Green River Ordnance Plant
1942 - 1945


Alec J. Finkler, Manager
Instructors: Clyde D. Aurand, Stanley R. Finifrock, M. Lyle Myers, Alfred C. Haubrock
Stenographers: Ruth L. Meppen, Margaret Suarez
Building Custodian: Harvey A. Hetzler

The following instructors, loaned from other departments, teach classes regularly in the Training School:

H.P. Claus - Safety Department
Walter Brian - Inspection Division
Paul Scott - FIre Department
H.R. Hirsch - Operations Division

Since this work being done at Green River Ordnance Plant is strictly of a wartime nature, it has been practically impossible from the very beginning to find people experienced in our operations. For that reason, it has been necessary to train everyone who comes into our plant on how to do his job well and safely.

Pursuing this idea we have set up at Green River Ordnance Plant a three-day school in which new employees are taught the safe way of handling our product and the "Know How" of doing his job. This course is given by men who are experienced in the art of teaching and is so presented as to be readily understood by anyone taking the course.

As the new employees pass thorugh this school their work here is observed with the thought in mind of putting the employee on the job for which he is best suited. While here their finger dexterity, inspection ability, and general knowledge and adaptability are taken into account and an effort is made to place the individual properly. This couse is the only required training in the plant. The outline of this three day course is listed below.

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