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Dixon Evening Telegraph 20 May 1944 John Belazza is enjoying a 15 day furlough among homefolks, he is stationed at Dalhart, Tx.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Byers entertained on Mothers Day, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Miller & son Gerald, Mrs. Sadie Blaine, William Naylor and Arthur Ritchie.

The North of Town Thimble Clumb met on Wednesday with Mrs. Lydia Naylor and 18 present. Althea Sanders assited with the refreshments and next months meeting will be at Mrs. Mildred Pitzer on June 21.

Clark Brecunier arrived from Alaska on Saturday of last week to spend a 30 day furlough with the home folks. His wife had met him at Watertown S.D. and they are now visiting her family in Warrenton MO.

Mrs. Kathryn Herbst spent Thursday & Friday in Springfield IL as a delegate to the IL State Republican Convention

Mrs. Etta Pitzer has been ill for about a week but is now much improved. On Thursday of this week Mrs. Minnie Hodge, Mrs. Benoodt, Mrs. Annabelle Pitzer and daughter Peggy, Mrs. Mildred Pitzer, and Mrs. Edith Pitzer all came home to finish cleaning house for their mother. Mrs Pitzers grandaughter Joanne Pitzer has been staying at the Pitzer home this week and Minnie Hodge will also remain with her mother till Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Wolf were Mothers Days guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller and family.

On Monday evening Carolyn Herbst rendered several musical numbers both vocal and instrumental on the accordian at the mother and daughter banquet at the Compton Womens Club. On Wednesday she played the accordian at a mother and daughter banquet at the Odd Fellows hall in Rockford assisting Miss. Donna Sunday who had charge of the music.

Mrs. Arthur Schafer was a guest on Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Hickey of Whitewater Wisc. where she had the opportunity to visit her brother and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schick and their little daughter.

Mrs. Barbara Smith of Oregon, formerly Miss Barbara Kohl, tells us that her brother Sgt. George Kohl was married on Sunday May 13 at Ft. Thomas KY to Miss Margaret McCarthy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James McCarthy of Cincinnati Ohio. George is stationed at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Ind. though he had been on duty several weeks in North Africa.

Mrs. Craig is on the list of those ailing

Dixon Evening Telegraph 24 May 1944 Frank Otto who has been in the service in the Guadalcanal area is spending a furlough with homefolks and recovering from an attack of Malaria.

Rev. & Mrs. Cover have been enjoying a 10 day visit with friends in Ohio and attended the graduation of their daughter Mrs. Bowman from Blufton College.

Mrs. Fred Craig who has been very ill from a heart attack is considerably better

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Hoover have moved from the Hepfer house in the east part of town to the Spangler property near the Methodist church.

Mrs. Rebecca Colwell has been suffering from an acute attack of sciatic rheumatism at her home with her sister Miss Eunice Gilbert.

Miss Julia Moulton of Decatur spent the weekend at her home here.

Mr. and Mrs. Amos Wilson and son Robert visited the Truman Naill home in West Chicago Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lizer, daughter Donna and her friend Katherine Gartner, all of Mt. Morris, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Lizer's parents Mr. and Mrs. Ira Buck. Mrs. Bucks sister Mrs. Elizabeth Clark recently of Chicago was also a guest.

Ernest Miller of St. Charles was a visitor in the home of his mother and sister Mrs. Eva Miller & Eunice.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 03 June 1944
Mrs. George Ross is selling her household goods, preparing to go to California to join her husband there.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 08 July 1944
William Kennay of Franklin Grove, in company with William Easter, escaped from the IL State work farm at Vandalia yesterday afternoon according to word received last evening by Sheriff L.E. Bates. Kennay had been working as a waiter in the officers dining room at the state farm and yesterdays escape is said to have been his second since his commitment from Lee County.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 July 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Richwine, Mrs. Kathryn Cover, Mrs. Anna Dupree, and Mrs. Lydia Walters enjoyed a picnic supper with Mrs. George Lahman and daughter Georgia at the Lowden Farm on Friday evening.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 25 July 1944
A scramble dinner was enjoyed Sunday evening at the Franklin Grove home of Mr. and Mrs. Clare Hackarth celebrating the birthday of their two children, Roger and Adeline, also their grandmother Mrs. Mary Kennay. Joan & Oliver Miller of Milledgeville were also celebrating. Later in the evening homemade ice cream and birthday cake were served to: Mr. and Mrs. David Miller & Family of Milledgeville, Mrs. Ronald Sword of Nachusa, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hackbarth, Wilbur, Gladys, Oliver and Ehtyln of Dixon; Mr. and Mrs. Curg Kennay, Mrs. Donald E. Bohn, Franklin Grove.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 August 1944
Five prisoners escaped from the state farm at Vandalia last night and were still at large today according to state police sources. The prisoners have been identified as Wm. Kennay 27 of Franklin Grove, Henry Cain 33 of Crystal Lake, Leroy Winningham 26 of Centralia, Dodie Easter 23 of Cottage Hill and John Hablen 19 of Jerseyville.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 August 1944
Mrs. Luther Durkes of Franklin Grove entertained at a luncheon at her home Thursday, Mrs. Arthur Morris of Dixon, Mrs. Drucilla Banker, Mrs. Vera Goss, Mrs. Stella Senger, Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford, Mrs. Beryl Fish, Mrs. Kathryn Herbst, Mrs. Lucy Ives, Mrs. Edna Goss, Mrs. Lorraine Shumaker and Mrs. Dorothy Durkes.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 21 October 1944
Mrs. Alma Dysart left for a visit with her daughter in Cleveland Ohio last week.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 October 1944
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hepfer entertained at a chicken dinner Sunday Oct. 23 the following guests: Mrs. Oliver Hepfer, Oregon; Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Frick, Kings; Mr. & Mrs. John T. Morris, Franklin Grove; and Mrr. & Mrs. Clinton Hepfer and son Delbert of Dixon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 November 1944
Mrs. Edna Gaberson of Elgin was a guest of Mrs. Lena Smith last week at the H.H. Dysart home.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 November 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Steader of Dixon were Sunday guests at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Ben Richwine.

Mr. and Mrs. Grace Richwine and family who have been living in Streator Ill. have left for California. Mr. Richwine will work for the Bell telephone company. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Richwine.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 25 November 1944
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Dysart entertained their daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wendel and daughter for dinner Thanksgiving day.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 13 December 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bettendorf celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Sunday Dec. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gonnerman, their daughter, entertained them and Mr.and Mrs. Charles Kelley at dinner Saturday evening at Dixon. Sunday in their new home in Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gonnerman and son Gary, with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pyle helped them celebrate at dinner. A lovely wedding cake baked by Mrs. Gonnerman in honor of the occassion was served. The thoughts of the family were with Mrs. Grant Dysart of Dixon who is Mrs. Bettendorf's mother and is in the hospital at Sterling.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 06 January 1945
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schafer and son LaVerle entertaincd Sunday evening for supper, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kesseiring and family. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Emmons and family. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Spratt and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Schafer and family and Melvin Watson. A picasent evening was spent waiting for the new year.

Begining January 10, the stores will not be opened Wednesday evenings, until further notice.

On New Years day Mrs. Dan Miller and daughter Eunice entertained Mr. and Mrs. Claire Colvell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Miller and son, Mrs. Marcie Spratt, Mrs. Rebecca Colwell. Miss Eunice Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. George Miller, Mr. and Mrs. William Black, Mrs. Virgie Crawford, Mrs. Marie Sandrock for dinner at noon. In the evening she again opened her home to Rev. and Mrs. Carl Montanus and family, Mrs. Marie Sandrock and Mr. and Mrs. George Miller for supper.

The Public Health and Welfare department of the Franklin Grove Womans club will be hostess to the rest of the club on Monday Jan. 8, at the Kerstern gymnasium. Mrs. Carl Degner chairman, Mrs. Raymond Schafer, Mrs. Donald Roop, Mrs. Clark Phillips, Mrs. Grace Anderson, Mrs. Lawson Clark, Mrs. William Lott, Mrs. Lester Lott, Mrs. Edward Underwood, Mrs. Harvey Brucker. The speaker will be Father Burke from the State hospital. Moving pictures and special music.

Mrs. Arthur Miller entertained at her home south of town Thursday afternoon, about thirty members and friends of the Brethern Church in honor of Miss Fay Moyer, who is home on leave from her duties as Missionary to Africa.

Miss Hazel Blume spent the past week in Rockford at the home of her sister and family Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Wilson, getting acquainted with her little new neice Rhonda Louise who wsa born December 16.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ashenburner and family entertained with dinner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Degner and son, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Degner adn children, Mrs. Mary Degner and miss Madge Wolcott.

Mrs. Fred Bettendorf spent Thursday afternoon in the Hnery Gonnermon home at Ashton.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 13 January 1945
Pvt. and Mrs. P.C. Heinzeroth called her father and mother Mr. and Mrs. Ben Richwine from Rockford Wednesday p.m. They had just arrived from Camp Livingston LA for a 2 day furlough and were on their way to Franklin.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 28 February 1945
Mr. Henry Withey who has been working at the Green River Ordnance Plant contracted a badly infected throat while at work and was taken to the Dixon Hospital Friday evening for treatment.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 14 July 1945
Bernard J. Gilroy who has been a patient in the Hines Hospital for some time may be addressed Ward F 425 Hines Veterans Hospital, Hines IL

Dixon Telegraph 23 August 1945
Mr. and Mrs. Curg Kennay of Franklin Grove entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of their grandson Pvt. Joe Sutter Jr. who was home from Ft. Sheridan over the weekend. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kennay of Racine Wisc. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Kennay, son Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. Claire Hackbarth and two children Roger and Adeline of Dixon, Mrs. Donald E. Bohn of Franklin Grove.

Dixon Telegraph 05 September 1945
Mrs. Claire Hackbarth and daughter Adeline of Dixon spent the weekend with her folks, Mr. and Mrs. Curg Kennay of Franklin Grove.

Mrs. Daisy Shumaker of Singers Glen VA came Sunday to spend some time with her folks Mr.a nd Mrs. Curg Kennay of Franklin Grove.

Dixon Telegraph 10 November 1945
Lt. Richard Durkes of the Navy and his mother Mrs. Warren Durkes and his sister Mrs. John Roe were luncheon guests of Elizabeth Durkes on Tuesday at her home in Franklin Grove.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 21 November 1945
Mrs. Henry Gleim and Mrs. August Reinhart who underwent surgery at the McCleary hospital and clinic in Excelsior Springs MO are getting along nicely and will enjoy hearing from their friends. They will be there for 10 days to 2 weeks yet.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 24 December 1945
Mrs. Warren C. Durkes is a patient in the Evanston Hospital where she expects to remain for another week. She may be able to spend Christmas with her nephew Henry Bokhof who lives in Chicago.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 09 January 1946
Mr. and Mrs. Don Zimmerman were honored with a farewell party in the Kesselring schoolhouse Wednesday evening by friends and neighbors as they moved the next day from the Warner Schier residence to the August Reinhart farm north of Franklin Grove, formerly occupied by the late Oscar Ness and daughter Ethel. A scramble supper was followed by games of bunco with prizes and the honorees were presented with a gift.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 March 1946
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Richwine entertained with a family dinner on Sunday in honor of their grandson Don E. Stater who is on leave from the navy. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stater of Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Heizenroth of Rockford, and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Burhenn and daughter Janice. Glace Richwine of Ukiah Cal. called by phone and talked to them.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 28 August 1946
Miss Alice Fitch left Monday for Pensacola FL with her neice and husband Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Bowersox who has been visiting in IL for some time. Miss Fitch will spend about two weeks in the south.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 September 1946
Miss Alice Fitch and Miss Saloma Lookinghand returned to their home last evening from an extended visit in Florida.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 January 1947
Fred Hausen will leave Wednesday for Chicago where he will join his daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. William Knox and they will motor to Florida for a vacation. Miss Elizabeth Doden will go to her home while Mr. Hausen is away.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 29 January 1947
William Phillips received a card, Del Ray Beach FL, from Fred Hausen who is on vacation there. He reports a good time.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 February 1947
Miss Betty Ann McDivitt, daughter of Mrs. A.W. Bettin of Franklin Grove, was capped in a candlelight service in the nurse's home at a Normal school of nursing Sunday afternoon upon the completion of her first five months of training. Her mother was in Normal to attend the capping ceremony and the reception which followed.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 February 1947
Ben Richwine is suffering another heart attack at his home this past week.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 March 1947
Fred Hausen of Franklin Grove, who returned recently from an extended visit in Flordia was a Dixon visitor this week.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 March 1947
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Richwine are moving into the home they purchased in Franklin Grove.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 07 June 1947
Mrs. Bertha Searls of Richland Center Wisconsin came Monday for a few days visit with her cousin Mrs. Frank Yocum.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 18 June 1947
Mrs. Glen Wagner, Mrs.Harold Biester and daughter and Mrs. Emma Jones spent Tuesday at the Brookfield Zoo

Mr. and Mrs. lenn Wagner entertained Supervisor and Mrs. Elmer Miller and son and Miss Barbara Biester, with a a chicken dinner at their home Friday evenight.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 24 June 1947
Mrs. August Reinhart and her grandaughter Miss Ethel Nass of Franklin Grove stated they were much impressed by the show (Dixon Better Home Show). Among the other residents of that town attending Mrs. Roy Wendel, a farmers wife, said that she was particularly interested in the deep freeze unit, while her mother Mrs. Jess Dysart was more interested in the kitchen unit.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 August 1947
Bill (William) Kennay, 31, paroled from the state penitentiary psychiatric unit at Menard four months ago was in custody of Elfer Tuck, Earlville Parole officer, for violating parole after taking a new truck tractor belonging to his brother-in-law Ronald Sword, Nachusa, on a weekend jaunt to souther Illinois. Sheriff Gilbert Finch who picked up Kennay, said Kennay returned to Lee County voluntarily. He was picked up in Franklin Grove. Kennay paroled to the custody of Sword had previously served time at Vandalia and Joliet, Finch said.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 08 October 1947
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Biester and daughter spent Sunday in Chicago at the Clarence Biester residence.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 29 October 1947
Mrs. Harold Biester was taken by ambulance to the Dixon hospital Friday night where she submitted to surgery.. At this time she is doing nicely.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 November 1947
Mr. and Mrs. William Knox of Chicago spent the weekend at the Fred Hausen home.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 December 1947
Harry Lager was a Christmas dinner guest at the Fred Hausen home in Franklin Grove

Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 February 1948
Mrs. Florence Werner of Five Mile Line Road, Penfield, NY, announces the engagement of her daughter, Elaine May to Albert H. Bettin, son of Albert W. Bettin of Franklin Grove. The bride-elect is a 1944 graduate of Webster High School, Webster N.Y. and is now living in Los Angeles CA. Her fiance is a graduate of Scovill Business College, Sterling, and is now attending night classes at McKay Business College, Los Angeles, CA. Albert served four and 1/2 years with the armed forces of which three years were served in the South Pacific. He is now employed by Wilson Meat Packing company in Los Angeles. No date has been set for the wedding.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 July 1948
The Wee Kirk O' the Heather in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale CA, will be the scene of a wedding of interest tonight at 8:30 p.m. M iss Elaine May Werner of Los Angeles, daughter of Mrs. Florence Werner of Five Mile Line Road, Penfield N.Y. and Albert Harm Bettin of Los Angeles CA, son of Albert W. Bettin of Franklin Grove IL will be wed. Dr. Martin Luther Long of the First Baptist Church, Burbank, Cal. will be the clergyman. Miss Lois Long, solist, will sing "Because" and other musical selections wil include "Always", "O Promise Me" and "I love You Truly". The bride will wear a gown of white faille fashioned with a V-neckline, cap sleeves and lace peplin. Her fingertip veil will be held in place with a Juliet crown and she will wear full length gloves. Whie carnations with an orchid center will form the bridal bouquet. Mrs. Henry J. Scully, matron of honor will wear a pale blue taffeta gown with a V-neckline and matching gloves. Her bouquet will be of pink carnations. Henry J. Scully will act as best man. Miss Janice Scully will be flower girl in a peach taffeta dress, fashioned iwth a sweetheart neckline. She will carry blue delphiniums. A reception will be held at the Florentine Gardens, Hollywood, after hwich the newlyweds will leave for a trip to Lake Arrowhead. The bride to be graduated from Webster high school, Webster N.Y. and the groom-elect graduated from Dixon high school and spent 2 yers at Scoville Business college Sterling. He is now employed at the Wilson Meat Packing Company. After July 18 Mr. and Mrs. will be at home at 1909 Longwood Ave. Los Angeles, CA.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 03 November 1948
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Richwine had as dinner guests on Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stater of Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Heinzroth of Rockford, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Burhenn and Mr. and Mrs. Don Gallagher and son.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 13 December 1948
Roger Hackbarth of Dixon had the misfortune of breaking his right arm Saturday. He is the son of the Claire Hackbarths and the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Curg Kennay of Franklin Grove.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 January 1949
Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Richwine entertained at a New Years Supper Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Burhenn and Mr. and Mrs. Don Gallagher and son Kim, Mrs. Charles Steder of Dixon was a Sunday visitor.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 09 April 1949
Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Bettin of Franklin Grove IL are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Miss Betty Ann McDivitt, to Maynard S. Branch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Branch of Monroe City MO. Betty Ann will graduate on June 6, from Brokaw Hospital School of Nursing, Normal IL and will also receive her BS degree at the same time from Illinois Weslayan University, Bloomington. Her fiance who is a graduate of Monroe City High School and of Hannibal School of Business is associated with the State Farm Insurance Company of Blooming. The wedding date has been set for June 19th,.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 May 1949

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 July 1949
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cleavor and three daughter of Mount Holley Springs Pa. visited in the Benj. Richwine home last week.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 January 1950
Tom Crowell who is attending college in DeKalb spent the weekend in the Ben Richwine home.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 February 1950
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Greenfield and Harold Withey, Dixon, and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Heller were supper guests Sunday at the Gerald Taylor home near Franklin Grove.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 December 1951
Miss Alice Fitch and Mrs. W.L. Moore will leave Saturday Dec. 22 for Pensacola FL. Mrs. Moore will return in 2 weeks. Miss Moore will remain for the winter.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 28 February 1952
Janesville Wisc: A Franklin Grove IL man was arraigned in municipal court here Wednesday on two charges of issuing fraudulent checks. He is Wm. S. Kennay, 35. His case was continued for a plea to 11 a.m. Friday. Kennay, alias Wm. Scott is being held in the county jail in lieu of $250 bond. He alledgedly issued two fraudulent checks for $15 each in Edgerton Wisc. drawn on the National Bank there.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 17 April 1953
Mrs. Mary Kennay and daughter Ruby Hackbarth, Franklin Grove, have returned from Harrisburg VA after having spent the last 3 days with their daughter and sister Mrs. Daisy Shoemaker who is critically ill.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 17 December 1954
Mrs. Mary A. Keenay announces the engagement, and approaching marriage, of her daughter Ruby E. Kennay Hackbarth to Jay C. Dedrick, son of C.D. Dedrick of Chicago. The wedding will take place in the near future.

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