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Lee County

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 May 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Penny Beitel attended the graduation at North Central College Tuesday and their daughter Jeanne, a graduate, returned home with them.

Mrs. Gertrude Cook and Mrs. Valerie Beardsley attended the graduation excercies with Miss. Florence Cook who is a teacher there at the high school gym in Shabbona Wednesday.

Andrew Bontjes of Great Lakes is spending a 10 day leave here with relatives and spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Lester Rainwater.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Rainwater and baby son were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Beilke of Stillman Valley.

Dale Maxey A.C. who has been spending a few days furlough here with his mother Mrs. Mae Maxey left Thursday for duty in Louisiana

Little Miss Muriel Larson of Rochelle spent the weekend here with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Will Daum and Mrs. Jeanne Miner and Mrs. Valerie Beardsley were visitors in DeKalb last Friday.

Mrs. Lena Valentine and Mrs. Walker of Hinckley and Mrs. Clarence Dry and Mrs. Dry of Ohio were callers at the home of Mrs. A.G.Gunderson recently.

Mr.and Mrs. Raymond Rainwater and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Rainwater were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs Andrew James of Rochelle.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 June 1944
Mr. and Mrs. George Yetter of DesPlaines and Mrs. Gertrude Yetter of Rochelle were callers Sunday afternoon at the Vernon Noyes home.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 15 June 1944
Mrs. Herbert Arnold and Margaret Riley of Oak Park spent last Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Yetter.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 07 Jul 1944
Donald Durin of Cleveland Ohio came last Wednesday to spend a few days with his mother Mrs. Margaret Durin.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 Jul 1944
Mr. and Mrs. John Yetter entertained their nephew and little neice of Downers Grove at their home here the past week.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 03 August 1944
Miss Gertrude Yetter and Lincoln Smith of Rochelle were callers Sunday afternoon at the Cliff Albee home.

Miss Aileen Durin spent the weekend in Chicago with friends.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 August 1944
Mrsl Margaret Durin and her daughter Aileen spent Wednesday in Chicago.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 08 September 1944
Mrs. Lucien Hemenway wife of supervisor L.D. Hemenway was badly gored by an enraged cow on their stock farm east of Steward Tuesday and is in the Rochelle Hospital recovering from her injuries. They had entered the barn yard to inspect a newborn calf when the cow charged her. One of the animals horns entered her body and she was dragged some distance before her husband was able to halt the animal and disengage her body. She was taken at once to the hospital where she was today reported resting comfortably.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 September 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Noyes and daughter Lucille attended open house in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob J. Yetter of Stillman Valley Tuesday afternoon in honor of their 50th Anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Andes and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Poole and baby Karen Lee of Rochelle attended the Interstate picnic held in a park near DeKalb Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Vaupel of Dysart Iowa were callers Sunday afternoon at the Harry Andes home.

Mrs. Harry Andes, Mrs. R.A. Hanson and daughter Lynn, Mrs. Dorothy Stunkel and daughter Donna and Mrs. A.G. Gunderson were visitors in Rockford Thursday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 July 1945
Mr. and Mrs. John Yetter spent Sunday in Downers Grove with Mr. and Mrs. John Kempfer. Alice Ann Kempfer returned to the Yetter home for a visit.

Guests in the John Yetter home Monday who attended the funeral of J.J. Yetter of Bryon were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yetter, Davenport Iowa, George Yetter, DesPlaines IL, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Van Patten, Mrs. Herbert Arnold and Miss Ruby Yetter of Oak Park.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 28 July 1945
Jack Kempfer of Downers Grove is spending some time with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. John Yetter.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 30 August 1945
Steward is mighty proud of Lt. Col. Robert J. Durin who has been designated as one of the American officers who will accompany the advance echelon of army planes which will fly from Okinawa to Japan. (He is the son of Mrs. Margaret Durin).

Dixon Evening Telegraph 03 October 1946
The Sunshine Group met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Charles Diller. Mrs Foss Woulf was assisting hostess. Mrs. Carrie Ackland gave devotions and an interesting lesson was given by Mrs. Van Reenan. Delicious luncheon was served to 19 members and 2 guests Mrs. Yetter and Mrs. Leidel.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 08 March 1947
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Lepske moved to the farm formerly occupied by Mr. & Mrs. Omer Hays. Mr. and Mrs. Hays and Family moved to the next farm vacated by Kenneth Kaecher who in turn moved to their farm west of Reynolds church.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 08 August 1947
Mrs. Herbert Arnold, Miss Ruby Yetter of Chicago, spent Friday with their brother Mr. and Mrs. John Yetter

Dixon Evening Telegraph 13 August 1947
Mrs. John Yetter and her aunt Mrs. H.C. Warner of Dixon spent a few days last week in Logansport Ind. with Mrs. Yetters' mother Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Warner's sister.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 August 1949
Mr. and Mrs. John Yetter and neice Alice Ann Kempfer attended the Failroad Fair in Chicago Monday

Dixon Evening Telegraph 09 September 1949
Mr. and Mrs. John Yetter attended the homecoming at Paw Paw Monday.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 October 1949
Mr. and Mrs. M.M. Fell and niece Cynthia Thompson saw the football game at Oregon Friday evening.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 June 1951
Mrs. Ray Maakestad, Lee, has spent the last two weeks at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Omar Hays, while her husband has been working in Mason City IA.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 10 August 1951
Mrs. Gertrude Yetter of Rochelle and George Yetter of DesPlaines were callers Tuesday evening July 31 at the Vernon Noyes home.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 28 July 1954
Mrs. Ethel Hawbaker and daughter Mildred and Bob Schoenholtz all of Paw Paw were guests Sunday in the G.P. Levey home.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 January 1955
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Maakestad and Dennis and Donna, Dixon, spent the weekend here at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Omer Hays.

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