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Sterling Daily Gazette 28 May 1932
A very beautiful flower garden is now in bloom at the G. M. Bartholomew home. More then 25 varieties of iris may been seen in full bloom. there are also several varieties of early peonies in bloom, besides several kinds of tulips and other spring flowers,. Numerous bushes of Bridal-wreath and snow balls around the house and throughout the garden make it an attractive spot. (From Margaret Mangers)

The homes of John Babin and family and Lawrence Coppotelli and family have recently been improved by a double coat of paint. They have booth been pointed (painted) an attractive buff as light brown color. (From Margaret Mangers)

Sterling Daily Gazette 22 January 1934
Thursday a surprise wedding anniversary dinner was held at noon in honor of Mr. and Mrs. William Bollman, at their home in Nelson township. The centerpiece of the table was a delicious angel food wedding cake baked by their daughter, Mrs. Harry Chapin of Durand. The afternoon was pleasantly spent in visiting. Mr. and Mrs. Bollman were presented with nice gifts. The guests departed late in the afternoon wishing Mr. and Mrs. Bollman many more years of happiness. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chapin of Durand, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bollman of Prophetstown, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bollman and daughter June of Rock Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Manning and son Harold of Dixon. Mrs. Florence Bollman, and son Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bollman, Mrs. Alvina Harden, Mr. and Mrs. William Bollman and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Bollman, all of Dixon.
Contributed by Georgi DeBartolo

Sterling Daily Gazette January 25, 1938
Saturday evening Josephine and Rose Bevilacua entertained at a party for their brother Tony and two friends of the University of Illinois. The following were present; Misses Barbara Campbell, Buddy Davies and Keggy Crawford of Dixon, Lois Elliott of Lee Center, Dorothy Stitzel of Nelson and pete Moore, Bob Dowling, Bud Nichols, Huck Richards, Floyd Smith, Jr., of Dixon and Louis Bevilacqua, Jr.

Tony Bevilacqua and two boyfriends, Bill Burns and Brad Sturgean of the University of Illinois, were weekend guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bevilacqua.

Mrs. Flora Phillips of Sterling visited Sunday at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. C. Shore and Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Stitzel.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Pippert and son Charles of Rock Falls and Floyd Smith Jr. of Dixon, were entertained Sunday at the home of Mr.a nd mrs. E.D. Stitzel.

George Thompson, who is with the extra maintainers gang at Elburn, spent the weekend at this home.

Mrs. Paul Lenon and son, Philip Wnedel, of Dixon wpent last week in Nelson at the home of her parents, Mr. and mrs. Walter Thompson.

Mrs. George Onken and daughter, Winifred Cossman, and son Wilford George, Jr., were entertained in the home of Mrs. Onken's niece, Mrs. Oscar Strattor Friday.

Mrs. Rose Kron of Nelson is ill at her home.

Charles Phillips, who is at the Home hospital in Sterling is getting along as well as can be expected.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 May 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Waller went to Ottawa to visit her sister Friday and learned she had passed away. They returned home and went to Cisne to attend the funeral.

Two brothers, Sgt. Alvin Barthlemeow and Pfc Lloyd Barthlemeow had the pleasure of meeting in England and taking a sight seeing trip in London.

Mrs. Gene Ortgiesen was called to Elgin by the serious illness of her mother. Word was received Wednesday that she had passed away.

The corn on the W.C. Stitzel farm was sold to A.J. Hollenbeck and son who shelled and hauled it to their farm

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 June 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ortgiesen returned from California on Sunday. They were called there some six weeks ago by the death of Mrs. Ortgiesen's mother, Mrs. Nina Gardner.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 09 June 1944
Mrs. Gene Ortgiesen returned home Saturday evening from Elgin where she was called by the death of her mother Mrs. Deik.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 06 Jul 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ortgiesen had as 4th of July guests, her brother Hugh Gardener and wife and son Herbie, another brother John and wife and Mrs. Christianson of Kenosha Wisc. The Gardeners reside in Maywood and Oak Park.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 Jul 1945
Mrs. Ed. Ortgiesen of Nelson has as her guests Mrs. H.C. Frandson (Sister) and daughter Shirley Marie of Montebello Calif. Over the weekend the Ortgiesens also entertained Mr. and Mrs. E.T. Gardner and daughter Marjorie of the personnel division of the WAVES and another daughter Virginia.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 25 September 1946
Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Janssen attended a birthday dinner Sunday which was given in honor of Mr. Carl Janssen Jr. by his sister Mrs. Glen Gilbert at her home in Coleta.

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Genz have moved into their new home which was recently completed in the new Crombie addition. Other new homes which are under construction are a frame bungalow which is being built by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Janssen and a cement block home being constructed by Mr. and Mrs. L. Horner They expect to have them completed by early fall. Lloyd Bartholomew is building a new cement block garage.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 02 October 1946
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Knelsen and family of Dixon spent Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Henry Janssen. Other guests included Robert Rosengren and daughter of Rockford.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 09 October 1946
Fred Hausen and Miss Elizabeth Doden of Franklin Grove and his daughter, Mrs. William Knox of Chicago were callers Tuesday afternoon at the E.D.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 06 January 1947
On New Years Day Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kron entertained the following guests at their home; Mr. & Mrs.Glen Pelton, Cora Etheridge, Mrs. Rose Barrus, Mrs. Arvella Walberg of Dixon, Donald Walberg who is attending an art school at Colorado Springs CO & spending the holidays with relatives here & in Dixon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 March 1947
Mrs. Gertrude Gullickson of DeKalb was at the home of nephew & niece, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kron on Friday & Saturday. Mr. & Mrs. Kron, Mrs. Mary Clark, and Mrs. Gullickson attended the funeral services of Mrs. Gullicksons sister, Mrs. Hannah Thompson which was held in Dixon Saturday morning. Mrs. Thompson was also the mother of Jack Thompson who lives in Nelson.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 Apr 1947
Mrs. Mary Clark is making extensive improvements in the home which she purchased from Charles Filippi. The home will later be occupied by Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kron and daughter Linda and Mrs. Mary Clark.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 April 1947
Fred Hausen of Franklin Grove and daughter Mrs. William Knox of Chicago visited at the Stitzel home this afternoon.

Pal, the pet Boston Bull Terrier belonging to Mr. and Mrs. William Janssen was accidently ran over and killed Friday afternoon in front of Stitzel's store. The dog was very friendly and will be greatly missed by the children of this vicinity.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 May 1947
Mr. & Mrs. E.P. Brotsch of Chicago visited over the weekend with their aunt Mrs. Mary Clark & cousins Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kron.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 03 June 1947
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kron & daughter Linda and aunt Mrs. Mary Clark will move into their new home Monday which they purchased from Charles Filippi, their home has been purchased by Dilled Oiler & family of Rock Falls who will move into the property very soon. The upper apartment will be occupied by Mr. & Mrs. Hugh McKay & their son Mr. & Mrs. Richard McKay.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 July 1947
Mrs. Jack Thompson who is suffering a severe skin infection and is under the care of a specialist at Clinton IA is improving nicely.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 August 1947
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kron & Mrs. Mary Clark attended the burial service for Miss Alice Mead which was held Monday afternoon at the Oakwood Cemetery in Dixon

Mr. & Mrs. Edwart Ortgiesen attended the funeral services of Henry Hardesty which was held Sunday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 Jan 1948
Mrs. Edward Ortgiesen attended the Sterling O.E.S. meeting Monday evening and several members of Grand Chapter appointments were honored.

Earl Genz has accepted a position at the Crombie Electric service shop in Dixon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 February 1948
William Burmeister spent the week with his family in Chicago. Mr. Burmeister succeeded Leo Coffey who resigned as master mechanic at the C & NW roundhouse here.

Mrs. Richard McKay and brother Vernon Jones left by bus Saturday for Cisne, Ill., where they will visit relatives and also their brother Glen Jones who is confined at the Weber hospital at Olney Ill., with a crushed foot.

Diller Oiler is employed at Lawrence Brothers Manufacturing company in Sterling and not the Northwestern Steel & Wire company as was previously stated. He has resumed his duties after an enforced absence because of a finger infection.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Robinson and family of Rock Falls were guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Shore.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kron, Mrs. Mary Clark, Elmer Collins, Mrs. Joe Renicker, Mrs. Albert Schlottman and Victor Valve were in Dixon Saturday morning where they testified in the case of Fiegley versus Jarrett.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crombie were business callers in Rockford Friday.

Don Wiggins was a guest Sunday at the home of Miss Virginia Appel of Chadwick, Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Stitzel attended the Elk's dancing party in Sterling Saturday evening.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 February 1948
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Geiger and his mother Mrs. Joe Geiger of Sterling were Sunday visitors at the Max Genz and Clarence McDonald homes on Sunday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 29 April 1948
Fred Hausen of Franklin Grove visited at the Stitzel home Sunday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 21 October 1948
Mrs. Helen Kron & Mrs. Mary Clark attended the home appliance show in Dixon on Wednesday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 18 April 1949
Tex Mason who has been staying at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kron has accepted a position at the Northwestern Hotel Nelson.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 April 1949
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crombie, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kron & Mrs. Mary Clark attended the funeral of John Youngberg which was held Thursday afternnoon with burial at Oakwood Cemetery.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 11 May 1949
Lyle L. Cook of Rock Falls paid a fine of $10 and costs in Justice J.O. Shaulis court yesterday on a charge of speeding. Cook was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff after Carl Kron of Nelson had filed a charge of reckless driving, claiming that Cook ran over a valuable dog belonging to Kron with his gravel truck. Cook was represented by Attorney Ellison of Sterling when he appeared for trial and upon recommendation of State Attorney Morey Pires, the charge was reduced from reckless driving to speeding.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 July 1949
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kron attended the graveside services of his relative Mrs. Frank (Lou) Mead which was held Monday at Oakwood cemetery. The Rev. R.H. Hughes pastor of the 1st Baptist Church of Amboy was in charge of the services. Mrs. Mead died in Champaign.

Mrs. William Ortgiesen has received word of the death of her step-father Peter Lundgren who passed away Saturday at a DeKalb Hospital.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 October 1949
Mrs. Mary Clark and niece, Helen Kron of Nelson attended the funeral of Mrs. Jennie Tyler at the Melvin Funeral Home in Dixon Friday

Dixon Evening Telegraph 07 January 1950
Mrs. Hilda Withey, Monticello Ca., arrived from Chicago Wednesday where she had been visiting relatives. She will spend several days at the home of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ortgiesen and other relatives.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 06 April 1950
Mr. and Mrs. O.F. Perkins will leave Saturday for Franklin Park where they will visit his brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Perkins and also her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Weaver, Chicago where they will spend Easter Sunday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 12 May 1950
Wednesday afternoon Danice Wesner, Carolyn Larson, Gene Horner, Richard Fluck and Gordon Jeter attended the Rock Falls High School where they enrolled for the fall term. Louis Perkins is planning to attend Dixon High School and Judy Moore will enroll at the community High School in Sterling.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 August 1950
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kron and Linda & Miss. Kathryn McAndrews, Dixon, visisted Riverview in Chicago Monday. (Riverview was a large amusement park).

Dixon Evening Telegraph 30 January 1951
Dr. George Terwilliger, Dekalb, called at the E.D. Stitzel home Monday Afternoon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 09 May 1951
Mrs. Mary Clark & her niece Helen Kron (Mrs. Carl Kron) and her daughter Linda of Nelson attended the Century of Beauty Flowere Show in Dixon Saturday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 31 October 1955
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Jeter planned to attend the wedding of their son, Harold L. to Miss Jacquelyn Gerhardt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Gerhardt, Saturday, October 29, in the Methodist Church, Elmhurst. The reception was held in the Fellowship Hall, immediately following the ceremony. Others from Nelso attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pritchard and daughter June and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grove Jr., Sterling.

Mr. and Mrs. Wade Wickline, Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hannan Sterling were hosts recently in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wickline, honoring her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Murphy, Dixon who were celebrating their 25th anniversary. A buffet supper was served to Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Murphy and family, Mr. and mrs. Aloys Wolff, Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Swanson, Dixon, also, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Timmons, Nelson.

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