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The Daily American - Nashville TN - 27 June 1885
Paw Paw IL - June 26: Young Nettleton who shot at a charivari party north of this place Tuesday night, has been removed to the county jail at Dixon through fear of mob violence. White, one of the victims, died last night. Hackman, another of those wounded among the charivara party is still in a precarious condition.

Lee County Times 4/2/1886 4-1 - contributed by Sharon Leon
"Geo. Kelly has removed his watch repairing shop from Brockway's into Pratt's drug store, occupying the west window formerly used by E.G. Alber. Mr. Kelly is a good workman and well merits the patronage of the people in this vicinity." (George Kelly was s/o Zebedee A. & Nancy A. Kelley)

Lee County Times 7/28/1893 4-1 -Contributed by Sharon Leon
"Albert Kelly of Sandwich is visiting his brother George." (Albert and George Kelly were sons of Zebedee A. & Nancy A. Kelley)

Newspaper Unknown - 1888
Mrs. Rosenkrans (Elizabeth Bedell) was 80 years of age last Tuesday, and while a grand demonstration was being made in New York over General Grant, that being the anniversary of his birth also, Mrs. Rosenkrans was enjoying a private little party in her home at her daughter's, Mrs. T. H. Stetler. About fifteen of her lady friends were present, and the time was enjoyable consumed in talking over the days of auld lang syne. Artist Phillips took a photograph of the company in a group. All honor to the aged mothers, as well as the heroes of war

Newspaper Unknown - 1904
Last Monday was Mrs. Melissa Braffet's ninety-first birthday anniversary, and in her honor, about thirty-five of her old friends and neighbors gathered at the G. A. R. hall to celebrate the occasion. Mrs. W. I. Guffin had the affair in charge and made it a great success. A fine dinner was served at noon, after which the ladies spent the time in recalling incidents of the good old days, gone by. Mrs. Braffet for many years has been an honored resident of Paw Paw, and in spite of her old age gets about remarkably well. Her old home was formerly over at Compton, and she is pleased to be numbered among those ladies of Paw Paw, whose former residence was at Compton, who enjoy the distinction of belonging to what they call, the "Compton Circle." These ladies have celebrated "Grandma" Braffet's birthday anniversary for the past ten years, but the affair last Monday climaxed them all. The following guests were over from Compton, and enjoyed the day: Mesdames G. W. Bradshaw, Rebecca Kettley, J. N. Knauer, J. K. Mannon, J. F. Cole and H. A. Matthews.
Contributed by Marilyn Widler (Newspaper Unknown - Approximately 1904) Born 9th day of May, 1813 and died March 9, 1906 at the age of 92 years 10 months

Dixon Evening Telegraph 24 May 1944
Attorney Walter Stevens of Paw Paw transacted business in Dixon today

Dixon Evening Telegraph 25 May 1944
A large group of relatives gathered at the home of Mrs. William Baird Sunday afternoon for a delicious dinner in honor of Sgt. & Mrs. Glenn Baird of Lestagas N.M. and Pvt. William Baird of Camp Grant IL. The afternoon was spent socially. Sgt Baird is spending a weeks furlough with his family and left for camp Monday morning. Pvt Baird was able to get home to see his brother who he hadn't seen for several months. Those on hand for the celebration were Mr. & Mrs.Oliver Craddock and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Baird and son William and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Pike of Paw Paw.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Shaddick, daughter Joyce and son Robert, and Mr. and Mrs. Oakley Durr and grandaughter Dixie called at the Frank Clemmons home Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Orin Simpson and son Larry of Shabbona, Cpl Irvington Hof of Camp McCoy WI, Mr. and Mrs. William Hof and Charles Nance called at the Henry Barber home Sunday.

Junior Brewer of the Theological Siminary of Chicago spent the weekend at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Forest Brewer.

David Roberts of Ft. Sam Houston Texas spent a 10 day furlough at the home of his mother Mrs. Blanche Roberts.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Tarr and Wilbur Sanford were Sunday dinner guests at the R.S. Tarr home, the occassion was to celebrate R.L. Tarr's 78th birthday.

Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Goble, daughter Joy and son Allan, were Wednesday afternoon shoppers in DeKalb.

Sgt. and Mrs. Glenn Baird attended the National Barn Dance in Chicago Saturday evening.

Madelon Gallagher spent the weekend with Dorothy Meyers in Arlington.

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Terry and son Ralph were Friday business callers in DeKalb.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hoelzer and family called at the Wm. Gaines home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. I.J. Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ambler, and Barbara Franks were Sunday visitors at the Edgar Shehan home in Earlville.

Mr. and Mrs. Junior Schroeder and son Leroy were Saturday shoppers in Mendota.

Pvt. Wm. Wise of Camp Grant IL spent the weekend with his mother Mrs. Meriam Wise.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 31 May 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Garfield Thompson were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Nellie Adrian.

Mrs. Nellie Adrian of Downers Grove has moved back into her new home after spending the winter months with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wheeler.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 02 June 1944
Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Tarr and Roberta a& Lois and Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Tarr were Wednesday shoppers in Mendota.

Julia Tarr is spending a few weeks at the home of Mrs. Everett Linen in Shabbona

T.Sgt Don Schoenholz returned to Camp Pickett VA Monday after spending a 10 day furlough with his wife and family.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 07 June 1944
A miscellaneous show was held Saturday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Eldon Burnette, at the home of her mother Mrs. Aletha Hoskins, with Mrs. Vernon Merriman being the hostess. Mrs. Burdette will be remembered as the former Miss Marjorie Hoskins and she is now in Salinas Calif., with her husband who is stationed there. This is the first time she has been home since her marriage and her many friends were glad to see her, after being away from Paw Paw for several months. The afternoon was spent playing bunco and Mrs. Ed Clark won high honors, and Mrs. Art Chowning received the consolation prize. Marjorie then opened her many lovely gifts for her future home. The hostess' Mrs. Merriman and Mrs. Hoskins served a delicious luncheon of ice cream, cup cakes and iced tea during the social time. Everyone reported a pleasant afternoon and hopes that Mrs Burdette may get home again in the very near future for another family visit. Thos on hand for the delightful occassion were Mrs. Ivan Florschuetz of Compton, Mrs. J.J. Collins, Mrs. Arthur Chowning, Mrs. Ed Clark, Mrs. Philip Crouch, Mrs. Charlene Gibson, Mrs. Annie Hunter and Mrs. John Ulrey all of Paw Paw.

Irvin and William Terry attended the funeral of Miss Clara Hoadley at the Harding cemetery Friday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. E.N. Gibbs and son Charles attended the double header at Comisky Park in Chicago Sunday afternoon and saw the White Sox beat the Washington Senators twice, 6-5 and 9-1.

Mrs. Arthur Coss is serving as substitute mail carrier while Donald Ambler is a member of our armed forces

Dixon Evening Telegraph 08 June 1944
Mrs. Fannie Lane of Sandwich, Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Cooke and daughters Jean & Doris, Mrs. Chester Johnson and Mrs. Donald Schoenholz attended the graduation exercises at the Northern Illinois Teachers college in DeKalb Wednesday evening.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 29 June 1944
Mrs. Nellie Adrian visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wheeler in Downers Grove a few days last week.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 06 July 1944
Roberta Tarr who is now employed as a stenographer at the ice cream company in Elgin spent the weekend with her parents Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Tadd

Dixon Evening Telegraph 13 July 1944
Mrs. Celia Woods attended the 60th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hackman at the Hopkins Park in DeKalb Sunday afternoon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 14 July 1944
Mrs. Nellie Adrian returned to her home Monday after spending a few days last week with her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wheeler in Downers Grove.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 03 August 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Schoenholz and family, Ada Schoenholz of near Paw Paw were callers Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Charles Hess in Steward.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 16 November 1944
Mrs. Rose Worsley and daughte Doris and son Harry are now back in Paw Paw and located at the Green Tea rooms. Mrs. Worsley has been employed at the Howard Schoenholz home for the past few months.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 February 1945
Mrs. Tom Simpson and daughters Joyce and Audrey and son Tommy Jr., were Sunday dinner guests at the Harold Hoelzer home.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wiley called on their many friends in Scarboro Monday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Amel Schlesinger and family, were Tuesday evening visitors at the Ivan Kern home of near Mendota.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gunderman were Sunday dinner guests at the home of their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kaiser.

Bill Englehart, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Englehart Sr., left Saturday for Fort Sheridan. Ill.. where he will start his military training.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Haefner of Compton called at the Auton Haefner home Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ambler and Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Politsch called on Mrs. Bert Carnahan at her home south of Paw Paw Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs Harold Shultz and daughter Rebecca were Sunday evening supper guests at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Rex, in Meriden.

Mr. and Mrs. James Prentice and daughter Donna and Dianna and sons Harry and Jimmy called at the Ab Kennedy home of near Triumph Sunday afternoon.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 December 1946
Warren W. Johnson of Route 1 Paw Paw, who with his brother Orville Johnson was driving through Compton Wednesday afternoon at 3:30, was selected as the most courteous driver to be observed in the Evening Telegraph - Chicago Motor Club courteous driver campaign.

School had just been dismissed and three small pupils ran directly in the pathway of the Johnson car which was brought to a stop and the children crossed the road in safety. District Manager, Wayne Keeley, of the Motor Club who was accompanied by state officers J.F. McIntire and Robert Burrs followed Johnson for more than two miles after he drove out of the village before he was stopped and presented with a five dollar bill for his courteous act. Over the route the judges observed that Johnson complied with all of the safe driving rules.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 16 April 1946
Mrs. Bertie Kelly and Mrs. Laura Wirck of Rochelle attended the funeral of Robert Adrian held at the Paw Paw Presbyterian church Saturday morning.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 Jan 1948
Vernon Fightmaster and his sister Mrs. Leonard Pifkin, Miss Marian Jeanblanc and Faye Potter drove to Chicago Sunday and attended the Sonja Henie 1948 Hollywood Ice Revue held at the Chicago Stadium.

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Hampton and Mr. and Mrs. William Hampton were New Year's dinner guests at the Elmer Franks home. While there Mrs. Hampton visited her brother Will Baker, who is seriously ill at Sterling hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Winterton and daughter Sharon are now occupying the residence of Mrs. Pearl Henry while the latter is attending beauty school in Peoria. Pearl Henry will make her home with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Littleton while in Peoria.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 21 Feb 1948
A large crowd attended the Valentine dance which was held at the Paw Paw High School Gymnasium Saturday evening. Joan Latimer was chosen Queen and Rita Wells and Joyce Tarr were the Queen's attendants.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 09 April 1949
Ollie Holden of Paw Paw has filed a $400 damage suit in circuit court against Wm. H. Wertman, Paw Paw, for nursing and other services performed for Wertmans mother. The complaint charges that Ollie Holden kept house and nursed Wertmans mother who was ill in Chicago from Dec. 1947 to Feb. 1948. Walter W. Stevens, Paw Paw is the attorney representing Ollie Holden.
** October 20, 1949 Ollie Holden was awarded $250.

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