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Burghart Albrecht

This steady-going and reliable citizen is one of those forming the bone and sinew of the community, and who has assisted in establishing its financial prosperity and upholding the standard of morality. His life occupation has been that of a farmer, in which he has been very successful, accumulating a good property and fortifying himself against the days when by reason of advancing years he may be unfitted for active labor. His farm is one of the best in Bradford Township and is pleasantly located on section 20. With its well tilled fields, substantial buildings and general air of plenty, the place is one of the most attractive in the locality.

A native of Hessen, Germany, Mr. Albrecht was born February 10, 1839. His childhood days were passed in his native land, where he gained a good common-school education. When he was fifteen years old he left Germany and came to America alone, his parents having previously died in the Fatherland. After landing in New York, he remained there for three months, and then came West to this county, where for nine years he was in the employment of Adam Schuchart. Upon commencing as a farmer for himself he rented a place for nine years, and then careful economy enabled him to purchase a place in Reynolds Township. After living there for six years he sold out and purchased the farm where he now lives. He is the owner of four hundred and sixty acres and has erected a good class of buildings on his estate, including all the necessary structures for the storage of grain and shelter of stock and farm machinery.

The marriage of Mr. Albrecht, in July 1861, to Miss Anna M. Karsten, a native of Germany, was solemnized in Dixon, this State, and has brought them eleven children, nine of whom still survive, namely; Anton, Martha, Kate, Marcus, Charles, Mary, Emma, Clara and George. Two sons died in childhood.

The political sympathies of Mr. Albrecht have brought him into line with those who's views are expressed in the platform of the Democratic party, and while he is earnestly devoted to the success of that party, he is not in any sense of the word a politician, as he prefers the quiet of home life and the vocation of a farmer to the excitement of the political field. However, he has served in a few local offices with great ability, having been Highway Commissioner for four terms and also School Director. In his religious convictions he is a member of the Lutheran Church and a man whose reputation for integrity and probity is as well known as his name.

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Son of Burghart Albrecht

Anton Albrecht is a native of Bradford township, Lee county, born September 15, 1866, and a son of Burket and Martha (Kersten) Albrecht, natives of Germany, who in 1859 crossed the Atlantic to America and located in this county. Both are living and make their home in Ashton.

Anton Albrecht was reared under the parental roof and remained at home until he reached his majority. He received his education in the schools of the neighborhood and under the able guidance of his father soon became an efficient agriculturist. After leaving home he rented land for some years and then bought the farm upon which he now lives and which comprises one hundred and twenty acres, the property being located on section 29. Bradford township. He not only follows general farming but makes a specialty of raising and feeding cattle and hogs. He has made substantial improvements upon his property and his years of arduous labor have resulted m a gratifying financial success.

On December 31, 1890, Mr. Albrecht married Miss Katherine Heckmann, who was born in Germany, August 21, 1868, and is a daughter of Adam and Anna (Gonnermann) Heckmann, both natives of the fatherland. Mr. Heckmann died there, but the mother is living, still making her home in Germany. Mrs. Albrecht was one of five children born to her parents. She and her husband have seven children: Gertrude Anna, born February 13, 1892; Carrie K., January 4, 1894; Amanda M., September 4, 1896; Mary Alice, April 9, 1899; Clara K., January 26, 1902; George Anton, April 22, 1904; and Lucile D., April 6, 1909.

Mr. and Mrs. Albrecht are members of the German Lutheran church, the services of which they regularly attend and in which organization they take a deep and resultant interest. In his political affiliations Mr. Albrecht is a democrat and, being interested in the cause of education, serves at the present time as one of the school directors of his township. A man of progressive ideas, he has contributed in no small way to the general advancement and prosperity and is highly esteemed for what he has accomplished and those qualities that have made possible his success.

Transcribed by Karen Holt - 1914 History of Lee County Illinois Vol 2 by Frank E. Stevens.

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