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The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, September 10, 1847 (Contributed by Nancy Piper)
Here is a brisk little village, where but a few months ago there was no sign of a habitation. Lee Centre already boasts a dozen or two of neat dwelling houses, a church, two stores, several mechanic shops, and what speaks most for the enterprise and liberality of its inhabitants, they are now erecting by voluntary contribution, a two story brick building, 32 feet by 40, to be used as an academy. The building will be completed this fall and cost over $1500. A fine stream, the Inlet, runs by the town, affording water power for several flouring and saw mills in the vicinity, and still room for others. The village is beautifully located between Inlet and Palestine groves, ten miles from Dixon and twenty from Grandetour and as its name indicates, at the central point of Lee County. It has a post office, is surrounded by a heavy farming population who will naturally do their light trading there and is bound to be a place. Several enterprising Bostonians, with capital, have purchased lots, and intend to build and open business in the place in spring.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 24 May 1944
Mrs. Clarence Martz and Mrs. Malinda Ashenbrenner attended the Harek school picnic Sunday which was held in the schoolhouse. Mrs. Iva Callahan, the teacher, will not return as she plans to take a school near to her home in Dixon.

Everett Daniels, who with his family, made his home with the Clifford Wilsons returned last Wednesday from the Amboy hospital where he was a patient.

Mrs. Van Hagenbauch and two children of Alhambra CA are visiting her parents Col. and Mrs. John Gentry. She plans also to visit relatives in Indiana.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Underhile announce the birth of a daughter May 13 at the Amboy hospital.

Pvt. Eva P. Freadhoff yeoman 2nd class of Arlington VA was guest of honor at a family dinner last week Sunday at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. George Freadhoff. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Freadhoff, son George, daughter Jean, Peru; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Wilson, daughters Shirley, Marian and Rogene, son Howard, Sublette; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelly and daughter Rosemary, Franklin Grove.

Sgt. and Mrs. Percy Berry were guests at the H.L. Jahn home several days last week. Sgt. Berry is here on a 15 day furlough from Jackson Miss.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 July 1944
After discussing old and new business and deciding to make scrap books for the soldiers at Camp Grant and Hines hospital we adjourned to the kitchen for our demonstrations and talks. At our next meeting July 14 the demonstration will be by Verna Morning, Maxine McBride, Naomi Bollman, and Katherine Klausen. (4 H Cooking Club).

Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 July 1944
The club then adjourned to the kitchen where Verna Morning demonstrated a baked custard, Maxine McBride a gingerbread and Betty Bollman, the making of cocoa. (4-H Club)

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 July 1944
(4 H Club) At the meeting last week Maxine McBride and Ellen Moore were appointed demonstration team for County Achievement Day at Amboy Farm Bureau August 18....

Dixon Evening Telegraph 02 August 1944
(4 H Club) We discussed our plans for the local and county achievement days which are to be held the first part of August. Rita John (Hahn) and Maxine McBride will be the demonstration team and demonstrate correct ways of measuring... After talks by Naomi Bollman, Maxine McBride, Jacqueline Brasel and Marilyn Bollman we enjoyed the foods the demonstrators provided.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 September 1944
(4 H Club) The Lee County project honors were among others.. Maxine McBride

Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 September 1944
Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Jeanblanc, Howard and Dean returned Thursday night from Dawson Creek Can. where they spent the past 3 months. Mr. Jeanblanc has been there one year in the United States Emergency Department of the Alean highway. He plans to go to Alaska in a short time.

Prof. Lindsay Jeanblanc business manager and law teacher of the University of Louisville, Louisville, Ky. and Mrs. Edyth Miller of the Northwestern University faculty have been visiting their parents Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Jeanblanc.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 18 October 1944
C.W. Jeanblanc and son Howard are employed at Baraboo, Wisc. on an eighty million dollar ordnance plant .

Dixon Evening Telegraph 25 October 1944
Mrs. C.W. Jeanblanc and Deane, Mrs. Lyle Eisenberg and Larry, Mrs. Russell Gentry and Caroline, motored to Bradford in Stark county Thursday to visit Mrs. Mary Baylor at the Forest Baylor home. Mrs. Carl Mayes who accompanied them, visited her sister, Mrs. Earl Beeney at Buda.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 November 1944
Mrs. Jessie Gentry and Mrs. Justina Jeanblanc spent Friday in Tampico with the formers aunt Mrs. Joe Higgins.

Mrs. Justina Jeanblanc entertained the Russell Gentry family at dinner Sunday in honor of Caroline Gentry's fifth birthday. She received many fine gifts.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 16 November 1944
Lt. Keith Jeanblanc, his fiance Miss Adele Goodell of Waterloo, and mother Mrs. C.W. Jeanblanc, motored to Merrimac, Wisc. and visited with C.W. Jeanblanc and Howard. Friday they drove to the Dells, Devils Lake and Barboo where C.W. and Howard are employed. Saturday Lt. Jeanblanc and Miss Goddel returned to Waterloo and the former will go to Lincoln Nebr., for training with his airplane crew of which he will be the navigator, prelimary to assignment.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 07 Feb 1945
Congregational Church - Young people's meeting started at 7:30 by singing hymns and chorsus. We talked about having a party or some entertainment for different people or churches, June Kalsted was eliminated from the office of reporter. Maxine McBride is the secretary. Naomi Bollman gave the lesson. Games were played and Betty Degner gave the entertainment "Miracle of Hickory Heros" story.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 21 Feb 1945
(1st Congrgational Church Young Peoples Meeting)... Maxine McBride gave "Colin Kelly" for entertainment... Meeting closed with the Lords Prayer.. Maxine McBride, Reporter

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 March 1945
Jerry McBride has purchased the Mrs. Ada Carlson

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 May 1945
Lee Center High School - Piano & Voice Students of Mildred Bailey will be presented in recital Tuesday May 29.. "Chinese Song" written by Howel - by Maxine McBride among others.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 July 1945
The Charles Frost property on Main Street was sold last Thursday afternnon to Harry Riley for $925.00. There was about 3/4 acres of land. All the personal property brought a good price.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 30 August 1945
George McBride will go to Chicago soon for a pre-induction examination..

Dixon Evening Telegraph 16 November 1945
Among those from this area attending the American Legion Auxiliary turkey banquet in the Amboy Farm Bureau Sunday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Maves, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lambert, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. Baylor, W.G. & Alice Taylor, Alice Parlin, Fred Jeanblanc, Mrs. Gordon Lovett, George McBride and girlfriends.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 20 November 1945
Miss Rita Mae Hahn was a Sunday evening visitor at Lee Center at the McBride home. Sgt. Ray McBride has just arrived home after serving 2 1/2 years overseas in the South Pacific, from California for the holidays.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 21 November 1945
Reub, as he is familiarly known is again employed by the Lee County Grain Association at Lee Center and it appears he may bring a bride here as the engagement of Miss Violet Stonecipher of Dixon to Reuben McBride of Lee Center has been announced.

His brother Cpl. Ray McBride of the U.S. Marines landed in California Oct. 24. and has been at Camp Pendleton where he received his discharge after several years of service in the South Pacific. He is expceted home here by Thanksgiving.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 February 1946
Members of the Poths-Lavelle Post No. 453 American Legion from this area who attended the annual turkey banquet in the Amboy club rooms Thursday evening included W.G. Taylor, John Brassel, Fred Jeanblanc, Roland Ullrich, Carl Manes, Herbert Parker, John Short and George McBride.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 07 March 1946
Welcome Home Party for returned Soldiers featured the following program.
Music - Mrs. Emma Ullrich
Address of Welcome - Mrs. Nelta Hahn
Flags, drills - grade school girls: Lois Bollman, Jackie Brasel, Jean Miles, Patty Foote, Janice Hill, Cynthia Traugher, Earlene McNinch, Judy, Sondgeroth, Marie Ilkens, Marilyn Bollman, Katherine & Fern Thomas. Rita May Jahn in costume was the Statue of Liberty.
Vocal Solo - Rev. Dennis Bennett accompanied by Mrs. C.A. Ullrich.
Hobo Band - George Traugher, June Wellman, Esther Kalsted, Jessie Gentry, Alice Parlin, Eleanor Baylor, Evelyn Stebens, Mabelle Aschenbrenner, Sara Degner
Around the Campfire - Lillian Foote, Alverad McDuffy, Minnie Eaton
All soldiers talked, giving name, rank and company. These included - Marilyn Prehm, John Short, Russell Gentry, Robert Bedient, Wilbur Liehr, Roland Ullrich, Floyd White, Reuben McBride, Luther Hayes, Elmer Olson,
Three Gold Star Mothers - Mrs. Justina Jeanblanc, Mrs. Mattie Klausen, Mrs. Margaret Lovett,

Dixon Evening Telegraph 20 March 1946
The Ladies Circle which met on Thursday with Mrs. Geraldine Pomeroy has added two new ladies to its membership: Myrtle Cole and Mrs. Mary McBride.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 25 April 1946
Easter Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bulfer of Sublette were Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Hahn and family; Mrs. Isabelle Hahn; Rita Mae Hahn of Rockford and George McBride Lee Center and Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Saltz.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 25 September 1946
Members of the local Rebekah Lodge attending the district meeting at Amboy Friday evening included Evelyn Forrestall, Nellie Foote, Mary McBride, Linda Brasel, Alice Parlen, Marian Jahn, Mae Tiffany, Nellie Hotchkiss, Minnie Eaton, Josephine Dierdorff, Ethel Sund, Mattie Klausen, Marion Ikens, Clem Miller, George Ikens, Alverda McDuffy.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 October 1946
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stevens, Mrs. Edward McBride of Chicago spent the weekend with the ladies mother, Mrs. Michael Harvey.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 February 1947
Mrs. Vernon Pomeroy Mrs. Roy Fenstermaker, Mrs. Joyce Davenport, Mrs. Violet McBride, Mrs. John Brasel, and Mrs. T. L. Traugher of this area attended the 4-H club training school at Lighthouse Feb. 5, which was conducted by four extension specialists from the University of Illinois. A recognition dinner for leaders was served at 5 p.m.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 February 1947
Miss Rita Mae Hahn, George McBride from Dixon and Harold White of Lee Center were Sunday evening guests of Miss Arlene Benoy of Rockford.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 March 1947
The American Auxiliary initiated four new members at the home of Mrs. Earl McNinch last Wednesday evening. They included Mrs. Reuben McBride, Mrs. Glen Davenport, Maxine McBride, Rita John (I wonder if this should be Hahn?) The initiation was conducted by Mrs. Carl Manes, assisted by Mrs Earl McNinch, Mrs. John Brasel, Mrs. Harvey Foote, Mrs. O.L. Baylor, Mrs. Fred Bollman, Alice Parlin.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 16 April 1947
Jr. Members of the Womens Club here will conduct a drive for waste fats in the community during the next few weeks. Members in charge of the drive are Jacquelin Brasel, Carolyn Gentry, Maxine McBride, Rita Jahn (Hahn) and Esther, Rebekah and Rachel Bollman.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 April 1947
Lee Center & Viola units of the Home Bureau will hold a joint meeting at the home of Mrs. Blanche Arnold Friday at 1:30 p.m. with Mrs. Reuben McBride as hostess.

Lee Center's American Legion Auxiliary unit entertained 24 veterans at the Dixon State hospital Tuesday night with enertainment provided by Rita Jahn (Hahn), Verna Morning, Maxine McBride, Jacqueline Brasel, Mrs. Carl Maves, Mrs. Harvey Foote, Alice Parlin. Attending the program were Mrs. Esther Kalsted, George Dunseth, Mrs. Fred Bollman and daughters, Mrs. Clarence Hoff, Mr. and Mrs. John Brasel, Mrs. Jerry McBride, Mrs. Glenn Davenport, Mrs. Carl Maves, Mrs. Reuben McBride and Mrs. Ed. Foote.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 09 July 1947
A picnic dinner at the Pines State Park on the 4th, honored the birthday of Jacquelin Brasel. Those in attendence were Mr. and Mrs. John Brasel and Marie, Mrs. Linda Brasel, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Ullrich, Linda and Leon; Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Ullrich, Anna Morgantheau, Verna Morning, Maxine McBride, George McBride, Rita Hahn and Jack Carlson.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 17 September 1947
A letter and clipping from Mrs. Frank Frost of Glendale Ca. reports the death in an auto collision near Denver of Mrs. Lee Bowman, 31, of Sterling Colo. a daughter of Paul Hulbert whose father, the late Harvey Hulbert lived in Amboy several decades ago and married one of the Hegert sisters. He was a brother of Mrs. Frost.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 September 1947
LOST: By mistake, was put in 1941 Chev. 5 pass coupe, Saturday night, parked near Biers, an Emerson Portable Radio. Please contact George McBride Lee Center Ph 39

Dixon Evening Telegraph 24 September 1947
John Krische, bookeeper for the Lee County Grain Association here has purchased from Reuben McBride the house on Second street, which he and his wife occupied before moving to Shaws as resident manager of the co-operative.

Evelyn Forrestall, Mary McBride and Florence Cruse have charge of plans for Oct. 3 rites at which Abigail Rebekah lodge No. 759 will celebrate its 34th anniversary here.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray McBride and infant daughter Cynthia of San Diego Calif. were recent visitors at the Jerry McBride home.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 October 1947
Members of the local Rebekah lodge who attended the district meeting in Polo Thursday evening included Nellie Foote, Esther Connibear, Alice Parlin, Evelyn Forristall, Marion Jahn, Fern Bride, Juanita Garrison, Mary McBride, Ethel Sund, Linda Brasel, Alverda McDuffy, and Clem Miller.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 31 December 1947
Isabelle Hahn and Rita Mae entertained for Christmas dinner George McBride of Lee Center and Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Hahn and family.

04 February 1948 Dixon Evening Telegraph
At the close of the meeting (Womens Auxilary) refreshments of jello and cake were served by the hostess' assisted by Mrs. Jerry McBride, and Misses Maxine McBride, Rita Mae Jahn/

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Brown of Sterling were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben McBride at Shaws.

14 September 1948 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Mrs. Jerry McBride and Maxine have returned from a visit with the Ray McBride family in Los Angeles Calif.

05 October 1948 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Mrs. Jerry McBride on the sick list last week is much improved.

09 October 1948 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Merritt Risetter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lars Risetter of near Lee caught his right hand in a corn picker early this week resulting in the amputation of his index finger at the joint.

18 October 1948 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Admitted to KSB Hospital - Mrs. Mary McBride

24 November 1948 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Lee Center High School Alumni Association officer for 1948 who will have charge of the meeting Friday night include President, Leland Bodmer; Vice President, George McBride; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Jack Carlson

15 December 1948 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Mrs. Jerry McBride's condition continues about the same, although showing some improvement.

17 June 1949 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McBride of Lee Center are announcing the engagement of their youngest daughter Maxine to George Freeman Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. George Freeman of Lima Ohio. Maxine attended Lee Center schools and is a graduate of the Commuinty High School of 1948. Her fiancee attended Lima township High School and is now stationed at the Naval Air Base at Glenview. The couple plan to be wed July 17.

26 November 1949 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jakawsky, Chicago and Mr. and Mrs. Ray McBride, and Mr. and Mrs. George Freeman the former stationed at Glenview Naval Air Base, were Sunday dinner guests at the Jerry McBride house.

10 March 1950 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Melvin McBride injured his nose while playing basketball last week

20 May 1950 Dixon Evening Telegraph
The engagement and approaching marriage of Rita M. Hahn, daughter of Mrs. Isabelle Hahn, West Brooklyn, and the late George Hahn, is announced to George E. McBride, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McBride of Lee Center. The wedding will be June 17 at West Brooklyn.

07 July 1951 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Jack Brasil, John Knutson, and Bob McBride spent the weekend near Iron Mountain MI.

11 August 1951 Dixon Evening Telegraph
To Mr. and Mrs. George McBride, West Brooklyn, a boy born August 10..

24 November 1951 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Coach Sciacca Basketball - In the lineup - Sciacca also has Don Swope, Melvin McBride, Don Wellman, Sherm Shaw, Gerry Bollman available.

08 April 1952 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Lee Center High School Seniors will present "Much to Much" at 8 p.m. Friday April 18. The cast: Tom Foster, Bob Twardowski, Sherman Shaw, Jeannie mills, Bettie Ikens, Donice Ackerson, Shirley Hackman, Pat Frost, Don Wellman, Wally Delhotal, Bernard Bodmer, Ruth Bonnell, Esther Bolman, Evelyn Sweet and Donna Lahman. Stage Managers and Production Assistants: Melvin McBride, Joe Turner, Wayne Bettner, Donald and David Bonnell, and Don Swope.

05 August 1952 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Mrs. Herb Anderson and Nancy have returned to Chicago after visiting Mrs. Andersons parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McBride.

12 August 1952 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McBride visited the latter's mother Theresa Schaeffer, Belvidere, Wednesday.

16 September 1952 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McBride attended the funeral of Jay Taylor in Belvidere Saturday

13 October 1952 Dixon Evening Telegraph
Melvin McBride, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McBride, Lee Center, is completing his Air Force basic airman indoctrination at Lackland Air Force Base, the "Gateway to the Air Force." Lackland is situated near San Antonio is the worlds largest air force base.

31 December 1952 Dixon Evening Telegraph
A/3c Melvin McBride, Kessler Air Force Base, Mississippi and A/3c Robert McBride Shermanfield Texas are spending the holidays with their parents, Mr.and Mrs. Jerry McBride.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 February 1953
Mrs. Maude Ford visited last week with her grandaughter Mrs. Robert Reid in Dixon. The occassion honored the 3rd birthday of Alice Mae Reid her Great grandaughter.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 March 1953
Mrs. Maude Ford recently received a birthday cablegram from her grandson Cpl. Heil Ford who is in Germany.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 August 1953
Robert McBride has been home on a five day furlough from Terrin Texas. His brother Melvin was also on a 3 day leave from California and has now been transfered to Grace Falls MT.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McBride are the grandparents of a new grandson born to Mr. and Mrs. George Freeman, Lima Ohio. The baby is named Daniel. Mrs. Freeman was formerly Maxine McBride.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 February 1954
Nacogdoches Texas - Melvin McBride has been telling his friends about the perils of on his farm. McBride stopped his car on his farm to move a log that blocked the road. He almost touched a rattlesnake. The snake crawled into a hole in the log. McBride punctured a yellow-jacket nest while trying to poke the snake out with a pole. The moving snake attracted the yellow-jackets. McBride got away from there.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 February 1954
Miss Lorraine J. Kennay has been admitted to Mercy Hospital in Chicago for treatment. Her address is room 346. Her mother is staying in Chicago near her at 1413 N. Rockwell St. (She returned home from her surgery 4th of March 1954).

Dixon Evening Telegraph 08 July 1954
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Anderson, Chicago, spent the holiday in the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McBride. On Monday they all visited their aunt Mrs. Theresa Schaeffer in Belvidere. Little Deborah Freeman returned to Chicago with her aunt Mrs. Anderson for a visit.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 08 September 1954
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McBride and family, San Diego Calif. recently visited in the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McBride.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Anderson, Chicago spent the weekend at the Jerry McBride home.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 January 1955
The Herbert Anderson's, Chicago; the Reuben McBrides, Shaws; the George McBrides, West Brooklyn; and Mrs Maxine Freeman, Dixon were New Years day guests of their parents the Jerry McBride's. Melvin McBride was home on furlough from Scott Field, Bellville.

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