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STUBBS, Andrew Farmer, Paw Paw Grove, was born in Hartford, Oxford county,)Maine, March 11, 1820. His parents were Nathan and Sophia (Allen) Stubbs. Mr. Stubbs worked at farming till he was twenty years of age, and then went to New Bedford and shipped on board a whaling ship and was away during a four years’ cruise. He sailed around Cape Good Hope, visited New Zealand, Australia, the Society Islands, and the Navigator Islands. His second voyage lasted nearly four years. He went around Cape Horn, visited the Chilian part of St. Carlos and Talcahnano, the Peruvian port of Callao, went to Lima, nine miles back of Callao in the interior, called at the Sandwich Islands several times, and cruised in the Japan and the Okhotsk seas. The third and last voyage he made consumed over three years, and on this he shipped as second mate. He landed first at the Azores, next at the Cape Vordo Islands, then at the Sandwich Islands, stopped at Sitka, spent one season along the coast of Kamchatka and in the Arctic ocean as far north as the 72° of latitude and the ice barrier. Here he came near being devoured, at one time, by Esquimaux dogs. He sailed now to the Sandwich Islands and Hong Kong, then back again to those islands on his passage home around Cape Horn. His vessel touched at Pernambuco, and loaded with oranges. Between the second and third voyages he was at his home in Maine one year farming. He was on the water twelve years, and from the time he began following the sea until he quit was fourteen years. Mr. Stubbs was married in Massachusetts in 1850, to Miss Lucinda Green, from near Cleveland, Ohio. She was born in East Cleveland in May 1832. Her grandmother Gunn was one of the earliest, probably the second white woman, to settle on the western reserve. These parents have nine living children: Elizabeth H., now Mrs. George Hinckley; Charles A.; Benjamin, married to Miss Ella Shoudy: Almond L.; Mary, wife of Charles Davenport; Albert, Lillie May, Ida, and Wealthy. Shortly after the close of his last voyage, and in July 1853, Mr. Stubbs came to Lee county, and settled in Willow Creek township, where he has since lived. He was first on the Nettleton farm a short time, and then came to his own 120 acres on Sec. 27. He has been road commissioner, and is a republican. Mrs. Stubbs belongs to the United Brethren church.
History of Lee County together with Biographical Matter, Statistics, Etc. Chicago by H.H. Hill and Company Publishers 1881

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