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John H. Abbott

John H. Abbott, who is engaged in general farming and stock-raising on sections 29 and 30, Nachusa Township, is a native of Columbia County, Pa. He traces his ancestry back to the middle of the eighteenth century, when members of the Abbott family of English birth came to America in the British service to fight in the French and Indian War. Making permanent locations in this country their children became American citizens and turned against the mother country when the Colonies revolted. Jacob Abbott, Sr., the paternal grandfather, was a native of New Jersey, and throughout the Revolutionary War was a member of Gen. Sullivan's regiment, serving through six campaigns and participating in the Battle of Monmouth and Brandy Wine and many others of importance. The Abbott family has an excellent military record. In every war in which the United States has been engaged, its representatives were found. Jacob Abbott, father of our subject, served in the War of 1812, and to the War of the Rebellion he sent his son William to defend the stars and stripes. In times of peace the Abbotts were farming people and were prominent in the various localities where they resided. They were also usually of a religious turn of mind and the Methodist Church received many members from its ranks.

Jacob Abbott Sr. removed from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, being accompanied by his family, one of which, Jacob Jr., became the father of our subject. He was then a lad and in Columbia County grew to manhood. He there wedded Mary Tomlinson, a lady of English descent, born and reared in the Keystone State, where her parents were early settlers. She died in middle life and Jacob Abbott passed away at the age of sixty-four. Our subject lost his mother when he was a lad of eleven years and by his father and stepmother be was reared. In his native county he found a matrimonial alliance with Miss Ellen Shoemaker, who was born in Columbia County, Pa., in November, 1827. Her parents, however, were natives of New Jersey, but spent their last years in Pennsylvania. Andrew Shoemaker, the father, carried on a public inn for many years and was quite a prominent character in the community where he resided. In the family were three sons and three daughters.

Mrs. Abbott spent the days of her maidenhood under the parental roof until she gave her hand in marriage to our subject. Seven children grace their union, the eldest of whom, Amzy, wedded Martha W. Miller and now resides in Nachusa; Elizabeth is the wife of Samuel Becktleheimer, a lumber dealer, residing in Polien, Adams County, Neb.; Robert R. follows the occupation of farming and resides at home; William wedded Ida Shoemaker and they reside in Nachusa Township: Martha is the wife of Myron Trivelpeace and their home is in Frontier County, Neb.; Charles is a dealer in lumber and coal in Ayers, Neb.; and Mary, at home, completes the family. The parents are both members of the Methodist Church and are active workers in the Master's vineyard. For many years Mr. Abbott has been a stalwart supporter of the Republican party and does all in his power to promote its growth and insure its success. He is a well-informed man. Both on political questions and otherwise, and is recognized as one of the leading citizens of the community. To general farming and stock raising Mr. Abbott devotes his energies, his home being in Nachusa Township, where he located March 28, 1864. Since that time he has improved two good farms and is also the owner of eighty acres of land in Nebraska. The well tilled fields of sections 29 and 30, which pay to him a golden tribute, attest the fact of his thrift and enterprise and his neighbors add their testimony by speaking of him as one of the practical and progressive agriculturists of the community.

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