixon Sun - 24 December 1873
Two stores in Ashton were robbed a few days since of goods valued at $400. The thieves were found secreted in a cellar with their plunder and were arrested and sent to jail. John Riley and Bly and Andrus all of Ashton owned the goods.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 November 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Beggs and two children visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Haefner of Ashton over the weekend.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 13 February 1945
William Klingebiel of Ashton was a Dixon visitor yesterday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 February 1945
Cpl Arland Wisman of Traux Field, Madison Wis. visited on Wednesday with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wisman

John Boyenga, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Boyenga is working as communicator with the Civil Aeronautics administration at Ellensburg, Wash.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 March 1945
Mrs. W.F. Klingebiel and son James, Mrs. Estella Rosecran and Mary Ethel visited Wednesday at DeKalb in the home of Mrs. Albert Tadd and Mrs. Leroy Buhler.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 17 March 1945
James Klingebiel and Elwood Schafer are visiting Paul Jennings at the University of Illinois over the weekend.

Dixon Telegraph 28 March 1945
Miss Lorraine Kennay of Ashton was a Sunday visitor in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knapp.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 April 1945
Young Rosalind Huene was honored at a 3rd birthday party Sunday given by her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Heibenthal of Ashton. The guests were Mrs. Christina Heibenthal Great grandmother of Rosalind, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Krug and sons, Norman and Jeryl; Delbert Ehmen and Miss Ruth Heibenthal all of Ashton; and Miss Barbara Base and Mr. and Mrs. John Heuen of Dixon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 24 April 1945
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stephen 996 North Cedar Street Galesburg IL, formerly of Ashton, are announcing the approaching marriage of their daughter Carletta Ann to Donald W. Tadd, pharmacists mate, second class, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Tadd of Ashton. The wedding is to take place at 4 pm on Sunday April 29th in the Trinity Lutheran Church of Galesburg and a reception will follow at the home of the bride's parents. Mrs. Ada Teeter of Dixon and others from this vicinity expect to go to Galesburg to attend the nuptials. Mr. Tadd is home for a leave after serving in New Caldeonia for the past 25 months.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 28 May 1945
The undersigned will not be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone but myself. John Boyenga, Ellensburg, Wash.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 13 August 1945
Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Boyenga of Ashton, entertained over the weekend Miss Rosemary Monjar of Lawrenceville and their daughter Miss Elizabeth Boyenga of Dixon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 08 September 1945
S/Sgt Frank Schinzer has been transferred from Liberal KS to Kirthland Field, Albuquerque NM

Dixon Evening Telegraph 18 September 1945
S/Sgt & Mrs. Frank Schinzer Jr. arrived here Wednesday from Albquerque NM and Friday Sgt. Schinzer will report to Ft. Sheridan

James Klingebiel left early Tuesday morning for Mt. Vernon Iowa where he will enter Cornell College.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 20 September 1945
Mr. and Mrs. R.K. Strawbridge were Sunday evening supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Heibenthal of Ashton.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 17 March 1947
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Balch and family of Ashton were Sunday dinner guests at the Lawrence Gallagher home in Paw Paw.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 March 1947
Miss Jackie Wisman, Ashton, high school senior is a winner of the annual D.A. R.award.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 April 1947
Mr. and Mrs. Burnell Wisman and family arrived last week from California and are visiting at the home of his mother Mrs. Mae Wisman

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Heibenthal and Mrs. Emma Yonerich have returned from Florida after having spent the winter there.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 October 1947
Mrs. Harry Wisman of Ashton spent yesterday in Dixon visiting with Mrs. J.W. Busby who is confined to her home but is reported to be improving.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 7 November 1947
Verlis Tadd sold his barber shop Tuesday to Earl Hicks of Libertyville, who will take over the business Monday. Tadd has been forced to quit after 14 years as a barber because of bursitis affecting the muscles of his arms, an ailment resulting from army life.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 January 1948
Mr. and Mrs. A. Boyenga will move to the property of Mrs. Ida Lake

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 February 1948
Mrs. Milford Wisman is a surgical patient at the Rochelle hospital

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 December 1949
Minor injuries were reported in Dixon proper when cars collided at Brinton Avenue and E. Chamberlain Street. Charles Wisman, Ashton driver of one car was treated for minor injuries at KSB hospital and released. Joanne Miller 19 of Oregon the second driver, received a bump on the head. Miss Miller was fined $5 and costs today by Police Magistrate Albert N. Kennedy for not having a licensed driver with her at the time of the accident. Magistrate Kennedy explained that while Miss Miller had a temporary instruction permit, she was not accompanied by a licensed driver one of the requirements of the state law. According to the accident report of Officer Fred Sanford, Wisman was driving south of Brinton and Miss Miller west on Chamberlain. Besides heavy damage to both cars, shubbery belonging to the home of Prof. W.H. Coppins, 420 Brinton Avenue was torn up when the cars slid off the road.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 08 March 1950
Mrs. Ruth Hedrick, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krum, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schmidt, James & Eileen were Sunday visitors in the Ida Batchelor home in Ashton, and the Don Shaulis in Franklin Grove.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 January 1951
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krum, Mr. and Mrs. Walters Schmidt, Eileen & James, were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Hedrick, Ashton. Other guests were Mrs. Ida Batchelor Ashton, Mr. and Mrs. Don Shaulis and David of Franklin Grove.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 May 1951 - 100th Anniversary Edition
The Ashton Legion post received its charter Dec. 13, 1919. Charter members were Earl E. Pierce, William F. Klingebell, Paul W. Charters, Ira W. Hartman, Martin Marxman, Roland M. Moore, Clinton B. Billmire, Andrew W. Scharff, August F. Klingebell, Bremer F. Hanson, Frank P. Obert, Glenn c. Rosecrans, Christian F. Klingebell, Clarence T. paddock, Orno J. Kersten, James Donar Jr., Carl Marxman, Gilbert C. Walls, Frank E. Chapman, Henry W. Stephan, paul E. Gilbert, William H. Haenitsch, Wesley J. Attig, Wallace G. Clover & Otto W. Schade. Paul W. Chartes was elected the first commander. Ashton post has been active in the support of all local civic programs since it was chartered. It was the originator of the Ashton Summer Youth Recreation program. It sponsors a boy to Boys State each year and is the sponsor of the Ashton Fall Festival.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 21 July 1951
Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Evans, Elgin, visited Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Losey and Mrs. Mae Wisman this week.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 21 November 1951
Word has been received here that Mae Williams has arrived in California where she will make an extended visit with her son and family.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 December 1951
Mrs. Della Tadd underwent surgery Tuesday at the Rochelle Hospital.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 February 1952
Paul Tadd admitted to KSB Hospital in Dixon

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 February 1952
Dorothy Bresson is ill at her home. Mae Wisman is also reported ill.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 13 March 1952
Robert L. Koechig will become rural mail carrier from the Ashton Postoffice March 23, it was announced this week by Postmaster A.M. Boyenga after receiving notification by Washington. The position formerly was held by Raymond E. Losey. Examination for the post was held more than a year ago. Temporary carriers during that time have been Alan Davis and more recently Charles Karr.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 06 June 1952
Sara Losey former Ashton resident now of Florida, is visiting her sister Mae Wisman and other relatives and friends here.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 December 1952
Christmas guests at the Martin Witzel home were Mr. and Mrs. Milford Wisman and Jon, Mrs. Mae Wisman and Arland, and Mr. and Mrs. William Witzel, all of Ashton.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 07 February 1953
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Brecunier, Mrs. Minnie Kersten, and Mrs. Mae Wisman will leave Sunday for a 3 week vacation to Florida.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 02 July 1953
Mr. and Mrs. Richwine, Elgin, are visiting at the Mae Wisman home.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 24 October 1953
Sara Losey and Charles Wisman, Bradenton Florida, arrived here Monday for a visit with relatives.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 August 1955
Jon Wisman and Loren Schaefer left for Springfield Wednesday where they will be employed at the state fair for ten days.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 September 1955
Ronald Reed son of the Ronald Reeds is a junior and majoring in art at Monmouth college. Robert Hicks, a sophomore, son of Mrs. Freida Hicks and Jon Wisman, son of the Milford Wismans will attend Cornell.

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