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Lee County

Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 April 1945

William Knuth (of Amboy) was a Sunday visitor at the Charles Goy home at Maytown.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 03 April 1947

Charlotte Goy of Maytown spent the weekend at the Will Fitzpatrick home.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 September 1948

Mr. and Mrs. Scott of Chicago spent the weekend at the home of Mr.and Mrs. Leo Goy.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 21 Jul 1949

Mr. and Mrs. John Goy of Maytown are announcing the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter Shirley to James Malach of Sublette. The wedding will take place on Saturday August 20th at St. Patrick's church Maytown. Shirley, a registered nurse and a graduate of the Amboy High School and St. Charles School of Nursing of Aurora, has been employed for the past two years on the general duty nursing staff at the Amboy Public Hospital. Her fiancee attended Marmion Military Academy, Aurora and was graduated from the Amboy High school. He is now engaged in farming.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 30 July 1949

James Sharkey and sister Rose of Amboy visited Thursday with Mr.and Mrs. James McCormick

Mrs. Lester Blaine and Agnes McFadden visited Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Drew at Harmon

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Friel and daughter Carol Ann were Ohio business callers, Friday evening.

Mrs. Laura Shaw who has been ill is improving

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 October 1949

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Goy attended the wedding and reception at the marriage of Ralph Leffleman and Dorothy Nauman at Ohio Saturday.kest

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 October 1949

Mr. and Mrs. Todd celebrated their 25th anniversary Saturday. A reception was held Saturday evening attended by 250 people. They were presented with silverware.

Harry Buckley Aurora visited with his brother Charles Buckley over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Scott, Chicago spent the weekend here with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Goy

Mrs. A.H. Montavon who has been ill is improving.

James Sharkey, Amboy visited Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James McCormick.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 20 January 1950

The banns were published the second time Sunday for the marriage of Miss Eleanor Aubert of here and Vernon Leffelman, South Dixon.

Mrs. Fred Chandler and son Joseph were Sunday were Amboy callers Wednesday.

Rolland Stenzel transacted business in Amboy Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Alois Foster have moved to Amboy.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 21 February 1950

Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Spohn (Ohio) were Sunday dinner guests at the Jack Goy home in Maytown

Dixon Evening Telegraph 14 March 1951

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Leffelman, Maytown, announced the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Vivian, to Joseph Goy, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Goy, Maytown. The wedding has been set for April 14, at St. Patricks church, Maytown.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 17 May 1954

Mrs. Leo Goy, Maytown, and daughter Mrs. Bernard Fitzpatrick, Walton, returned this morning from Denver, Colo., after spending the weekend with Sister Marietta who is a teacher at the holy family school. Sister Marietta is a daughter of Mrs. Goy and a sister of Mrs. Fitzpatrick. Mrs. Mae Leffelman, Amboy, who accompanied them on the trip, remained in Golden, Colo. for a visit at the D.J. Young residence.

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