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Lee County

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 June 1944
Mr. and Mrs. David Butler visited Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Theiss and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stutton at Sublette.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 26 October 1944
Robert and Catherine Henkel were Sunday afternoon guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Theiss and Mrs. Betty Henkel and daughter Judy of Sublette.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 18 November 1944
Mrs. Martin Theiss to Gilbert Theiss land in Sublette (Quit Claim Deed)

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 March 1945
Charles Bradford and family have moved to the Shaw farm recently vacated by the Arthur Dunseths.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 September 1945
Louise Theiss to Edw. W. Rapp Jr. lot in Sublette (Quit Claim Deed)

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 February 1946
Rev. C.W. Sempke and Mrs. Augusta Stilz were dinner guests last Sunday at the home of William & Miss Anna K. Erbes.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 16 April 1947
Mrs. Al Betts & Daughter Phyllis of Lacon, Ill., spent from Tuesday until Sunday with her parents,Mr. and Mrs. Julius Theiss.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Koehler and two daughters are visiting her relatives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mrs. Max Letl is spending a few weeks with her son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin and daughters in Mattoon IL. She will also visit her son Joe Letl in Indianapolis Inc.

Mrs. Otto Kretschmer visited her aunt, Mrs. Earl Collins of Rockford, Friday evening.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 01 May 1947
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Theiss and daughters Joan and Ellen, and son Eddie of Sublette visited Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Henkel. Joan stayed and spent the weekend with Dorothy Henkel.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 14 August 1947
Mrs. Augusta Stilz was a Sunday dinner guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Rapp

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 December 1947
Mr. and Mrs. George Dinges and Mr. and Mrs. Ermin Dinges and Russell (of West Brooklyn), visited Sunday afternoon in Sublette with Mrs. Charles Theiss and Miss Catherine Dinges.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 31 December 1947
Mr. and Mrs. Sondgeroth of Dekalb spent Christmas morning with her mother Mrs. Eliza Gehant and they were Christmas dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Theiss of Sublette.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 02 January 1948
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph July and family of Peru and Mr. and Mrs. John Eckburg and son John Jr. of Amboy were Christmas day guests at the home of Mrs. Louise Theiss and Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Raupp, Jr. and Family.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 21 January 1948
Mrs. Gilbert Theiss and Mrs. Frances Morrisey of Sublette spent Thursday afternoon with their mother Mrs. Eliza Gehant (West Brooklyn).

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 February 1948
Mrs. Max Letl received word that her brother George Theiss broke his hip and is in the hospital at Spencer IA.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 19 February 1948
Mrs. Lambert Malach and son Georgie and Mrs. Gilbert Theiss drove to Clinton Iowa Sunday morning to spend the day with their daughters Mary Jo Malach and Joan Theiss, students at Mt. St. Clare high school. Mr. and Mrs. Amor Lauer and son Edward accompanied them to Clinton and visited at the home of D. Dwyer and Dr. R.E. Dwyer, relatives of Mrs. Lauer.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 22 November 1948
Charles Thompson, 403 Van Buren Avenue, reported to police at 9:20 P.M. yesterday that his car had been struck at First Street and Galena Avenue (Dixon) by a black Kaiser sedan that did not stop. A check of license plate numbers led police to believe that the hit and run car is owned by George Goy, Sublette. Thompson's car was damaged considerably.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 28 November 1948
Mrs. Augusta Stilz was a Thanksgiving day dinner guest at the home of Anna & Bill Erbes.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 18 April 1949
Ralph Stilz of near New York City and his mother Mrs. Augusta Stilz, Sublette, were Friday supper guests at the Tuttle home. Mr. Stilz was visiting his mother for a short time.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 30 August 1950
Mr. and Mrs. John Goy of Sublette announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Lucy Margaret to J.G. Linke, son of Mrs. Elizabeth Linke, 721 Williamson avenue, Joliet. They will be wed Saturday, Sept. 30 at 9:30 a.m. at St. Patrick's church Mayton. Lucy, a graduate of St. Charles Hospital, Aurora, has been working there for the past year. Joe is employed at the Viking Corporation, Chicago. They will reside in Joliet.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 24 April 1951
Charles D. Harman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Goy, Rt. 1, Sublette, has been advanced to the rating of Airman. Harman is attached to the naval air technical training center, Memphis, Tenn., where he is undergoing a course of instruction in the aviation machinists mate school. ** Charles Donald Harman was actually the son of Mary Catherine & Hugh (Goy) Harmon. Mary died while giving birth to Charles, and it was decided that his uncle Harold would raise him. Charles Harmon was raised by his grandparents, Charles and Clara Goy until he was about 14 yrs. old, at which time Harold and Virginia Goy moved back to the farm in Maytown from St. Louis, Missouri".

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 August 1951
Robert Theiss of Sublette was a visitor in Walton Sunday

Dixon Evening Telegraph 25 May 1954
George Goy, Sublette, filed a $750 auto damage suit in Lee county circuit court today against Edward Friel who lives on Rockyford rd. four miles southwest of Amboy. The suit arises from an indictment last Dec. 24, when Goy's automobile, driven by his son Leroy, collided with an auto driven by Friel ans Friel was turning into his driveway. The suit charges that Friel was not exercising a proper look-out for traffic, did not have complete control of the car, and failed to signal for a left turn.

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