Dixon High School - Class of 1926

Lee County IL


What reason have we for tabulating the events of 1925-1926 in the "Volume?" Our earnest desire is that you may enjoy the book at present and that someday you make look back upon the happenings as recorded in this year book and through recollection enjoy once more the associations and events of the many happy days spent at our beloved D.H.S. If in this way we can bring you back through years of times and miles of space, the many hours of patient endeavor spent in compiling this book will have been worth while.

Editors: Reinhold Kerst & Gordon McNicol
Business Managers: Charles Keyes & Harold Porer

To Our Coaches A.C. Bowers & B.O. Culley
We the members of the Class of 1926 respectfully dedicate this volume of our Dixonian


Gordon Mc Nicol (Editor-in-Chief / Reinhold Kerst (Editor-in-Chief)

Eleanor Hennessy (Asst. Bus. Mgr.) / Harold Rorer (Business Mgr.) / Charles Keyes (Business Mgr.) / Earl Larkin (Asst. Bus. Mgr.)

Katherine Sullivan (Organizations) / Marian Bahen (Organizations)

Helen Miller (Society) / Lyle Prescott (Art)
Carl Fisher (Art) / Vera Mae Pool (Society)

William Johnson (Athletics / Gus Bondi (Athlethics)

George Sproul (Literary) / Harold Schertner (Calendar)
Anna Lubbering (Calendar) / Josephine Whitfish (Literary)

Fred Hofmann (Jokes) / Neil Reagan (Jokes)

Mitchell Dollmeyer (Snaps) / Althea Hubbell (Typist)
Alice Schick (Typist) / George O'Malley (Snaps)

Mary Evelyn Miller (Typist) / Lucile Toot (Typist)


We entered D.H.S. in the fall of '22. Of course I don't mean to boast but we certainly were a lighter shade of green than most Freshies. Lyle Boyere proved an able leader iwth LaVon Eberle as Vice-President while Miss Marks was our class advisor. Early in our career we showed our ability by giving a first class Freshman program.

The next fall we came back full of pep and vim. This year Kenneth Thorne was elected President and Gus Bondi Vice-President. Miss Cordell served as our advisor.

As full fledged Juniors we selected "Buns" Kerst and Anna Lubbering for President and Vice-President respectively. This year was our banner year. With Miss Velma Fay White as class advisor and director of the play "His Uncle's Niece", we again proved our dramatic ability.

The Senior year, a red-letter year, was marked by the winning of the Rock River Championship, the Junior-Senior Banquet, parties and the play, "Daddy Long Legs," was presented late in the spring with great success. Miss Maroe was director of the play and Mr. Lancaster was our class advisor. Charles Keyes was our Senior President.

By this time we have all grown old and seasoned and our ranks hold many star athletes and other notables. We are sorry to leave D.H.S. and will forever treasure the memories of the days spent in the old school.

M.B. '26


In September 1922 the good ship, Class of 1926, left the pleasant harbor of grammar school, and started on a long four year journey. The voyage has been, as most voyages are, pleasant sometimes and sometimes filled with hardships and difficulties - but the object has been attained. Three times after the voyage started, the ship sailed into different harbors and laid up for a three months rest. Then taking on new directors, a new pilot, and a new supply of books, it started forth again to acquire for every passenger a large knowledge of the treasures known to be hidden between the two covers of each book. Gordon McNeal was chosen for the first Pilot (otherwise known as President), Lyle Prescott was First Mate and Helen Miller was chosen as Purser and Official Recorder of the Ship's Log.

In 1923, as Sophomores, the Pilot was William Johnson; Mary Evelyn Miller was First Mate; and Harold Rorer, Purser and Recorder. The class enjoyed a fish fry at White Rock. Later they held a sleigh ride party. This was most exciting because the bob tipped over and spilled all the riders in the snow. They ate supper at Lennox's. Then some of the party decided to walk home. They got lost and didn't get home until the wee, small hours.

Harold Rorer, Fred Hofmann and Louise Brewster were chosen Pilot, First Mate and Purser and Recorder for 1924. Their party, given in April, was very successful, as was their first play, "Am I Intruding?" The banquet which they gave in May at Sterling, for the graduating class, was joyous and as sorrowful as such entertainments usually are.

In 1926, their retiring year, Helen Miller was elected to the position of Pilot; Fred Hofmann, First Mate; and Katherine Sullivan, Purser and Recorder. Their second play "The Mummy and the Mumps" was very successful. The Ship's directors were - Freshman year, Miss Fay; Sophomore year, Miss Miller; Junior year, Mr. Frazer; Senior year, Mr. Kietzman.