Lee County Biography

William Ambler

Willow Creek Twp.

William Ambler is a worthy member of the farming community of Lee County, who has aided in carrying on the agricultural interests of this section for more than thirty-one years, and in that time has improvered a choice farm in Willow Creek Township. He was born ten miles east of Romney, Hampshire County, Va., June 2, 1828. His father, who was named John Ambler, is thought to have been a native of the same county, while his father, Davirl Ambler, is believed to have been born in Fauquier County, Va. He was a pioneer of Hampshire County during some part of the last century, and improved a farm from the wilderness, upon which he resided many years. He finally emigrated to Pendleton County, Ky., and made his home with his son, the father of our subject, until his demise at a ripe old age. The " maiden name of his wife was Mollie Monroe, and she was also a native of Virginia. She was a daughter of Dr. John Monroe, who was a Virginian by birth, and was of Scotch antecedents. The grandmother of our subject died in Hampshire County, Va.

John Ambler passed the early years of his life in , his native county, and was there married. In 1858 he removed to Pendleton County, Ky., bought land there and in the course of time developed it into a fine farm, upon which he dwelt in comfort and contentment until death closed his life at a ripe age, in 1875. He was twice married. The maiden I name of his first wife, the mother of our subject, was Elizabeth Price, and she is tbought to have I been a native of Marshall County, Va. She died in Hampshire County, that State. After her death, Mr. Ambler married a second time, taking as his wife Lizzie Lindabood, and there are two children living of that marriage. Thirteen were born and reared of the first marriage. .

Our subject grew to manhood amid the pleasant scenes of his native couuty. When he was but fifteen years old, he commenced to work at the saddler's trade, and he subsequently taught school, farmed, or carried on his trade in Hampshire until 1850. In that year, he went to Kentucky, going ' by rail to the Ohio River, and thence with team to Falmouth, Pendleton County, where he worked at his trade one year. At the end of that time, he returned to his native county, and continued to live either in West Virginia or in Kentucky until 1859, when he came to Illinois, attracted thither by the many advantages the cheap lands and rich soil of this State offered to a thrifty and industrious farmer. He rented the farm that be now owns in Willow Creek Township, and four years after bought it at $20 an acre. He has greatly in­creased its value by the erection of substantially built buildings, and by placing the land under a high state of cultivation, and on every hand one sees evidences of neatness and good management.

A capable wife, to whom he was married in 1857, has done much for our subject in her hearty co­operation with him in his work. In her maiden days, Mrs. Ambler's name Frances A. Burd, and she was born in Hampshire County Va. She is a daughter of Peter and Julia Ann Burd, who are represented in the sketch of William Burd, which appears on anotber page of this volume. Mr. and Mrs. Ambler are held in high consideration by their neighbors, who know them as kind, charitable and obliging people, ever ready to help others in trouble. They have two children, Ladema Flor­ence and Julia Price. Ladema is the widow of William H. Smith and the mother of two children, Myrtle Floy and William Arthur. Mrs. Ambler and her elder daughter are valued members of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Julia Price married William G. Durin, September 16, 1891, and now resides in Willow Creek Twp.

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