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Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 May 1944

Pvt. Clyde Gayle arrived here from New York Monday evening to visit his parents. Wednesday he departed for Union Iowa to visit his wife and son who expect to return with him in a few days to visit in the John Gayle home during his furlough.

Pvt. Leo Van Holten arrived here Saturday from the east to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Van Holten, and his wife and child near Dixon. He is with the 7th Armored Div. and was on a 3 day pass.

First Sgt. John Blackburn arrived home on Monday for a 15 day furlough with his parents Mr.and Mrs. John Blackburn. He is stationed at Camp Cooke, Calif. and came by airplane to Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. D.D. Leonard received a letter from their son Sgt. Daniel that he and Eddie Drew are together on the same ship with destination unknown.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schaefer and daughter Bertha, Fred Schaefer and Mrs. Lena Schulte of South Dixon were called to Huntington Ind. by the death of Mrs. Bertha Sieberns, formerly Bertha Schaefer.

Mrs. Donald Sutton and baby who are staying with her parents in Bradfordsville KY came Saturday to visit in the home of her husbands parents Mr. and Mrs. Avery Sutton.

Mrs. Harold Fordham and two children of Rock Falls are visiting her sister and husband Mr. and Mrs. Albert Allen.

Mr. and Mrs. David Haas spent the weekend at Lincoln IL with the latter's parents.

Mrs. Louisa Schoaf left Friday for Centerville Texas, to visit their daughter and sister, Mrs.Hubert Considine. Word came Monday that Lt. and Mrs. Considine are the parents of a baby boy born the 15th.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 May 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooper and daughter Ruth Ann left Friday to return to their home in Glendale, Calif. where Mr. Cooper is employed in the traffic department of the Burlington railroad. Mrs. Cooper and daughter have been in the home of her father Edward Miller since early in April, called here by the death of her mother. Mr. Cooper joined them here for his vacation. Recently a family gathering and dinner took place in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frances Clinton, guests being Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooper, Lt. and Mrs. A.F. O'Meara of Washington D.C., Edward Miller and son Edward of Harmon, and the Missus Rita and Mabel Miller of Sterling.

Lt. and Mrs. O'Meara stopped off here in route from California to Washington D.C. to where Lt. O'Meara has been assigned to shore duty. He has been serving on the new Lexington since the ship was launched.0

Charles Eakle 68 of Princeton, brother of Del Eakle of Harmonm, was buried Thursday afternoon in the Rock Falls IOOF cemetery. Funeral rites took place in Princeton where he had lived the last 17 years with his brother Harold. Mr. Eakle was born Nov. 14 1875 in Harmon. Surviving are 3 brothers/1 sister Harold of Princeton, Urban of Rock Falls, Dell of Harmon and Mrs. Bertha Compton of Urbana.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Smith had for dinner guests Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Gallery of Cherry, Il., Mr. and Mrs. Tellkamp of Peoria, and Sgt. and Mrs. John Larkin of Dayton Ohio.

Mrs. Wm. Tyne and son of Woosung attended the graduation of their grandson and nephew Patrick Henry here Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hulgiest entertained at dinner Sunday Jack McVeigh of Chicago and Paul Hulgiest. Miss Rita and Billy Hulgiest returned from Chicago after several days spent there.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Willstead a daughter at the Dixon Hsp. May 22, 1944.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Smith attended the Lamoille alumni banquet and dance Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brisco and Miss Margaret O'Donnell of Dixon were recent guests of Mrs. Susan Kent and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Sanders.

Mrs. Evelyn Behrendt accompanied her aunt Mrs. Nell Sweet to Cabool MO to visit relatives.

Mrs. Agnes Kelley and Miss Kathryn Larkin of Dixon were Sunday guests in the home of their sister Mr. and Mrs. John Blackburn.

Mrs. Mayme O'Malley was a visitor on Thursday with her cousin at Batavia.

Alf. Clatworthy was a business caller in Dixon on Wednesday.

Sgt. Harold Schaefer of Wright Field OH is enjoying a 3 day pass at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schaefer.

Sgt. Louis Zaleski of Nashville TN is spending a short time in the home of his cousin Frank Knoll. St. Zaleski is in the Medical Dept.

Marine Roy Van Holten of San Diego is visiting his parents south of town.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 June 1944

Mrs. Theresa Petri was honored with a dinner at her home Sunday, June 11, 1944, the occassion being her 75th birthday. The centerpiece was a birthday cake with 75 candles made by her niece, Mrs. Clarence J. Hellum. Those present on the happy occassion besides the guest were Mrs.Catherine L. Petri, Loretta Petri, Mrs Celeste True and children John and Annette, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Hellum and family Margery, Clarise, Bob and Mary Eileen, Nettie, Ben, and Charles McManus, Andrew Folkers, and Ivan Darjus of Sterling and Mary McGuire of Rockford, also her children Rosa, Harold and Lucile Petri and Mr. and Mrs. David Butler and family Shirley, Barbara, John and Lyle of Harmon. Mrs. Petri received as a gift, a purse of money from relatives and friends. May she enjoy many more happy birthdays is the wish of her friends.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 30 June 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Robbins of Amboy are moving into the Ellis Kugler home

Dixon Evening Telegraph 07 Jul 1944

Lloydie Considine is enjoying a visit with his grandmother Mrs. Addie Blackburn at Dixon and will also visit in the home of his aunt, Mrs. Lawrence Cramer at Mount Morris.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 24 August 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Considine, Mr. and Mrs. Emmert Drew and Mrs.Austin Herrity visited in Dixon Sunday with T/Sgt. Eddie Gillen who had completed his missions overseas and returned to his home on furlough.

Mrs. Nell McCullough and daughter and grandson of Philadelphia were visitors in the homes of the formers nieces Mrs. Blanche McKeel and Mrs. Mary McCormick Tuesday. Mrs. McCullough left Ireland when a child of 2 years of age and it is the first meeting with her sister Mrs. James Harvey at Amboy.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 September 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jeanblanc accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hart of Compton and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Walker of Compton to Chicago Wednesday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 October 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Considine and Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Drew entertained Sunday night at a 6 o'clock dinner at the Tom Ramsell cottage. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Phalen, Mr. and Mrs. George Glazer and son Dickie of Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Roman Malach and daughter and son Joe, Mrs. Gertrude McInerny and son Joe and John Drew all of Harmon.

Mrs. Harvey Sinlinger of Chicago was a visitor the past week in the homes of her brothers, Ed, William and Cecil McCormick.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 October 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Mekeel entertained with supper Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beard, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hamburg and Betty, Mr. and Mrs. George Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mongovern and Cpl. Dennis Mongovern, Joan Blackburn and Kathleen O'Rourke. This occassion honored the birthday of Mrs. Mekeel which feel on Friday, Oct. 13.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 October 1944

Lt. and Mrs. Herbert Considine and baby and Mrs Doris Schoaf arrived from Greenville TX Monday morning to spend his furlough with their parents.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 09 November 1944

Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Perkins entertained at dinner the last of the week the two retired rural letter carriers, Mr. and Mrs. George Ross of Sterling and Mr. and Mrs. E.J. McCormick.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 18 January 1945

Mrs. Wayne Whitmore and Mrs. Alvin Rhodenbaugh and baby are visiting Mrs. Lee James in North Dakota.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 24 January 1945

Albert Ostrander of Harmon was a business caller in Dixon this morning

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 January 1945

Tuesday Mrs. Lloyd Considine entertained at a 6 o'clock dinner in honor of PFC John Whitmore who reports at Ft.Sheridan the 26th. John has been home on a 30 day furlough after 31 months service in the European countries, during which, time was spent in Ireland, England and parts of Africa. He reports meeting and visiting with Bud Dimming, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dimming overseas some time ago. Others who were present for the dinner were Mr. and Mrs.Grover Smith of Ohio (IL) and the Considine family.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Boehle and children moved this week from Ashton into the Kugler Residence. Mr. Boehle is truckman for the Lee County Service Company.

Mr. and Mrs. William Dietz entertained the following at their home Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Orville Blockerby and daughter Jeanine of Rock Falls, Mrs. Marian Glafka and daughter Elaine of Walnut, Charles Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Johnson and children, and Mrs. Lowell Dietz and daughter Carol.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 February 1945

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dehotal entertained with a family dinner at their home Sunday, their children and families, daughter Mrs. Jack Phalen and baby son of Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dehotal and childen of West Brooklyn, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dehotal of this place and Mrs. Vera Lonergan of Dixon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 February 1945

Mrs. D.D. Considine was pleased to hear from her cousin Lieut. Commander Willard Malsi whose home is in St.Louis Mo. He will be remembered by many as having visited here with his aunt, the late Mrs. Richard Long Sr.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 February 1945

Mrs. Cloed Orstrander and children spent Saturday in the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Long in Oregon (IL). Mrs. Orstranders brother Pvt. Harold Long left for a camp in Florida for a months rest.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 March 1945

Mary Mekeel R.N. went to Chicago for her physical examination. She is employed at the KSB Hospital at Dixon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 13 April 1945

Mrs. John Considine and daughter, Mrs. Weford Brechon of Dixon were Sunday visitors in the Gertrude McInerney home.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 20 April 1945

Mary Mekeel is nursing at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin

Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 May 1945

Mrs. Minni Durr and daughter Mrs. Clyde Sheffler of Sterling visited relatives here Wednesday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 Jun 1945
Seven tracts of land in Harmon Twp. belonging to the F.H. and W.H. Kugler estate were sold by Sheriff L.E. Bates at the courthouse today at a Sheriffs sale. The amount being realized being $4300.00.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 July 1945
S/Sgt. and Mrs. Pryor F. Cochran of Chatham Field, Savannah GA are visiting at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Wm. Luke of Harmon. Mrs. Harmon was the former Miss Josephine Luke. The young couple was married at Selfridge Field, Mich. on Nov. 30, 1944. S/Sgt Pryor Cochran is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Pryor Cochran of Eden Tx. and will return to Savannah GA after returning here.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 14 July 1945
Mrs. Edna McCarter, assisted by Mrs. Elma Rhodenbaugh entertained the members of the Harmon W.S.C.S. for the July meeting which was opened by prayer by Zelma Hicks.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 July 1945
H.M. Ostrander, grandsons Gene & Joe Ostrander and Lloyd Considine Jr. went to Chicago last Thursday and visited in the Wayne Stonsifer home. Mr. Ostrander returned Friday, the boys remained for a weeks visit.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 13 November 1945
Mrs. Lee James and son Kenneth and daughter Dorothy from Rogers North Dakota are visiting the Alvin Rhodenbaugh and Wayne Whitmore families.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 April 1946
At the recent sale of the Kugler property by Bill Kugler and Elwin Wadsworth, Jake Rhodenbaugh bought the two houses near the bank building.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 October 1946

Jelius Mekeel, Harmon Ill. selling two Holsteins. Phone 58130 Dixon

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 February 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Brill entertained the neighborhood club this week, with cards the diversion of the evening. High prize went to Albert Allen and low to Mrs. Brill.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 08 February 1947

Friends of Alice Mekeel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Mekeel are very sorry to hear of her serious illness. Alice has been taken to KSB Hospital.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 25 February 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hicks and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rhodenbaugh spent Tuesday in Madison Wisc.

Miss Gertrude Walter daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walter has entered the Ursuline novitiate at Festus Missouri and graduated from Community High School in Sterling in '34 and during her high school days was an honor student.

Friends and relatives of Alice Mekeel daughter of the Julius Mekeels are very sorry to hear that Alice is critically ill at the hospital at Dixon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 March 1947

Miss Alice Mekeel was taken to Billings Memorial Hospital in Chicago from the Dixon Hospital in an ambulance last week. She was submitted to brain surgery.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 March 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Mekeel spent Friday in Chicago with their daughter Alice.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 March 1947

Joe Mekeel, student at DePaul University in Chicago spent the weekend visiting his parents, Mr.and Mrs. Julius Mekeel.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 April 1947

Card of Thanks - I wish to thank all those who remembered me during my illness at the KSB Hospital and the Billings Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Alice Mekeel.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 April 1947

Alice Mekeel has returned from Billings hospital and is convalescing at the farm of her parents Mr.and Mrs. Julius Mekeel.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 May 1947

Ann Mekeel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Mekeel celebrated her 12th birthday yesterday with a party. Baseball was played during the afternoon after which refreshments were served by Alice Mekeel, Mrs. Fred Hamburg, and Mrs. James Mekeel of Rock Falls. Guests were Carol Grimes, Geraldine & Wendell Lincoln, Barbara & James Lowe, Merle, Delores and Arnie Scudder, Jeanine Giblin, Raymond, Charles, Jimmy and Joey Rebordy and Francis Druin.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 October 1947

Rosa and Lucille Petri were Rockford shoppers Saturday.

Mrs. Jake Rhodenbaugh, Frank Rhodenbaugh and Charles McCarter made a trip to Wisconsin this week.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 December 1947

Mrs. G. Anderson, the former Grace Brill was guest of honor at a post-nuptial miscellaneous shower at the home of her aunt Mrs. Ralph Lusz of Harmon. Another aunt Mrs. Roy Hicks was assistant hostess. During the evening bingo was played and a lunch served. The bride's colors, pink and white were used in the house decorations.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 14 Jan 1948

Lloydie Considine, Gene and Joe Ostrander returned to school after the holiday vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Considine and children, Mrs. Addie Blackburn of Dixon and Doris Schoaf have returned from their holiday trip.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 January 1948

Doris Schoaf, Bonnie Woolsey, Sue Knoll, Ramona Ostrander and Mrs. Gilbert Lahman attended a basketball game at Beloit, Wisc., to see Mr. Lahman's son Joel play who is going to college.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 Jun 1949

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rhodenbaugh and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rhodenbaugh and family, motored to the Brookfield Zoo Sunday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 September 1949

The Orville Hopkins family have moved into the W.H. Kugler home which they recently purchased.

Mr. and Mrs. E.J. McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Powers, and Mrs. Cecil Woolsey spent Saturday with Donna Powers and Bonnie Woolsey who are attending Northern Illinois State University at DeKalb.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 02 February 1950

Mrs. William Deitz entertained at dinner on Sunday honoring her husbands 60th birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Jake Rhodenbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Deitz, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Johnson, and Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Deitz of Deer Grove; Mr. and Mrs. Orville Blackorby and daughter of Sterling; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kunke of Rochelle; Mr. and Mrs. Marion Glafka and Charles Parker of Walnut.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 March 1950

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roark of Wisconsin and Joseph Scanlon visited the D.D.Leonard's Sunday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 16 March 1950

The Harmon Sportsmen will hold a banquet next Thursday, March 23 at the Methodist Church in Harmon. Frank Rhodenbaugh announces that entertainment be provided. Movies on wildlife will be presented by Don Ortgisen.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 30 March 1950

Richard Dimmig has been appointed rural carrier and will start April 1. Joseph Ostrander has been substituting since the retirement of I.H. Perkins.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 June 1950

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rhodenbaugh and family, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Johnson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rhodenbaugh and family spent Sunday at Savanna fishing.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 June 1950

Bill Kugler of DeWitt Iowa was a visitor in Harmon friday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 July 1950

Mr. and Mrs. C.J.McCormick entertained over the week end Mr. and Mrs. Ed Higley, Freeport; Mrs. Fred Kirley, Mrs.Joseph Bass and Mrs. Harvey Sindlinger all of Chicago.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 14 March 1951

Mrs. Robert Thrasher and daughter Barbara, Mrs. Alvin Rhodenbaugh, Mrs.Frank Rhodenbaugh and Mrs. Ray Crisman spent Friday in Sterling where they attended the vacation church school directed by the International Council of Religious Education.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 14 June 1951

William Kugler, Chicago, visited here on Sunday

Dixon Evening Telegraph 17 August 1951

Mrs.Louise Rhodenbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rhodenbaugh and two sons left for the east. Mrs. Louise Rhodenbaugh will visit her brother in Warren Ohio and Alvin and family will go on to Niagara Falls.

Dixon Telegraph 27 November 1951

Mrs. Louise Rhodenbaugh left from Dixon Sunday for an extended visit with relatives at San Diego Calif.

Dixon Telegraph 12 Jan 1952

Mrs. Louise Rhodenbaugh has returned home from San Diego California where she spent two months with relatives.

Dixon Telegraph 28 February 1952

A farewell party was held Sunday at the Frank Hicks home for Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rhodenbaugh and family. About 35 friends and neighbors were present. Cards were played with Mrs. Arlo Conderman and Julius McKeel was assisted by Mrs. George Leonard.

Dixon Telegraph 21 March 1952

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCarter entertained 30 relatives at a birthday dinner Sunday honoring her father Fred Craig and his mother Mrs. Plenny McCarter. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Laws and family from Amboy; Mr. and Mrs. Roland Thompkins and family from Franklin Grove; Mr. and Mrs. Dan Craig and family; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bunger and family from Rochelle; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Craig and family from Oak Lawn; Mr and Mrs Frank Rhodenbaugh and family, Plenny McCarter and the honored guests.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 March 1952

Mrs. Cecil McCormick entertained 50 relatives and friends at a miscellaneous shower at her home Sunday afternoon, honoring Mrs. James Sanders, Sterling. Mrs. McCormick and Mrs. Floyd Sanders served lunch.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 25 June 1952

Mrs. Christine Walter and Son George, San Diego Calif. visited the past few days with Mrs. Louise Rhodenbaugh.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 02 September 1952

Michael and Philip James McCormick, sons of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. McCormick, Harmon will be studying at St. Norberts West DePere, Wisc. this year. Michael at the college and his brother at the academy. Their sister Susie will be in nurses training at St. Frances hospital, Peoria.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 29 July 1953

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rhodenbaugh and family, and Harmon Johnson left Wednesday morning for a trip through the Dakotas and will also visit Canada.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 January 1954

Mrs. Louise Rhodenbaugh has returned from Florida where she spent a month with Mr. and Mrs. William Dietz.

Mrs. Lee James has returned to her home in South Dakota having spent the holidays with her daughters Mrs.Alvin Rhodenbaugh and Mrs. Wayne Whitmore.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rhodenbaugh had as guest New Years evening Mr and Mrs. P.F. McCarter, Mrs.Louise Rhodenbaugh and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Johnson.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 April 1954

Mr. and Mrs.Charles McCarter, Mr. and Mrs. P.F. McCarter, Mrs. Louise Rhodenbaugh were resent visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rhodenbaugh rural Dixon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 June 1954

A Sunday dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P.F.McCarter honored Chuckie Rhodenbaugh and his grandfather P.F.McCarter. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rhodenbaugh and children, Dixon; Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCarter and girls, Mrs. Louise Rhodenbaugh and Hanna Schulte.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 17 June 1954

A birthday dinner for Raymond James 9 and Kenneth Rhodenbaugh 10, was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rhodenbaugh Friday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 28 October 1954

Mr. and Mrs. Lee James and Dorothy Rogers N.D. have spent a week with Mrs. James' twin sister Mrs. Wayne Whitmore and Mrs. Alvin Rhodenbaugh.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 November 1954

Frank Rhodenbaugh attended the funeral of Forest James in Walnut Thursday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 07 February 1955

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Mekeel have returned from a vacation in Florida and a visit witht their daughter in Rock Hill SC

Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 June 1955

Alvin Rhodenbaugh suffered a cut above his left eye while working on his farm Wednesday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 October 1955

Charles Rhodenbaugh son of the Frank Rhodenbaughs suffered a broken nose while playing Walton School Wednesday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 25 November 1955
A surprise birthday party for Mrs.Frank Rhodenbaugh was given in her home recently by her mother Mrs. P.C. Carter.

Daily Gazette 25 July 1967
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McCormick and twin daughtes, Jean and June and Miss Elsie McCormick attended the wedding of Miss Susan Bass at the St. siena Catholic church, Chicago, Saturday at noon. they also attended the reception at Holiday Inn at 5 p.m.

Mrs. Carl Place and weekend houseguests, Mr. and Mrs. William Noore and children, Billy and Pamela, Champaign, and MRs. Junela Minchle, Chicago, motored to Anchor to visit with Mr.a nd Mrs. Fred Albertson and their houseguests' Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hensel of Anaheim, Calif. They celebrted Mrs. Michhles 90th birthday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Balchawiak, Milwaukee Wisc., were weekend houseguests of the Cecil McCormicks.

Mr. and mrs. Edward Riesing, Peoria were Wednesday dinner guests ofMr. and Mrs. David Butler, Harold Petri, Harmon also was a dinner guest.

Mr. and Mrs. David Butler and Harold Petri visited their sister, Miss Lucetta Petri in the Springfield Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Zentz and Jack were callers int he Dan Fadden home, Naperville, Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Mary Demmsore, Delta Colo. was a houseguest of Mr. and Mrs. John Foy and daughters for a month.

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